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Come and see you today with podcast number 61 going to talk about property bounce and all they have to offer in the real estate world these days. If you have an agent for agents that you would like to recommend a property bounce with would love to use. You we’ve talked to us several that are excited about the way property bounce is the way they pay at commissions and there’s not a lot of difference in your traditional agencies that you’re going to want. So that’s great, you don’t have to commute down and do office time. We want you to stay on the field. We want you to be seen, and you know we want to beon the forefront, making the real estate transactions easier and making them more profitable. I’m super excited to be able to say that property bounce is going to be able to save you all kinds of money on your equity I’m we’re talkin 3%, -, 895 you’re going to have to pay us to list it, Real Estate Owasso which you know on a $500,000 home, 2100, $5, I’m, i, don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot of things. I would do with $14,105 I sent you is in in certainly it may be investing in real estate in owasso. We’ve got a lot of great things happening up in a while, so I don’t know if you’ve been around there lately, but the new construction, the old construction remodels, the new all of it and are super excited and happy to see.

Real Estate Owasso What’s going on and and how those things are taking placeand I want, so we currently have agents that are working there. We got boots on the ground. Putting out flyers and listing house is putting up signs were super excited to get our new signs in the got a cooler love to him, but at this point we’re going to definitely we’re going to keep the older signs. You know there and you don’t make those work for right now, but you know where I’m excited to be able to be able to show you. Real Estate Owasso You know what’s going on and I’d love to for you to just reach out and give us a call if you’re living there in a while, so you have at home, or you like to sell your home in a while, so that maybe you’re looking to buy a home in owasso, please reach out to it’s your property bounce. We are the real estate kings and when I say real estate, kings I mean where the king of all of it, but I guess that is what king and flies. But you know where the real estate gurus, if you have any questions about real estate, you have any questions about your owasso property property bounce. We we’ve been around in business here for quite some time and I think you’re going to love whatsee your property, bounce, weave, weave, definitely change some things and you know it’s a new day and age. You know what the internet and everything that has to offer. We, you know we don’t have to just you know anymore. You know it’s not taking photos and gluing them you’re going down and getting them getting them getting them developed and take them over and go on a piece of paper and then take them out and market them now. They’re, just really not you’ve got you know right there you got mls which gives you access to trulia. You know we got like i, said exposure on trulia you’re going to get exposure on zillow.Com realtor.Com agent in the tulsa area, the greater tulsa area. That’s a member of that listing service to search your home to find your home and I’m very excited to knowand, to be able to tell you that we’re only going to charge you 895, and that includes a matterport video i, don’t know if you’ve ever heard of matter for it or a 3d video, but you should go check out some of our listings and see the home tours that we have I mean they are just the neatest thing since sliced bread, I tell you I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m super excited and ecstatic to be able to.

Real Estate Owasso You know make things happen to be able to work for you to be able to work for all of the of the people there in owasso for super ecstatic and super excited with what we’re going to be able to bring and I whip. You know we want towhen. Will it be able to show that showcase that in and let you see how things are working? You know we that matter for video really helps do that sweet. Like I said you were there if you’d like to sell it. If you’d like to look for a home to buy in owasso, please reach out to us and see how we can help you and I mean we would love to know. We’d love to list your home love to save that money. I mean we’re talking about the money, it doesn’t matter. If it’s $100,000 or more father’s house around later 94 bucks. That’s why we caught a flat fee. So please reach out to us. Let us know what you’re thinking and what you think about 6 or some questions you had by all meansreyes and let us know how we might be able to help so getting back to you here about property bounce or just let the arvest they do. Financing for banks super neat how they, how the rebel make that work. You just never know I’m at the company’s going to be able to or not, but they are. They have some really neat that financing options were they leave out debt to income ratio, which is insane i, am very ecstatic and eager to bring you what property bounce has to offer, which is a flat fee listing service, guys we’re not going to charge you the 3%.

Real Estate Owasso You don’t have to pay that amount of 895 bucks. That’s all you’re going to pay 895 or going to get you done and make it happen. Gotta know your! Why? Why do you want? But why do we do this? Cuz I’m frustrated I’ve been frustrated with the real estate industry for years. You know if you know somebody and I’m not saying that I haven’t been this person because I have, but it’s not on the mls I wasn’t and it’s like. If you know somebody you get a better deal well, let’s just know how it is here:property bounce, your home value, regardless of whatever it is. It’s going to be $895 to list your home. I am super pumped and ecstatic about where that leads us. What that’s going to do for us and we’re going to be able to use that now, everybody’s going to be able to save money, to save your equity, make sure and and and explain to you and is that this is your equity I mean that cash is sitting there hiding under your house, and it has been for some time so to be able to get that cash out and to be able to put that back. You know in your pocket at the closing table, I mean why not it’s a it’s a crazy thing. It’s a crazy, crazy world that we live in right now and you know living in owasso for a little while or reside in when I say at me to lay my head and their know where the police work in owasso for a few days it made me realize them how needed this is and how need how much you know how everyone wants to save money. I mean it doesn’t matter. If you drive a dodge charger or a nissan titan, you know, could you not use an extra 3% of whatever your home value is so you know, say it’s 200 grand I think you’d be hard-pressed to say that we can save you at least $5,105, and you know that something that interest you and something that maybe you’d like to see. Real Estate Owasso You know we would love to talk to you. We love to sit down with you, explain the program kind of tell you how it works. I’m here, probably bounce. We are adamant about doing things for the right reason and making sure that people get what they deserve to get, what they need, and you know we’re excited to be able to bring that to you decided to be able to. You know to make you a part of that whether you’re, haikey creek, with your in owasso with your north, south, east or west of owasso, are go going to be there for you, we’re going to be there to help you through the times are going to be there to help you through on making that flat fee switch I mean there’s no sense in paying 1% commission I mean come on guys. You got $600,000 on you going to pay me 6 grand now, i. Think 895 is the way to go.

Real Estate Owasso There’s no way, you’re going to be able to tell me that you don’t want this kind of money, I mean what are we talking here? You know 3%, that’s that’s pretty stellar free high in my book, I mean you know, ask matt, mccoy state farm what he thinks of savin funeral 3%, -, 895, I bet you’d, be super interested I bet you a dollar that guy would be very interested in saving 3% I mean if you have a $100,000 home I mean we’re talking, 2105 bucks as a monster, sake, 2, me and then talk about getting some new furniture. I mean if you’re living in owasso and you currently on at home. Or do you live in owasso and you want to own a home? Or maybe you don’t live in owasso. Real Estate Owasso You just would like to have it on I want so I encourage you to reach out to property bounce, to interview our agents, see who you want to go with pick one of them off this site and I meant we’re ready to push through ready to make this happen and ready to certainly make sure that you make the right decision to make sure that we make the right decision. We want to definitely be able to save the money. Make the commission-and you know, like i, said for her not make the commission like i, said we want a flat fee commission. If you don’t have to pay. You know 3% to the other broker out there. If you want to pay 4%, you want to try to get your house listed little faster, go for it’s what I say. That’s certainly an awesome way to do it. I mean we have investors that we work with all cross tulsa and you know we would like to network with any of them. So if you’re, the best you’re looking for property in owasso or investor, looking to sell property in owasso, please reach out to property bounce. We can save you money to