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Where to go ahead and start on number 71 I’m not going to slack up here, we want to get 7 done today. That should put us at 50. That’s not going to get 225 that I wanted. But you know that’s just ludicrous, but we’re going to see what we can get going to fall short and I’m. Definitely going to hit the 50. We were going to fall short of 825 mark but. If we hit that 50 that should put us there around 225. So if I could get sarah to do about 10:35 and then you know we might be able to get to that 200. You know I think we can definitely definitely get to that 200 before the home and garden show, so gold mine too.┬áReal Estate Owasso So, if you’re going to see if you’re there in a while so and you want to buy some real estate, I would encourage you to reach out to property bounce and see what we might be able to do for you, I’ve been able to help people save money on their homes and save money selling their homeslike. You wouldn’t believe I get, for instance, if you’re going to want so property we’re not going to be a commission-based realtor, we’re flat fee realtor. We will actually charge you a flat fee and not a commission, like I said if it’s commission-based real estate company you’re going to pay 3%. So if you had a $200,000 home, it’s going to be $6,000 and it’ll save like $294. So that’s a savings of 5105 bucks. I, don’t know how you know and that’s like i, said after tax money. So if you have that owasso home or you’re looking to sell owasso home or my home and want to stay within your reach out to property manager and see if we can do something for you, we have been looking forall kinds of things. We’ve been looking for, real estate, we’ve been looking for. Realtors we’ve been looking for agents. So if you’re an agent, your realtor or you have any interest in real estate, reach out to property management real estate is what we are real estate in. Owasso is what we concentrate on and that’s what we want to sale. So it if you happen to be in the area, if you happen to want to sell a home or might need to sell a home or not I need to buy a home. You know I would encourage you to reach out to one of our agents. We have so many agents, especially there in the owasso area that are eager to get to work for you, too, eager to make things happen and we’re going to be able to definitely save you, some money, so don’t hesitatereach out to this and make it make that phone call make sure. You know that you know you, you give us a shot. Like I said you know interview everybody, i, encouraged interview, the other agents and ask him. You know and I’ll tell you where they going to sell it. I was just going to happen while i, don’t know you know, i, don’t know what they’re going to tell you, but I can tell you that we’re doing the same thing they are tomorrow, but they’re not put anything else out there. Real Estate Owasso That’s what we’re going to do for me to put it on the mls were going to push it out the truly ever going to push it to zillow.Com when I push the realtor.Com we’re going to get the flyers going to get the lockbox going to get a signed contract before you’re, going to get full support the entire entire process. So I’m going to be able to save you so much money on your owasso home and we’re going to be able to facilitate the sale of that house, which is just crazy. The amount of savings that you can get for cruising now on highway, 412 and headed over to jay via the cherokee turnpike cherokee turnpike, is about 832 mi turn by the j kansas exit is at the I believe between mile marker, 26 and 27, we’re just passing the mid-america industrial park. I’m super excited about the google and their plans for over here in the area. So, if you’re looking to save some money, you’re looking to be a part of the team, then you can come to properly bounce. Please let us know something we can do for you. If there’s a way, we can help you, you know reach out to us and and tell us what we can do for you at probably bounce we’ve been here for the long haul. We want to make sure that you understand that we love what we do. We love real estate wheel of real estate in owasso and we love saving people money and that’s the combination of what we do is we sell real estate and we we do it well and we save people money. Real Estate Owasso So it’s kind of a no brainer. If you have a piece of real estate, especially if you’re there in owasso. To reach out to us, you know also has some great public schools they have some, you know actually does that are on both sides of the county. I mean you can live there in awhile, so send your kids to school to watch self and live in rogers county board. You can live in tulsa county. If you live in rogers county, your taxes are going to be a lot cheaper. So that’s something that I would encourage you to reach out. You know if you’re looking to buy a home, don’t just reach out to any old tom, dick or harry that you find on zillow, call a property bond agent and get someone on your side. Don’t get someone that’s buying leads and just trying to do.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso You know turn it and burn it and get it done. You’re, probably looking to save you money we’re looking to help you through the entire process. Please I encourage you. If you would like to step out and see what we can get done here, probably about we have the guys for you. We are going to be able to make this happen. We are going to be able to save you. Real Estate Owasso Large sums of money on talking 3% on a $600,000 home is going to be what is an $18,000 commission so that would save you. $17,105 I mean how in the world, can you make that happen? There’s just I mean I’ve I’ve, never heard of a person being able to do that, but here probably bounce. We found the way we found the way, the suite of tools and we we hammered it down to where we know what we’re looking for. We know what we need. We know what’s out there and we know what we’re going to be able to do it here. It probably bounce. We can save you. So much money is not even funny.

Super cheap 3% is something that is just unheard of. If you go from a $200,000 home, 3% you’re talking about 6 grand I mean and what else do they? What are they doing for you? I can guarantee you they’re not doing what we’re doing. Are you getting the matter for video included in that? Where are you not, you know? What are you getting fires guaranteed? Are you getting contract support guaranteed? Are you get? Do you have a? Do? You have a landline. You have a red phone to the broker, you know i, don’t know you know, ask him for the number of the broker and see. If you see, if you get a call I wonder if you do I doubt you do so if you’re there-and you know where you know what you want to sell your home if you’re, if you’re, currently living in owosso or you would like to live in a while. So please reach out to property, bound see what we can do for you. Real Estate Owasso

Probably bounce were going to be able to save you. Thousands upon thousands of dollars and I’m very static, very excited for that. What that’s going to equate to in savings for most of our people, especially here in a while so I mean you take the average home in a while. So it’s going to be I would assume it’s more than a hundred thousand I have to look at it, but I think it would be quite a bit 100,000 to 5105 bucks. So, if you’re interested in looking at what we have to offer, please give us a call:don’t hesitate to reach out just click on that. You know. Click on the contact form, the contact us form they’re on the top and will be able to get with you and will reach out to you. Give you a comparative market analysis we’re not going to charge you anything. We love to sit down with you tell you what you think we can get out of the property and see where we can make things work at 75,000 I’m telling you you’re still saving money we just listed homes near north. Real Estate Owasso Also, so that’s one of the things I want you to know. We don’t just sell homes in owasso we sell homes in north, tulsa we sell homes in south, tulsa we sell homes in broken, arrow, bixby jenks we sell homes in glenpool, we sell homes in berryhill we sell homes in turley, we sell homes in collinsville. So that’s what I want you to understand is that $895 fee is going to extend way on out. I mean we’re going to be able to save you. So much money, it’s not even funny I’m telling you so much money, not even funny. That’s a good right right there, but you know if your you know, you’ve worked hard to get that equity! You work hard. You know to to pay those mortgage payments, which is in turn, what give you that principal reduction, taking care of it, that game that you haven’t realized yet or something I like to talk to you about realized and unrealized gain as it’s something you know that’s going to be paid out. You know what maybe didn’t come producing property. You know that’s going to pay you that stuff I did not realize game. Is that house you’re sitting in and then that equity that grows that you, don’t see!

Real Estate Owasso That’s there! But not it’s not there to you liquidate that ass. It will the problem and you can ask any broker out there and you look at stock brokers and then realize game where you get in trouble is when you lose. It is when you pay high fees. So that’s where they get your own realize game. So that’s the thing is:if you don’t realize it, but you know why I pay that 3%, you know when you can pay at 95 and get everything that you want everything that you wanted more for so much less, so I encourage you if you live there in owasso and you would like to help people out you like to make things happen. You like to tell your home you like to save some money, put some equity in your pocket. Then why not reach out to property bounce then see what we might be able to do for you, I can guarantee you guarantee you that we will save you money at with property bounce with using a flat fee listing service you’re going to save money, you’re going to say sound, like I said that commission-based realtor fee of 3% is out the door as far as I’m concerned. We’re going to give you everything that you’ve asked for everything that you would expect from a traditional agent.

Real Estate Owasso We’re also going to sweeten the deal but throw it in the matter for a video and we’re going to do all of that for a flat fee. So if you have at home in owasso, are you looking for an agent in owosso or agents or a realtor or just a real estate agent? We have those here:property balance for working in the owosso area actively, and we would love to come out, sit down with you and see what we might be able to do for you