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What’s up a little bit about commission splits, pretty simple and at least can be changed so if you’re looking on the site map, you know it’s, this isn’t something that is going to stay this way forever, but right now we’re currently doing this is where offered a big time split. If you bring something to us and you’ll is one of the homes with us, then you know we’re going to get that’s another thing too. Real Estate Owasso If you listen up houses with us, you get up to the 90/10, you got to list 12 homes a year, I believe, and this isn’t, let’s not just homes. You know that we give you. So if we give you a and we give you a buyer, then there’s going to be a different split, because we’ve obviously put more into that. That’s the way. I see it I’m going to give you more i. Just did it’s real estate. Reimagined is what it is. You know if I’m spending money to get this lead I’m putting stuff out there yeah. You showed me you’re, going to get a good split of that commission, but I’m the one spending the money out there and I’m giving you these nuts at now.

If you go list Real Estate Owasso the house, if you talk to your people and you’re telling him you list at house, guess what tv is going to be helping you, you know you list, you know every time you get here going to get a list if above it going to get a little money, but if you listen at homes, guess what you make more on those homes. So if you bring it home to me when that home sales, you can be part of that. You know what you’re going to get upset. You get to sell it home, you’re going to tell you know, you’re going to get all kinds of them. So if we’re not going to say you know, you have to sell so much to get so much it’s essentially, if you are willing to come to work for us to show our properties, Real Estate Owasso hey man, we appreciate those savings to you. So you know an 80/20 split is a good split. How did people start out? 60/40 listen, you’re, going to come to work for us, we’re not going to put you there. If there’s not one agent, that’s ever going to make a 60/40 split property bounce, not even going to happen.

So just would like for you to reach out and give us a hug and see if you know let us know what we can do for you, we’d like to have feedback who know what you think we want to know where your head’s at you know what you think I mean, there’s all kinds of different ways:you’ll be done. Real Estate Owasso I’m actually headed down back down the creek now going by the fury at home exit and it’s crazy. I was talking to my renter, the singer jinx and he is actually headed to meet meet a guy, so I’m going to tell him about the property bouncing kind of what we’re doing and see. If he can’t you see these, maybe not interested in something or maybe you can tell the people that he’s working with you know what we’re doing for home equity loans and other great great way to pay for something. Like jake services he’s an outdoor maintenance guy I didn’t even realize that you didn’t work in a while, Real Estate Owasso so but he does work on real estate. I think he does have to work kitchen, but he’s a great guy i, like jake, he’s going to drive over here and meet me at red robin, which is right off of the riverside there in tulsa. But the thing about.

Why so is everything is Real Estate Owasso right there you’re not too far from anything I mean you don’t have to get up on the main. The big rose I mean here in tulsa. If you want to get anywhere, you got to get up on the big road to get there and that’s what I like about owasso. So you know you can have everything you need. I mean if you want to come down to tulson work you can, but you know they are there in owasso is nice. It’s like you removed from it. It’s a small town feeling you know in a big big town. So the only thing is, you do get the drama lot of people talk, and so you know hopefully we’ll get the buzz going. I would, maybe you know see if we can help lift some yeah. Real Estate Owasso We certainly want to help list. As many properties you can need, I mean what are they doing out there? It’s like they have quicksand or something out there. I mean I’ve, never seen anything like it. In the riverbed bulldozers, track-hoes men of its tank I worked an accident. I didn’t work. An accident I had a friend that worked an accident on the, not this bridge who’s. Wasn’t this river bridge was richard gere, not 44. He lives in awhile, so his name is lance. Royer good friend of mine he’s lived up there forever and there’s a lot of police officers and troopers and fireman that live in owosso. Owosso is a great school system. I just drove by my exit I supposed to meet this guy at riverside. Now I got to go on up to yell and then turn back around i. Certainly don’t want him to be late. He’s got 30 minutes to get there if I get back there in 7 minutes, I think that’s good. It’s the exits in three-quarters of a mile. Only problem is man. When you get up here, it always seems like people are trying to get to work. People trying to rush around and everything is backed up, I’m I’m sure, hoping that today we can do things better I’m, going to exit here on yale and get turned around, but going back to jake and the owasso area.

You know there was not there aren’t Real Estate Owasso any turnpike’s and I painted his tools, so it’s kind of need a drip there. If you miss an exit, like you know, it’s going to be like you’re like I might have to pay $0.85 just to get off and then, when I get back on, $0.85 cuz I’m going the other way. So it’s like it’s cost me almost two bucks and it really adds up. You know quarter time, you don’t don’t realize how big it gets. You know, but hopefully you know by being there in a while, so we’ll be able to you know, do whatever needs to be done for the people. You know I love that city i, love that town and I’m anxious and excited to be able to say some people, some money there. You know they don’t have. This is neat. You know I’m up here now and i, don’t know what it is if it’s, because it’s close to 9 now and the other time it’s closer to 8 when I drop, my daughter off I’m, not sure, but I can definitely tell that. You know there’s not near as much traffic at 844-0744 I’m wondering if the test, when people or actually taking kids to school or if that’s when they’re headed to work. You know I mentioned schools, man that makes me think about owasso and the amount of and how good the schools are up there and anna taxes. Aren’t too bad I mean specially. If you’re on the rogers county side, it says it’s really easy to to you. No, it’s not I should say easy. It’s it’s cheaper. The taxes were in rogers county aren’t near as high as a county taxes in tulsa, so you know living over in the rogers county side. You get to take advantage of the owasso schools and pay a lot less in taxes. I talk to my brother on his house and think about it. You can’t really do that in tulsa. Real Estate Owasso You know jean. She can’t do it. You can’t do in sand springs, but you can’t owasso and that’s what’s need about it. I mean that’s. Why I like that area, it’s a good way to save some money. That’s a good way to did you not like i, said to you know, what’s a good time to reach out to a flat fee, real estate agent and a property management? Who are you going to choose with flat fees? Is it are you get what you pay for? That’s, not a man, that’s kind of insulting. Is you telling me that you know you’re going to spend that much more but I’m guaranteeing bmc homes I’m, not sure who pmc homework swift but I know I’m, pretty sure they built in owasso i, wonder what that lady problem was but I don’t know why she’s got to drive like that, but you know I certainly don’t want her living in a while, so she’s more of it also try for the way. I would look at it, but neither here nor there at least we’re safe and nothing happened. Nobody got hurt, I’m going to go ahead and pick up. The check then try to get up to come, see about 9:30. That’s when we’re going to meet him. I’m, not sure when oh sarah is going to drop off the the babies, but you know hanging out with hers. Fun I enjoy sarah’s time. I enjoy her company she’s a very nice woman, and you know, hopefully things you will stay true. Hopefully things will, you know, will work out. You know for her. I know:she’s got a lot of stuff going on. You know she has to work yet. So you talk about being busy. She’s always got something going on always have somebody there. She said very nice person and I’m just glad to have her part of the team here at property bounce. You know, she’s going to be able to save people so much money in and she’s one of those she was in the pharmaceutical industry before and you know, I’d. It’s need to have a different.

Take your perspective, I’ve kind of been in real estate. My whole life and she’s been in pharmacy, so it’s it’s definitely have a different outlook on the way that we see things. So it’s kind of nice having both of us there. We can kind of be team players on this guy jake. He works for everything outdoors, it’s a cool place, I’m, not sure if it’s him or if this is hammer a partner or what the deal is, but he makes you know, makes good enough money, I believe to be able to help it’s jp ones that icpi certified everything outdoors. It’s real nice, it’s nice talking to him and you know getting to meet your renters, get to meet the people that make the make your stuff around great guy he’s a now he’s interested in buying a home. He believed that they don’t want to know why. Real Estate Owasso So, if that’s the case, I’ll probably go ahead and list mine for sale in one of their own vine see what we can get out of that I mean when I’m looking for a house in wausau that just that this excitement, that’s super exciting they put down. Now they do landscaping. Hardscaping fire pits, fireplaces, patios water features, outdoor kitchens, everything everything outdoors of tulsa great company. They do work there and wants to as well he’s actually going to put it out right now, but super super nice guy at my house, over there and jeans for josh for 3 years now crazy. How long he’s been there-and you know when you, when you think about the real estate industry and then where we are at sat it’s crazy, that it’s taking this long with a commission-based fees? But funny thing is now probably bounce is bringing flat fee real estate to you or bring it back like justin timberlake, he brought sexy back we’re bringing your equity back I wonder how long that’s going to take