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I want to talk with you a little bit about to where I am right. Now, I’m headed back from jay and I’m, headed to tulsa there I’m going to go by the owasso area and see if we can find some homes there for sale. If we can find some homes there that there may be some people want to buy if you’re looking for a realtor looking for an agent or real estate agent, I’d say to reach no further than property maps, property bounce has been in business since 2016. We have a lot of agents that are licensed and ready to go to work for you, I’m ready to be your your savings and ready to help you through whatever it may be. Whatever trials you might be having and no full service real estate company, but with a flat fee, which means that you’re only going to pay $895 to your to list your home you’re not going to pay 3% commission you going to pay 3% commission to the buyer’s agent so reaching to property bounce reaching out to one of us I encourage you to do that and see. Real Estate Owasso

If we could hook you up with one of our Real Estate Owasso experienced agents be glad to, but you with whoever you mind here, we might like whoever mind to fit your personality best will look into charleston homes in owasso, overlooking the list of homes in owasso, and it’s not just prove it to owosso is something if you live in tulsa county. If you live in tulsa, if you’re living in owasso, if you’re living in the rogers county side, maybe berryhill jenks, south, tulsa, broken, arrow bixby any of those places for you to be able to definitely help you get to where you need to go to be able to help you saving that equity equity, that you work so hard and so with the property bounce agent. What we can do for you as we can. We can definitely say that 3% when you’re selling your home, because she 895 princeton set $300,000 homes going to cost you $9,000 western side and then you’re going to turn around be another 3% of the buyer, the agent that brings a fire we’re here, for you were here to help you lose that house and, like i, said we’re only going to charge 895 I’m going to charge it at 3% on both sides, and that is just seems kind of ludacris. To me too. That’s do that or to do that. I have work my tail off no over the last 20, some years in real estate to get what to sell property at work, my tail off to to build equity, and when you think about all the homes that sold in the money that it’s cost me it’s kind of. Real Estate Owasso It’s just agreeing to it. To know that you know you could save I could have saved 3% equity. Had you know this company been around then super ecstatic and excited to be able to bring property maps and to be able to bring the fat flat fee listing service to the oklahoma. Real Estate Owasso To be able to bring it to owasso and and all the surrounding towns and cities there that the greater tulsa association of realtors represent, if you’re looking to sell home looking to buy home whatever it may be that you mind that might whatever real estate need you might have. Probably bounce is there for you, probably bounce that is. Is there to fill you in show you how to save that money. Show you where we can say that money and make sure that you know where there for you and make sure we’re getting those things you know done right. You know when you want to have an agent on your side. You have an agent on your team.

You can trust and integrity yo. Real Estate Owasso If you can have that, if you can have that, you can have that agent. You can trust you and that ain’t with integrity that I really find it hard to just fine I’d love to know how or why a person would want to pay that 3%. When you know they can they can pay it. 95 I mean that the savings are staggering. You know I’m going to pay them $9 so that so, if you’re looking for an experienced agent, you through some of the list at home or you looking for someone to help you buy home, please reach out to property bounce and see what we can do for you see how we can help you too, if you’re, like i, said, if you’re looking for someone to help you sell a piece of real estate, are you need someone to help ulysses real estate, retest, probably bounce? If your you know, another thing, I encourage people to do is like. If we were looking to buy a phone, reject property, benatar, non-biased agents, I mean we don’t make any money for sale around listings. So my thing is we’re going to look out for you. We all got the best interest of our client in each particular. Client has a different need and it is still going down in finding that need and finding them beforehand setting up brammer’s which, which is easy, which, with property balance or you know it’s a simple 2 property bounce i, wouldn’t say you know it’s i, guess I would say it’s easy, I mean if you just they make the process. Seamless i, never imagined it could be that way, but to say that kind of money, Real Estate Owasso especially on real estate there in a while. So what you wanna talk to will rogers county side, you know he’s going to want some public schools and save thousands. You know by you know having a property bounce agent behind you and being able to help you to go.

She ate and look out for your best interest is, is kind of a no brainer I feel and do that, for you were here to help you help you get that home sold and I’ll have that equity. So you can hear when you’re upgrading you can get into that extra homework. You know you can put that extra money down on the down payment. Real Estate Owasso They know that’s something that you don’t. We don’t care what you do with the money. It’s your money, it’s not ours, and so you reach out to us if there something we might be able to help you with or if you’re just curious about, what’s going on and how we do things, you know how I encourage you to reach out to me you’re going to get a free, matterport video. If your home I mean you know when I say. Put it on the list price yeah, they don’t charge, you 3% up front. We have some programs if you can’t afford a 95 up front, but regardless you know, if you’re going to get a matter for see if see, if they’re going to pay for it. If you have a million-dollar home and yeah, they might give a few other things away to you, but why in the world, are they making 3% of your million-dollar home when you’re, not working like that? So I’d like to you know, like i, said, come to you here and and and explain the process to you. If there’s anything else, you’d like to know please reach out to us their property mounts, were the premier go to flat fee real estate listing service in tulsa oklahoma in owasso, oklahoma and soon-to-be? You know the rest of this great nation. Real Estate Owasso We are license right now to sell real estate and the whole state of oklahoma, but only currently a member of the tulsa mls. As we start to grow, we will join other than the last party at the people reach out to us from muskogee. We had some people reach out to some bartlesville asking us to join us if that’s coming soon so stay tuned. If you’d like to give it a fast pace, growing company, that’s going to show you how and show you and help you facilitate transactions and facilitate sales, neenah reach out to asset property bounce and see what we can do for you, I mean we can certainly save you money. We can certainly help you make money and keep your money, and my dad said a long time ago. You make money when you buy not when you sell. So you know I heard you rather than going out and do it on your own. If you want to do the research great, but just got you a dime to utilize our agents dad one of our people-and we will drive you around-will show you the house is I mean you know what make sure that you’re taken care of. So please, if you hit, you got a question about probably bounce about flat fee listing service than you know.

Please reach out to us. Ask if those questions would be glad to sit down with you wherever that may be. We need to come out to your house if you want to come to our office so glad to go over whatever questions you might have about the property bounce about how it works and and and what we might be able to do to help. You help facilitate the self I’d like to know reach out to you in and make sure that you understand-and you know that you know we are here for you-you don’t hear it probably bounce. Real Estate Owasso We want to make sure that we help continue to facilitate the sale of the transaction and continue to make things happen. We’re great company for company that loves working with all individuals. We love saving people money in the love, helping people keep their equity in this. One of the main things that I would like for people to understand is that you are equity know you choose how much you want to give away and in what you’re getting for it. I just said find it so hard to believe in me. If you’re going out so you’re going to hire a personal trainer, they give you a big. If you could rate-and you hear from you-do for you and yours going to charge, you know I mean it doesn’t make sense to me. If they’re not actually out there actively marketing your property I mean. Why should they make that extra money? So please reach out to us. If you have any questions right here, for you and probably mass would love to help. You sell that owasso home would love to help. You look at that owasso home, anything that we can do for you if they want to be there for you