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Okay, we got two more of these at a minimum before we get home, I just walked are just got on to the cherokee turnpike here on I just got off of 412 on the cherokee turnpike westbound mile marker 1, headed towards j-town I love j-town like it’s. It’s it’s so nice when you get over here in delaware, county to see all of the people and how things work out, and you know how people do things. It’s just it just flabbergast me at times to see the difference in in just an hour’s drive, but I’m super excited to be over here and i. Haven’t explained the property bounce way to a lot of people because believe it or not. There’s no multi listing service in jay oklahoma unlock owasso in a while. So there’s been a multi listing service for 4 years and then honestly, I can’t tell you how long did the greater tulsa association of realtors has a multi listing service that covers the owasso area covers the greater tulsa area, which would be tulsa jenks, bronarrow, bixby, south, tulsa, north, tulsa, berryhill, turley, actually I believe it. Real Estate Owasso

He spends extends over into claremore I know it goes all the way up into collinsville sky to sperry on that side. So my thing is:is that if you have real estate weather be in owasso weather, be in tulsa county, where they’re being rogers county or not in a while, so I encourage you to reach out to a property boundary agent and see if there’s anything that they might be able to do for you, I can assure you that we were going to offer those services. Real Estate Owasso We have a suite of tools, suite of tools in our arsenal that are just waiting to be used. Infor your savings, you know just it just interview, one of our agents to over agents as many as you would like and see which one fits your personality will see, which one is going to work with you and then you know they’re going to have that arsenal tools that they’re going to open up to help. Real Estate Owasso You look at the equity, whether you’re looking to buy whether you’re looking to sell going to look at the end of the equity. You have your home with equity. You might be able to get in your own i, don’t know if I said this, but my father back in the day used to say you make money when you buy not when you sell it and you could that not there’s no way that could be further than I am and that’s what it’s really about, like the equity that you get in your home over the years is because you have maintained it, you’ll be low, they didn’t put the money into fixing the plumbing. If you didn’t put the money in to fix the hot water heater, if you can put the money into fixing the roof for fixing the h v ac the air conditioning system, would you get thatwill state know you won’t, but that’s not anything. Real Estate Owasso

We show it to it. Real Estate Owasso That’s not anything! Anyone will tell you so I guess what I’m trying to point out here because of what you put into it, that equity that has been used traditionally years and years and years to pay those real estate agents listing fees is your equity. So this is your hard-earned. Money is wherever you choose to send it. I have to be honest with you, it’s your choice and you know what you have. Those choices in the past I understand that, but if not all the property of a flat fee listing services out, there have been broken it down to figure out what it cost us to do business and that’s why we’re going to charge we’re not charging 3%, Real Estate Owasso because that’s what we can wear charging, what it cost us to facilitate the sale of your trance, your real estate transaction, if you’re looking for an agent if you’re looking for agents a realtor look, no further I would love for you to interview and encourage you the interview and tell you exactly what you’re going to get her. They ask him, ask them what you’re going to get for your 3%. If it’s a $200,000 home, ask them what am I get for the $6,000 I’m paying you am I going to get flyers am I going to get a sign, am I going to get a key box? Am I going to get a listing place on mls am I going to get a listing placed on zillow.Com am I going to get a listing placed on trulia.Com am I going to get a listing placed on realtor.Com and i, going to get open, houses am I going to get a dedicated agent with contract support with the goshi ation support, or do I have a direct line to your broker. If I don’t like, you can I switch agents asking all those questions at the end of the day, I asked him how much matterport 3d next realtor. You don’t need to worry about, asking that property bounce age and just go to a website. It’s on there. It’s published we’re going to give you all of that, including the matter for video for the $895. It doesn’t matter if you have $100,000 homer 1 million dollar home within 1 million dollar home. There are restrictions on certain square footage. Real Estate Owasso As far as our matter for like we have to pay people to do the matter for video, so we’re going to cost that we’re going to pass that cost on. You were not attacking anything on we’re, not trying to make money from it. What we’re trying to do here is help facilitate the sale of your home at the most affordable rate. That’s what we’re here there! So if you have that home in a while, so if you’re looking to sell your looking to lease that you’re looking to buy it reach out to us, please don’t hesitate, know that we have the tools in our snow.

We got the tools in our toolbox and we’re ready to open him up, we’re ready to show you and not only that were transparent and we’re going to show you. Real Estate Owasso Why show you how we can do what we do we’re going to do it better we’re going to do it more, affordable, we’re going to do it more efficiently and more reliable to ask your age another question for your age and, if you’re hiring them to do work in a while, so ask them. Are you going to answer my phone calls 24/7 if you’re on vacation, because through your listings, just got sold by another agent, you got 3% off of them? Are you going to answer my phone call? Are you going to answer me and tell me that the buyer that came over needs to know how much it would cost to take the towel out from your bottom floor or you going to get a voicemail? Are you going to get pushed off to another quote-unquote team member someone that they’re trying to initiate into the business looking for work if it? Real Estate Owasso If you want to go to work in this industry, where you’re not going to start out at 60% you’re, not going to start out if half of 60% cuz I gave you the lead, if you have the passion to come, sell one of our properties to come, take a lead and take care of that lead, love that lead service that lead, like you would. If it was your own mother or your own daughter or your own son, then you need to be a member of property pass and I’m going to tell you something:we’re not going to give you that lie and then tell you we’re going to pay you 60% of that lead and then you’re going to have to split half of that with your team, which would mean you end up getting 30% of it. Let me do those numbers for you, you go in and your wonderful broker, your wonderful agent that you recruited that’s telling you how much money you’re going to make because they happen to be driving a range. Rover tells you that you’re going to be part of their team. Real Estate Owasso Will the next thing you know you’re showing every one of their leads, while they’re sitting by the pool, and then they give you that entry level 60 40 split, maybe it’s better i, don’t know, but I’ve known a lot of people that have started at the 60-40 split and see you coming there at that 60/40 split and then they in turn take half of that 60% split. To give to the t, so you end up back at 30%, you make it 30% or not the home.

Real Estate Owasso You make it 30% of that 3% of that buying commission from them listed those properties. So what that team is making? Is there making 3% of that $200,000 you at home, you sold that they’re, paying the brokers, obviously their fees, but they’re, making 3% of that home that just got sold and then they’re taking half of your commission. That was split. It 60, which I can guarantee you it’s for her, probably bounce. You don’t have thresholds to me. If we give you a listing, you’re going to make a little bit smaller percentage. If you bring your own listing you’re going to make most of that, but it doesn’t change. You don’t have to share anything with the team. Real Estate Owasso You got your brokerage. We just your property. Bounce brokers is going to take their part of it, which pays for the fees it pays for the right of the company and pays for the electric and pays for the rent. Thanks for all of that, we’re not going to sit here and tell you that you’re going to show me, because my daughter has something to do to your daughters, hearing or your daughter’s recital there in owasso. But we’re not going to do with your property. Bounce is, if we call you to give you a lead as a buyer’s agent, we’re not going to tell you got to get half of that commission to us if you’re, the one that does the word you’re the one that’s going to make them money if you’re, the one that built the equity in that home, using property bounce you’re going to be the one that keeps it at booty. Real Estate Owasso