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Real Estate Owasso I was thinking about a mortgage company. Actually momentum mortgage I wondered how that sound, but also thinking about how much not only money could be saved, but how much easier is going to be in more seamless the transactions going to go when you consider everyone’s working on the same page together. So if you’re buying the home or you’re looking for a home looking to sell your home in owosso area, I would consider reaching out to a company named property. Math property balance has been around since last year, combined real estate. Experience of that team is over hundreds of years hundreds of years, so they experience. Is there the determination so great to see a team at work? Real Estate Owasso We went to work for some people yesterday. It looks like we’ve already got 6 oz of show him on sunday and there won’t have contract by monday. So talk about great turn time. What is that wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday monday 6 date, the contract that’s a hard to achieve course, having fire that doesn’t hesitate to make decisions zoe movie, showing on those houses on sunday in owasso. The neat thing is that, even if this home the homes at these, ladies, how this works is, is it for the concept to still there looking for a home looking for a house, maybe a rental property and investment property. One of the agents number to worry with that 833 property bounce is the only number I need to know if you’re going to be all the way. When you see how easy it is to save that much money in and hopefully you’re not at those that have charge most people follow suit. It’s just kind of hard to get people out of it hurt when it’s protected, but then you know your ass there. Real Estate Owasso So many people up there that rocked mirrors and thank you no think ahead for thinking people. Having property bounce to use, people will really enjoy having proper amount to help them save money. I’m super super excited about the great things that are in store for this real estate company, for so many great realtors that there’s so many great agents in. Why not be able to use them. Take that you know in your account and use it to your advantage, I mean if you’re looking right now, you’re not looking for a while. What am I relatives and they’re doing to save some money, so I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see you know that all come to fruition and you know they’ve signed up for their excited. Once I explain to him. It didn’t cost me anything to use property, bounce, they’re, ready, they’re. Looking in the owasso area, I’m looking for a two story, home contemporary design, you know, there’s so many I mean there’s ranch style homes, I mean there’s just all kinds of different designs and different neighborhoods and back in the day you internet has made easy. So we can sort through frontier a person finder at home. Excuse me find right home for the right person over there to our website and see you see what we might be able to do for you, calculator you can use the most certainly is to help you help to see what they teach transaction. Actually, that calculate was not about so taking transactions. I had to pause the boys still there with one of their agents, I’m telling you that it is talking into a phone dictating something that will later return to the text. I can’t wait for this week, look up probably about to call marissa and she’s going to get that calculator together and show you how much and just take your home value and you’re looking for real estate or not, we sell tulsa mls, but we’re certainly going to expand on in a bigger markets and hopefully be able to help some people out, especially if you know you made it home or house and I hope you know, I would encourage you to reach out to properly bounce the most likely the thing about it is behind it. Wherever you might be, the our mission or vision needs to exude. We won’t have any problem showing the public, how much money can be made, how’s it going to help out and where this is going to go so I’ll. Take you and I’ll be able to do for you Real Estate Owasso