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Boys crazy, what a monster will do for you. I was wondering if I was going to make it to 80s, but I’m now on number 86, we’re headed on into tulsa very excited about what we’re going to be able to do and what we’re going to be able to bring to the people there in owasso and the people there in tulsa prison by rule water district right here you know if they have water up in owasso and i, believe they buy it from the city of tulsa I’m, not sure, but you know they didn’t have water there. It’s running water and portable running water. What is running, butterworth I’ll tell you a bunch of place with water on it. I would encourage you to keep it. Those springs are hard to come by, especially the big ones, but I’m. Looking now too buy some property. There’s a monsterous stream on it. I’d like to have some running water, I mean i, want some land I want some cattle I want all kinds of different colors of cattle. Do you like charlie? Is a wine cow? Real Estate Owasso

Now, there’s a nice little black baldy with the wyatt I love that cow. That is a good looking cat right. There I can guarantee it. You got a couple brown cows out there, I think those are hereford, i, think I’m, not sure, but they’re. Definitely not. Limousine limousine is more of a reddish orange color, but thinking about cattle auctioneering about that I’ve been an option years. Since I was a kid and you know when I was 12 years old, my father came back from an auction school and I just loved it. Real Estate Owasso Man I wanted to be my dad. I wanted to do everything you did me and I just wanted to be there with him and follow in his footsteps and and just do whatever he said, and that was what the neatest thing was about. Being with my dad was you know, me. How to be an option here and there’s a guy named jim richey that also the top me an auctioneer. It is funny they knew. I was just a little squirrely crazy kid that he couldn’t hardly keep between the lines, and you know I think that my child had a little bit of both of that. So hopefully things work out good for him. Hopefully, things go straight and I know I made the right decision toward hardest decisions. You know, but it is what it is. Real Estate Owasso I’ve been selling homes for quite some time because of my dad. You know he was a real estate agent before he became an auctioneer. You know he’s he’s happy that we’re selling stuff in a while so he’s happy that what we’re doing, but then I’d like to talk to you a little bit about auctioneering how easy it is and that’s like pulling back the kimona and that’s what I think you you Know:i’ve read a lot of there. I guess:i, just read a lot of clothes and i, don’t know who said this one, but you know it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down when you make it up there, and not only to your kids but i.

Real Estate Owasso Think to everyone in the world is the way I look at it and it’s like pulled back and see him fight under there and you’re like are you kidding me and it’s that’s the thing like that’s how irritating it is about being no resilient, because you have to be if you got to be so back to the owasso real estate back to the auctioneering, how easy it is, and it’s just you have to speed it up a little bit. So it’s like it starts out like a chant of dollar. Now so $1 now to $2. Now free $2, now $2 now $2 now $2 now and you kind of do it like your singing. So it’s it’s really cool. If you know how to do it and you can you can you can be an auctioneer and then, like I said anyone can be an auctioneer and if you know anyone can be a real estate broker, you just have to study hard I mean, provided you have the right back around I mean you can’t have a criminal history, especially from history of fraud, and all that you know and mba and be a real estate broker. But I think you know as long as it’s not fraud, you can you know i, don’t I don’t want to get into that. But yet did you check with your local jurisdictions which whatever state you’re in and you know what see, what their requirements are and see? How that you know you can make it work very stoked about being able to change this industry. You know I’m I’ve, dreamed of being an outlier and I’ve dreamed of having the opportunity to do this and wanted to do this since I got total home package and by just being able to share it with everybody. So if you happen to be there and happen to be a team player, you know-and you happen to be in real estate, specially if you don’t wash that we would love for you to reach out to property and see if it’s a right fit. You know it’s not the right fit for everybody, but me know, and you know where you’ll see it going is, is a long ways, especially with property bounce. We have been on top of our game in real estate and not real estate for quite some time. So, if you currently are, are looking to make some money you’re looking to save some money and keep your home equity I would encourage you to reach out to a property bounce agent, especially if you’re there in a while. So just right up there by was click on that click. Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso On that video click on that link and make it happen, make it work and see if we can get to work see if we can make things happen, see if we can make things work and I assure you once we get that off it’s going and we get things happening. We’re going to be able to going to be able to make it happen and we’re really going to be able to see your way through and see everyone’s way through the system and how it works and how we’re going to go about it believe I’ve been there with robert mounts for a dodge hundreds and hundreds of years, I’ve been thinking about it ever since I’ve been alive, you know, I haven’t been on july 9th I’m, not scared of 40 I feel, like I’ve been 40 for a while I just said. You know my body probably 50, but hopefully we can it’s all that. Hopefully we can help. You save some money on your owasso home wherever you may be. If you need some assistance with selling your home, maybe listing in with the multi listing service, please call silverheels property balance and see how we can help you out see what we can do for you and how we might be able to help you finance things and help you see your way through and where you need to go. I’ve been a huge fan, probably about since the get-go and I think that you will to find once you see under the kimono once, you pull it back that there’s not a whole lot that they do on the listing side. So I encourage you to reach out to us to reach out to a property bounce partner and see how we can help. Real Estate Owasso You sell that home if you’re up for sale by owner person-and we got a program for you if you’ve tried it on your own and you want to try with property. Bounce is definitely going to help you get through the process can help you in so many ways and so many different ways. So please, if you’re interested and getting something started you interested in buying a home, saying, owosso or if you’re interested in selling at owasso home. You know I encourage you to reach out to us and see you know it. One of our comparative market analysis have one of our agents.

Do, Real Estate Owasso let’s get you hooked up with an agent? Get you a comparative market analysis and come talk to us. Talk to you like whatever? Let’s have a cup of coffee, maybe a pancake and sit down with you and explain the whole process and the whole thing through I encourage you to make sure that you saving money to make sure I mean. When your said it’s like you know it’s like I’m, trying to sell you something here and you’re saving money and what you bought it I mean if you’re going to get a coke. Real Estate Owasso Why would you expect if it’s the exact same coke, then why would you pay more hear more there? No i, don’t know like I said, there’s a different recipe for each of them, and you know we all would like to get to know but I mean I’m sure they’re not going to share that secret sauce. So if you happen to be involved you having to be one of these guys that wants to help that sees help in your person that wants to save money. Then why not take a look at property? Bounce I mean we’ve been able to say people, thousands of dollars, while still offering them better service than they’re used to getting I mean traditional you’re just going to have to pay that 3%, and then you just got it. You know you just got to pay it. If you want to sell your home, so it kept a lot of people in there. Why are you where you are now?

Real Estate Owasso Is it because of that or is it. So I assure you and if you’re looking for a home in a while, so we’re not going to charge you a penny, we’re going to charge you that 895 we’re not going to charge you a percentage and we are not going to charge you anything. We’re truly truly here to help you through this process, and we want to make sure that, if there’s anything out there that we could do for you that week that we’re able to help you that we continue to be able to help you and we want to be able to save you money I’m telling you by having a friend in property, bounce you’ve got what you needed. You’ve got a 3% like I said 3% listing commission is what you’re going to pay for you here at property manager at 895. So if you want to pay that traditional seat and you do want to spend that money go for it, you know I’d say give that 3% of way to whoever whatever friend it is at passed their test and paid the dues. So we pay the dues. We passed the test and we’re here to help you order to list at home, for you order to help you get through it. Real Estate Owasso So please give you our property bounce customer. If you’re, not a probably bounce customer, you can be you just you, don’t even have to own a home to be a property bounce. Customer just have to be interested in home. So please, if you want to save some money. The 895 versus the 3% anchorage reach out to property bounce, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out