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So we’ve been working tirelessly here at that property bounce, to try to bring you some information about what we’re doing and how we’re going to save you money and only what we’re doing about how we’re doing it and I can work for you. So we are a flat fee listing service and buy flat fee I mean we charge you a flat fee, not commission-based. So it’s not based off of the price of your home, not based off of the sale of your Homei’m, worried about it’s on barbie bounces, add a way to list your home and see the process through being able to. So that’s going to be kind of tough conversation, but when I didn’t send it out there, but it is what it is. If you have some property, would you like to sell, especially in a while, so we are currently listing homes in owasso and helping people buy homes in owasso, and it’s not necessarily owasso that will work and they were working in broken arrow work in bixby, tulsa, south, tulsa, jenks, berryhill everywhere. Real Estate Owasso

That is, you know that falls in the geographic area of the greater tulsa association of realtors listing service is going to be basically anywhere in tulsa county and then extends on over to rogers wagner in osage county. So there’s quite a bit of representation in the greater tulsa area, especially the greater tulsa association of realtors. We’ve. We’ve definitely had our opportunity. Real Estate Owasso We’ve had a chance to to sell these properties delicious properties in it for a flat fee. So if you’re looking so we have band members of the greater tulsa association of realtors since 2016 and I were proud to be a sponsor proud of their. You know intertwined with not only property bounce, it all the real estate agents out here in the tulsa area. If you are an agent or you’re looking for an agent i, would encourage you, reach out to us here at property bounce to see what we might be able to do for you certainly certainly a great seat while we’re getting ready to get started and I’m super excited about being able to to show these people homes in and get things going, credit repair guy. We can put you over with that.

We’ve been talking to you and he can help with your stuff together, I mean if you’re looking to buy a home, I’d say to reach out to pronounce, as I said in and see what we might be able to do for you here, probably bounce. Real Estate Owasso We have been on the forefront of changing things in the real estate industry and we really reimagined it so I’d love to explain it to you sometime if you’d like to sit down and see what we’ve got going on, definitely going to be there for you going to be one of y’all over it. We’re super excited to build off of that real estate for sale in in the thing about buying real estate, you’re, probably about $395 of got to come out and list of your home, because obviously we’re going to bring the matter for camera. We’ve got some time in that we’ve got some time and getting it put together and get it listed. So please, reach out to us, tell us what we can do for you tell us how we can help you. We want to be your partner, we want to sit there and go hand-in-hand and in and handle your transaction from the cradle to the grave, so to speak. So if you got insurance, if you don’t have insurance, if you need it, you know if you have real estate, where you need real estate and please reach out to property bounce and it and would be glad to you know to either ride a bike or you know, jump on the creek, turnpike or you know, come out and we can come to your home and see you there or you can come by our home. You know and I see, is here. We, don’t mind if it’s something you’re interested in and you know, we’ve got a conference room would be glad to sit down with you and, and we don’t have a cup of coffee and see how we might be able to help you through your through the real estate transaction. To be able to. You know show you what we can do for you to be able to show you what I don’t like I said. Everyone here in the greater tulsa association of realtors I will be able to do for you once we get that on the mls. Real Estate Owasso When we get another email last four and push it out there to trulia zillow. Com trulia.Com zillow.Com realtor.Com I’m, looking at homes.Com to see what we can do over there, but they were going to get market ever going to get you some flyers, maybe going to get those passed out, and you know we’re super ecstatic to be able to bring these people’s equity back to him. For so long it’s heather’s really hasn’t been any other options, so he just kind of you know for the most part, people believe whoever that could, but they knew you were. They talked to you last and you know that might be able to sell real estate for him, and it’s not necessarily. You know it’s like what it is and why you can’t tell me you’re going to do anything different. So my 200. Doubt that you are my children, are you charged me another $1,500 I mean that’s just a question to ask. You know what what is your realtor done for you and how much did it cost and why is it so fine, we don’t mind. Mega kicked out of the city, mega kicked out of the town, but you know in the meantime you know and then, for the time being, we’re going to definitely you know, make some waves and we’re here to say people not going out here to try to take anything from anybody.

We’re just here to let you know we’re not trying to disrupt stuff we’re. Just trying like i, said to you to help. You facilitate the sale of your property. So if it’s something you’re looking for, if you’re you know maybe wanting to yeah, like I said, do you want to sell that real estate you’re not wanting to sell it real estate, reach out to ask questions, asked no commitments. Will let you know what we think your house is worth will let you know what we think we can sell the 4th and then be able to be there for you and I’ll be there to help you through the times be there to help. Real Estate Owasso You say that money I mean you’re the one that’s four month in a month out made that payment. That’s reduce that principle. That’s allowed you to have that equity in your home. So why give it away? I mean it see if you know, even though it’s not showing up in your bank, account online, it’s on your balance sheet and so I challenge you to to look at the real estate. Real Estate Owasso That way and it looked away, it’s sold, I mean truly interview and hire what that person. Is it that I’m just putting it on mls give, me, a sign in the key box and headed to the bahamas, to wait for someone to sell it I mean that’s a question I have for you, I mean you tell me how these things are going to work in and I’ll tell you you know if, if they do or not it’s it’s something! That’s super exciting I’m ecstatic about it and I’m I’m glad to get part of it and I’m and I’m glad to be able to help people, not only in owasso but people. In the greater tulsa area. We have several homes that were looking to list their in owasso and sell these homes. For you out there, even a full-service. You have someone to call you have someone to help fill out. Those contracts can have someone to help. You understand those contracts. So, if you’re looking for a home in owasso, then I would challenge you to please reach out to encourage you to please reach out to property down to one of our agents and see how much money we can truly save you there in owosso.

It’s up. Real Estate Owasso It’s insane the amount of cash that flows through hey I transaction like that, and especially when you’re talkin, larger numbers I mean i, believe the average around $175,000. So that’s a lot of money wasted a lot of equity. That’s that’s been in, in my opinion, giving away free, corrupt the same, if not less service and then you’re going to get a proper amounts and I can guarantee you. One thing is we’re going to do that matter? Port we’re going to get it on him! I’ll ask when I get to get it pushed out the truly of zillow.Com trulia.Com realtor.Com, and that’s going to give you the exposure. You need to sell that home to be able to find that person that might be interested to be in figure something out. Super ecstatic about. What’s been going on with the with property bounce, with the network we’re coming by peppertree condominiums! That’s another thing! If you know, if you have a condo to sell that, we sell all real estate your property, if you’re in the market, for real estate in the market, to sell something by something and I want siri or not, they want to hurry. I’d say you can reach out and see what we can do for you. We sell not. Here we sell any type of real estate, atlanta home condo. It would be development property there to be all kinds of different things in different ways to make it happen, by silver ridge office park, which is where pediatric specialists tulsa is located. At said where my daughter goes to the doctor, certainly glad that she’s feeling good now and getting over her little her little affection that she had like I said:if you’re, if you’re wanting to buy or sell a home in owasso, please reach out to property balance and i. Have one of our agents come see what we can do for you Real Estate Owasso