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Okay, we got three more to go. This is going to take forever, but I tell you what it’s just part of it:we’re headed to headed to j-town. Then I’ll have to grow. If I get an actual steak, there 1909 waiting to see how that works out, but I’m, headed eastbound on 412, got all kinds of rain on raines, good man, we need rain. The lord gives us rained to you know to get wet, I love it I hate the rain, I love everything about life and i. Think that’s the good thing is you got to have a good perspective on life and you got to be happy. I mean it a if you’re around negative people. Real Estate Owasso You need to get him out of your life in if you’ve got a real estate and then I would encourage you, please reach out to property bounce, see what they can do for you, I mean we have so many homes in owasso in the owasso area that are needing to be sold and people are looking at being a part of him and I’m very excited to be able to show you what we can do for you. Probably about the property bounce were going to be able to save youand. That’s just on you know your typical 200,000 coconut to i. Ask you:why would you give that money away, especially when you can get more bang for your buck? I mean? Not only are we offering everything that you’re going to find our expect to find with a traditional agent we’re going to sweeten the deal by throwing a matterport video, which is a 3d videos going to cut down an open houses?

It’s going to really help you still at owasso, home, I’m, very, very pumped and I’m very excited to be able to make things happen, to be able to make things, work and dance just be able to sell owasso real estate. We have been in the running for quite some time there in owasso and we’ve been in real estate in oklahoma for a long time we just found it probably bouncing 2016 I’ve been in real estate for years and years and years and you’ll probablyi mean I’ve, been working around real estate for 20 plus years. We just got property bounce license there in oklahoma in 2016, and then we met a member of the greater tulsa association of realtors for quite some time, Real Estate Owasso so nice of your friend owasso or even if you’re, from tulsa or anywhere in that area. For that matter, we’re going to be able to save you all kinds of money and I’d love you to stop by the boots are going to give him some great things away in a giving a lot of listings away-and you know that’s super exciting if you’re, if you’re ever in the owasso area or if you happen to be in the you know, Real Estate Owasso maybe you have to be in the yeah yeah planning on coming to the home builders association show we’re going to be there when to be there to save you, money, we’re going to be over there to make things happen, and we would make sure that we’ve got some other people there. You know so, hopefully, jeff will come out with jake and maybe even marissa going to be able to certainly save you guys some money-and we are, you-know specializing in owasso specialize in owasso, but we’re listing homes in owasso and we wanted.

You know let you know that you know we’re going to list at home to sell for a 895 not going to be 3% and then, if your buyer’s, agent and you’d like to go buy, you know like for us to go, buy some for you when I’m going to charge you. We, don’t let that seller pay that fee and they’ll get our realtor pay for the work that you put into it. So, if you’re going to do list at home, if you think about list at home, Real Estate Owasso I would encourage you to reach out to property, mount see what they might have to offer for you. They got a lot of great things that got a lot of great tools and say a really really neat the davis spelled out and if they made for us, and it’s really easy to use to have all the name of the whole suite of tools. I mean the way it’s going to work for your washer home is when I come out. There were going to sit down with you, we’re going to have you, don’t have a cup of coffee or maybe a pancake, whatever you’d like to do, and we will look around your home going to see if there’s anything that you know might need to be done. Negative sale, ready we’re going to give you a bit sun all day. That’s all up to you and on your home. If you’re going to come in and talk with you, if you decide to go with us and we’re going to bring you know, we can have the matter what people out there and they’re going to be able to do the video 3d tour right. There were going to be in and out of your house, and you know you’re not going to see it. Unless you want to see us again and anytime, you want to see us at war if we’re showing at home like we’re, not going to sit there and, on the other hand, are available all the time. It’s not have call your agent and they have to try to figure out the answer. You can call probably bounces main number and talk with a broker. It’s and you’re not going to get the run-around they’re not going to send you out to the agent. You know cuz. We want that agent working on selling your property, not looking to find answers to questions.

I mean that’s what we’re here in the office for that’s what your broker’s for. So, if you’re, you know, if you’re there in owasso-and you happen to be in the market for some real estate in owasso i-would encourage you to please reach out to us and see what we might be able to do for you, I’m telling you we’re going to be able to save so much money on a million-dollar home. Like I said, you know knock yourself out, but if you don’t want to pay this high fees and you like to save some money and reach out to a property bounce agent and see what we can get done for you, I’m telling you that you’re, a p bounce we’re going to be able to save you thousands of dollars, like i, said the commission 3% base commission, and you know we’re going to be able to do it for a flat fee. So the traditional realtors in charge of the 3% that here in a while, so you can list your home and not only in owasso it anywhere in the greater tulsa area. You can let your mouth write under $95. That’s super super super duper bargain and definitely a new way and a new thing. I knew you got all kinds of things here that to be able to make work and I’m telling you it’s like, if you’re the one that’s paid all that money you’re the one that done the time, you’re the one that pay the meter maid the principal reduction, and why not keep the equity that you were actually I mean i, don’t know why you would want to give it away unless you just you know, maybe you have a relative that needs the money and they happen to have paster test. Then you’ll be homies. Give them that 3%, but I would I would challenge you to look into property bounce and see what they might be able to do for you, I know. $895 is if it’s over going to charge you, instead of paying that 3% commission, you can easily pay 895 bucks and be done with it. I mean why keep messing with paying all those high-priced realtor fees that are commission-based and not know what you’re getting with probably bounce. Real Estate Owasso It’s spelled out.

I mean we’ve, you know what you’re getting your getting those virtual to hear you’re getting the flyers are getting that sign in the yard. You’re going to get all of that stuff up front and, like I said you don’t have to pay all of that. If you don’t have the 895 of that’s fine, you can pay $150 a month. Thank you. Some money and I’ll be there for you. I’m super excited I’m super stoked about everything that we’re going to be able to do for you there and your owasso home. If you need maintenance say it, you know you need maintenance. We’ve got maintenance guys around. That can help out you before and after the sale and people. You can trust that we certainly want to be on top of things, and we certainly want to be able to help. You sell your home. We want to be able to help. You fix your home. I want to be able to help you through the home transaction, and what we’re here for is to try to make the sale of your owasso home, streamline and flawless. Real Estate Owasso We don’t want you to have to pay all these high realtor. He did not know what your get you might as well. Have the money right now and have things ready to go, I’m telling you if you are interested in selling your property selling your property, telling your vacant land selling your house, whatever it maybe reach out to an agent there in tulsa or in awhile, so, and and ask that probably about the agent how much they can save you ask them how quick it is and honestly I would just encourage you to ask them to come on out and see. You know see what it’s all about. We don’t mind we’ll come up. I have a cup of coffee. Real Estate Owasso You can meet us here at the office. Give me the conference room and whatever floats your boat, we’re here, for you were here to help you and here to make sure that things go well with property, bounce and things go well with not only property bounce, but you know on your own, so don’t selling it on the wall, so I’m very excited about being able to make that happen. That being able to save that money for you and if it’s a huge, huge breakthrough, 3% versus 895 I mean come on you’re you’re, going to be able to save money like you’re, going to be able to keep the equity that you had your owasso and let me you’re the one that is work. Real Estate Owasso Your fingers to the bone to say this equity, and you know to pay that principle, and you know, and it’s that it’s already the taxes already been paid it. But it’s your money in the cool thing is, is where else I mean it if you’re living at home for over a year, I believe you need to check with your account. What song is that your homestead? You don’t have to pay taxes on that deck we so that’s after tax money and after-tax money, if you don’t understand, is where the whole lot more than before tax money. So don’t just think if you’re, safe and 9 grand in your house, you know it probably take you 15 or 16 to make that. So that’s a lot of work. I mean that’s like 1200 a month in gross money for the next year or so I think about that is going to be able to give you an honestly. All we’re doing is helping still take the sale of the property.

Real Estate Owasso I mean you’re, the one. That’s built the equity and it it’s your money. So you know we’re just not going to take it from you. So please, if you’re, if you have a home there, so are you looking to sell or buy a home in a while, so please, reach out to us will be glad to put it on trulia and zillow open on realtor.Com, put on the mls system and get you your home. So┬áReal Estate Owasso