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Just finished up on podcast 83, going on the podcast 84 just got a phenomenal picture of my son with some sunglasses on and then it makes me miss him. I really love that dude and can’t wait to see him on tuesday I do enjoy the time that I get with my daughter on mondays, and it really helps us out and really gives us a chance and opportunity to be together, and you Know:i’m, I’m, very excited and ecstatic and elated about being able to be a property bounce partner and being a property. Bounce partner is, as such, a great opportunity for a lot of agents and I hope that you’ll be able to see the good in that if you are currently residing in owosso or maybe live in tulsa, either way we’re going to be able to help you if you’re an agent in owasso we’d love to help you help you sell your listings in and show you the people, you a show you the property bounce way, and you know we’ve got a tv agent. That’s it’s running around finding money and it’s hiding under your home. Real Estate Owasso It’s hiding under. Where is hiding everywhere, not underwear but everywhere so I encourage you and to ask yourself why you pay this commissions in and most people that have responded most people that have called me back and said:you shall I listened in and he really the reason. I have his cuz I didn’t know how and then not only that I didn’t know how I got. How can you do it so much cheaper and just because of that easy for me they have its own network dinner.

Anything is, Real Estate Owasso if you don’t have to anymore, you can pay a flat fee and get it done. I mean get it done now. So if you’re interested in selling your home you’re interested in being out there, why not use the city and definitely see if we can help them out, see what we can do for them? I’ve been a property bounce friend and probably bounce agent for quite some time, and we would love to talk with you and see how we can help you and what we could do to help. You sell your home there in owasso it maybe you’re, not living at owasso may be living somewhere else. That’s fine like that. Real Estate Owasso Guy right there with that black nissan i, don’t think it was your nissan. Don’t know if you know this, but there’s a lot like it infinity and i. Don’t know how they do that if they just all share the same technology or the same part, but they look a lot in the same in the shape of a lot of the same as just a little higher in so you more than a nissan goes to infinity and it’s the same way as a what’s the same way, I’m trying to say what that is:nissan and infiniti, and then there’s there’s one more that I’m missing and i. Real Estate Owasso Don’t know what that is, but he’s not on to infiniti is something that you can. You know you can drive in awhile, so you drive an infiniti. You can drive a nissan either way whatever you’d like to do, but I guess. Nissan infiniti is kind of like a chevy in a cadillac kind of based off of that email to take the escalade, and then it’s it’s. Basically, this on the same frame as a tahoe same motor.

Real Estate Owasso All that stuff it just kind of dressing up a little different. So my thing is is why you know if you want to pay for that. I just don’t know why you know it would help you to use a traditional realtor if, if you can get all of this services for much less for a lot less and that’s what we have your property bounce, if I were able to do this and make things work, I know people are going to try to do this or people going to try to do that. But at the end of the day it is what it is and we are where we are, and you know we would like to see what you might be able to do for us. I can guarantee you that we’ve got away and a light and we’re going to be able to change the industry as it’s now, and so, if you want to reach out to us-and you want to you, know, see what you can do for us. Real Estate Owasso You know I I would encourage you to it to ask why not and I’ll tell you if you don’t having someone behind you having someone you can count on is is definitely something that you know I would recommend in, and we have that here years of experience with brokers on staff that are ready to help you so reach out to us see what you can do, I mean for the longest. Now I’m a local agent. This is not a franchise, yet we’ve got. We have some interest in texas vested interest in people in oklahoma city to work through that right now to see if we’re going to expand their ourselves or if we’re actually going to let them you know, do that so we’ll see how that works out and where it all goes. Real Estate Owasso But you know you’re, probably bounce back. I just want you to know. Like you like, we exude actually exude intelligence and knowledge, and we want to. We have a vast set of tools, sweden tools, so to speak, that we can use to cellular owasso home. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a mobile home and you have a gazebo or if you’re, in a mobile home. If you don’t have a gazebo, we can still taste your property on property bounce. One thing we can’t list is construction equipment. You know if it doesn’t have a deed, then probably bounce.

Real Estate Owasso It probably is going to be able to save you money. So what do you that I’ve been working out there on the commission and getting things done like I i, understand how good it is and I understand how you can list a home and sit back and relax on your vacation, but you know out here in the real world and tulsa, and not only in tulsa and owasso, and then there to the south and south. Also like I I would ask you and encourage you to ask yourself why? Why not? You know why not me and why can’t I save some money. You know if you can save some money. I should be able to save some money and we’re talking about flat fees when I talk about commission, the willard stone museum is a great place to to learn a lot about the cherokee heritage builders stone was a artist for the jeep cherokee cherokee artist. Super excited to see that new jersey turnpike exit 6, Real Estate Owasso which is also lake, tenkiller, lake hudson at like 7 or so. If you’re not headed straight to go there, it’s not washed orbit, you know, it’ll, do you get some fuel there and then also you know your best western I’m, your, best western’s going to be able to save some money and you can be able to make things happen. I assure you that the mazzio’s is going to be there. They got some good pizza. You know, I’m just not beat the fan on more of a rock and roll fan in a pizza fan, but I like country, music, too I kind of like it. Also. You know what you want to chill out and you want to have a good time. You know put some country music on get you a slice of pizza and go see the willard stone exhibit. You know right as you’re on your way to wash it. It got the jubilee ministries.

Real Estate Owasso It doesn’t look like too many people there just yet, but such a neat little building and I wonder how they made that happened. You know right across the way we got a soccer field in a baseball field in a diamond and a baseball diamond. It’s it’s pretty neat to be able to bring those people together and give those people what they want, give them what they need. I’ve been I’ve, been through the light and seen the light and I’m super excited about being there for you in about being a part of your team. So if you happen to be a property bennett age of you having to be a real estate agent, please don’t be threatened by a skunk., probably bounce barker and see how we can help you see how our system, it’s going to help you by signing up for our system and helping us out you’re, going to be able to save money, you’re going to be able to make things happen and I am super, excited salad, humbled where this is going and how we’re going to be able to make this work. I mean there’s a lot of work that goes into it, but it’s it’s! It’s really a neat deal and we got some great partners. We got some great team players and I we’re looking forward to team up with you and help sell at home. I’ll save you some equity mean there’s really no sense in not saving equity, there’s really no sense in wasting that money. I mean that’s the way I look at. It is a waste of money. If it’s, if it truly is I mean i, don’t know why a person feels they have. You know to pay that commission, you know, and maybe it’s because you know like i, said earlier in the other podcast. Did you know what that people reach out to me and say you? Don’t you I didn’t have the opportunity, but I’d be glad to you know. So, if you want to do i, don’t reach out to us, you want to see maybe what we can do for you and how we can help I’d be glad to make things work and you know be able to see you through until the end and make things be what they may I tell you it’s.

You know what an offer of paint allowance in this house to be able to sell it to be able to do it and the really need home. We got the theater room, we got the pool with a grotto and I would really been able to help see people through and been able to make things happen for people so I’m very excited to be able to offer homes for sale at such a low price, I mean you’re going to save thousands and thousands of dollars by selling your home by moving, and you know cashing out that equity I mean he works so hard to do you work so hard to make it happen. Why not be humbled by it? I mean I’m. Real Estate Owasso A humble person and I want to make sure that you know things can work, make sure things to happen and I’m telling it like. We have been apart. The property bounce we’ve been apart of that team and the real estate selling to you for some time and I want to make sure that were there for you as an agent and make sure were there for us agents. So we can see things through and help you sell that home, like I said. If you know, if you want to pay those high-priced, traditional realtor fees go for it, but if you want to save some money at 895%, so that’s a big savings over 3% and we can definitely see you through. We could definitely see this through to make sure you’ve got the right make sure you got the right way and the right the right tools to help you sell your home for sale and definitely be able to run through all of the tools that we have to see.

What your house is worth, make sure that we priced at home right and then where it sells quick. But you get as much as you can out of your equity Real Estate Owasso