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No, it’s crazy to think I would never thought just you know a month ago, I’ll be sitting here doing podcast one after the other, but anything is it really get your mind going to get your mind off of it? I have other things and I’m exhausted, so it’s anything and it sure makes the a drive-through liquor and get things done. So you know what this podcast today I’d like to talk to you about something about owasso real estate on the tulsa county side. Lashley. Real Estate Owasso Does it really matter on your fault? It was rodger county side I’d like to talk with you about. You know some some neat things we’ve been able to do for some people there in owasso to help facilitate you know, sell their homeweaver. Real Estate Owasso We really streamline the process here, probably bounce, to make sure that yeah we’re able to save you money and we’re able to heat up be transparent. You know the people ask will have nowhere to do it. So she puts you know. What’s the catch, wellness is really no catch and the fact that matter is is, as you know, the internet is change. The world around us is changed the way we do things. I mean it’s, it’s it changes changes the way you go to the restroom. You know before it was reading the book before it was this. Now it’s reading the phone you know and you’re connected to the internet, I mean where everything is evolve.

Real Estate Owasso Everything’s gotten better at things done with work, and he knows things we leave behind in my system is obviously based off. The internet works up the internet, that’s how it connects people, but what I’m saying is because of all of this because of how easy it is to market property, with the relationship that we have with trulia, zillow.Com and realtor.Com, there’s just not as much work in it as there was 10 15 20 30 years ago. You know, whenever my dad was. You know that mom or taking pictures and going down and getting them developed and include them on flyers, and you know before we had the computers in the end going around and stick them in the coffee, shops and and telling everybody knowing that that was that was selling a home. You know that was that was marketing the property to get it sold, and you know things change and things change to a point. Real Estate Owasso Where now you know you come out, you take pictures. You write up a neat little description, mls system, auto-populates a lot of the information you’re going to need to make your changes. You have some contract signed and basically they put it on the mls system and wait. You know and then, whenever comes in you and someone goes and then someone else goes and tells your property. So my thing is is is is if you have a home there, owasso and you’re, looking to get it sold. Why? Why reach out any further than probably bounce? Why I reached out any further than the flat fee? You know, then, looking for a flat fee real estate, what you’re going to get to meet. When are you going to get a total package? Real Estate Owasso Are they going to do that matter? For video? We do have an agent, that’s going to be honest and ready to work for you at the beck and call you have a 24/7. You know how his phone going to be 7, or do you have to make that phone call and kind of weight around you, and you really hear from your listing agent. I mean I got. These. Are questions i? Want you to ask what they’re going to do to help sell your home in a while? So if you have a house-and it’s not just a moment-we got to sell, you can rent you can buy. You can please sell, there’s so many different ways, so many different categories that falls into when selling a home. So there’s just a lot of things that need to be done and I know it might sound overwhelming and I said. Well, you know:how can you do this while it’s because we streamlined it, is because of the changes in the industry because of how we have no been able to show people the true way to do business, and we appreciate the work that all the real estate agents do. Real Estate Owasso You know what I mean you have to have buyers, you know so getting your home on mls system has never been easier and that’s the way, a good way to expose you what property bounce is going to do for your home, they’re owasso’s were going to come out, we’re going to picture it up, so to speak, we’re going to do it. 3d video 3d, matterport, video of your home, and we got off of that thing for sale where we’re going to put it on and unless we’re going to eat. You know that way. You can see everything and what is going on now. Real Estate Owasso Things are working out. I’m super excited to be able to bring all of this to you to be able to make this happen. You know we’ve been able to facilitate sale. These transactions, for you, know you’re in you’re out it’s never been an issue with me. It’s never been a problem to be able to get things close so like we want to be able to to show you that you truly can use. You know a flat. There truly is a win-win situation out there. You can go to the flat fee listing service. That saves you three, you know close to 3%. You know minus the 895, of course, and get a full-service getting you and get better service, but honestly get more things and more no more. It’s really it’s kind of easy to explain.

You know that there’s just not a lot to it. I mean the listing. Real Estate Owasso The other process is like I said:we’ll come out. We going to pick her up or going to bring a guy out. Then we’re going to give you some prices together on what we feel I mean. If we think there needs to be some pain, I mean you know, there’s a lot of things that need to be done to my house already. You know if we think the carpet needs to be stretched if you’ve got some something that needs to be cleaned up. Maybe you got 2 minutes and needs to be repaired. You got some dry rot somewhere. I mean that something that were going to be able to come out for you do a front, and if you can do those inspections, it’s another thing. Real Estate Owasso We have an inspector that will come out and do this inspection to any of you go ahead and and and and put you know what’s in and we got negotiated rates with those and we can have an inspector come out and inspect your home in. At that point at least you got a piece of paper and it makes it easier when a person doing there is a piece of mind to know that it’s done right and that the homeless are looking at his property. That’s going to be there for a while. So please, if you have any questions and concerns about that property bounce, what would maybe do for you or how much we may be able to save you? Real Estate Owasso Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We leave your property mounts, have been you around 4 in the real estate industry. We’ve got over a hundred years, combined experience, you know at our fingertips:i, don’t even know how long I’ve got my sister, who is helps us out. My mother, my my partner sarah, leaves, is actually taking her test today. So congratulations to her should be passing if you’re pretty soon I expect you to call her anytime.

You know that she passed it I’m super excited when I see all of the things that have been done and I see, you know everything that we’ve done to help sell real estate, their property down, to be more to be able to save our owasso customers, thousands, and not necessarily-and not only owasso customers. If you live in verdigris, if you live in sand springs, Real Estate Owasso do you live in berryhill? Maybe live in collinsville. You know we’re going to help you out we’re going to be there for you if we’re going to make sure make you to put you top priority and make sure that you have the skills that are needed to make things right in to take things. You know as they come and to be able to handle them. So you as a property down sage need a listing of home in owasso. We want to make sure that you know you get to keep as much. Equity should want we’d love to come out and sit down with you there at your table or you come out and see us come visit us in her office. We have a brick-and-mortar home I’m, not at their in broken arrow at 3101 north, hemlock circle, with a lot of people that have really helped us through the through the tough times, and you know and got us where we need to be and n word we’re proud to be growing in a while. So we’re proud to be a partner of owasso and the owasso residence. If you have a home, you have a house and they want so very, like I said not even watch it or you can be anywhere me on the tulsa county stars rogers county site, we’re here for you. We want to make sure that you get the right things. Real Estate Owasso Develop I want to make sure that you can see where things are going and that you’re getting what you want. You know and you’re keeping that money. We want you to know it’s another thing. It said where there’s no questions asked. If you want your listing released. Yeah me, the standard contracts is 6 months.

Real Estate Owasso You know what, if you want to release, that’s fine, we’re not going to sit here and try to no upsell you on this trip, sell you on that. I mean we’re going to tell you straight up what we’re going to do and how we’re in the market your home in in in those are the best practices. You know that we from all of our experience together, we would come up with some best practices, is something that we would really think help sales in the matterport so important, because it allows people to talk to someone get inside your home virtually and it would not be in your space without having a bunch of people. I mean there’s a lot of firekeepers out there and you wanted that house is it for them. Then then, why waste your time and why waste there’s? Real Estate Owasso That’s where the matterport showcase, how nice your home is, and it’s a lot easier to see that and get excited about something and have them call in your home. So we got a person call in the morning and it is pretty simple when you see that matter poured out there and we got someone calling your home. Well guess what easy to see it isn’t as easy to understand and imagine yourself inside that home. So you know we do matter ports on all homes that we list there and wausau and end in the homes that we let you know. So, if you’re looking to sell your home, you have some real property in owasso. You’ve got you have some vacant land could be a mobile home if it brick-and-mortar home. If it’s in owasso we are, we are licensed to sell their.

We we have the mls access and all of the other sweet of tools that that will open up that tool, box, help get your home, sold and and and and sure, give you a bigger check at the end of the day when we get too close to it, Real Estate Owasso