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Real Estate Owasso  They may have two more to do here we’re at the end of the turnpike finally headed over to t-town to chi-town on 412 westbound making it work make it happen westbound with a pedal and we want to make sure that we get to owasso quick enough that we can offer up those homes for sale I mean you’re talking about a you know a huge savings you know 3% versus 895 is it is going to get you every time and I think that you would agree that by being able toget into this program being able to make it happen why not why not go with a property agent why not you know see how we can help you and you know get us into the right mindset you in the right mindset to make that work make it happen on the saturday we have the oklahoma state really brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament and you know I’m very bummed about being able to help out and being able to be on the forefront of how things at work there especially with tournament we’re going to you know it Real Estate Owasso shouldn’t take long to do that maybe I’ll be there in the afternoon maybe I’ll be there in the morning I’m not sure but I’m going to go way in and get weighed in and see how we can help out see what we can do for people we have Beeni’ve been practicing and studying jiu-jitsu studying is a better word of it since last last year I believe around april when I started but with what I’ve been able to do I didn’t realize it was going to take so long you know but you know it’s I realize Real Estate Owasso now why it takes so long to get there because if you are a tv agent you’re probably bounce agent you definitely are going to be able to make the right moves you can be able to make the right changes to get youand it probably bounce to get you that game I’m definitely going to try to win one of those one of these days we’ll see if maybe it’s in december I don’t know but I’m going to try to go to every class I can and it’s going to be you know but I’m going to get there and I’m definitely get my blue belt this year whatever it takes whatever I have to do I’m going to continue to work and continue to get that blue bell so if you are the proper bounce friend or you want to be a partner of property bounce please reach out to us we have homes listed there in owasso and we’re actually headed up right now to take a look at one and see what we can do for them anything is if you haven’t heard of us we are a full-service flat fee company or not you’re glad you company that’s based out of arizona we’re flappy company that’s based right here we’re looking at franchising to see if that’s the way it’s going to work out the best I’m not sure how that’s going to go but we have definitely you know been on point and we’re excited to be able to expand this and to be able to make this happenyou know so once we get some things going and we can show amy will probably start next year I’m doing that but if we have to we going to go on up to oklahoma city and work for some builders there you get there home so you know 894 box is a very affordable price for everything that you’re getting and we’d like to build off of that to all of them so it’s not just builders I’m either going to pay the same price you are so now it’s like we’re opening up no broken of them a lesson and you don’t have to begin to someone nowadays to be able to list your home and keep your equity so if you happen to know somebody in the mls system you happen to know somebody you know about me going to get that full service for lot of times they feel like if they’re discounting if they don’t have to work as hard and I asked you know what what do they truly do are they truly helping you you know what they’re not going to sell it or not things are different for us what it is and see how we can help peoplea wonderful wonderful new way to make money I got a wonderful new way to not only make money but to spend money we’ve been we’ve been with property mounts for quite some time and you know we’ve been in the real estate business here in Real Estate Owasso property bounce since 2016 but we have brokers I mean we’ve got noodles and noodles and a hundreds of years of experience with our broker so if you have any questions or you would like to know why or what or how any of that you know any of those things when why where what how we can we can answer that for you here property bounce we can certainly show you the way show you how to get there and how to get there in a quick fashion like I said we coming here at property bounce we are on top of things we arenew age we are you know running things right so please if you want to reach out to us and let us know what we could do for you would be glad to help you would be glad to list your home here in a while so we can sell your home there in a while so we can we can find you a home in a while so if you happen to be in the market for real estate you came to the right place we’re going to only charge you that flat fee so if you’re like me I’m cruising on 412 west right now and there’s a lot of trees out here with the trees and in the barn and you’ve got the other Real Estate Owasso greenhouse over there then there’s a yellow chevrolet like where in the world are you not going to see a yellow chevrolet tell you you’re not going to see it it probably depends we are not yellow chevrolet drivers we are more of a gray ford drivers so if you have a 4 do you have a chevy you know reach out to us either way we don’t care we’re not prejudiced about which car you drive or any of that like we don’t care that you’re a buildersort you into different categories in psych everybody comes here we’re not going to you know put you over into this room or put you over into that room you know that’s 3% 1% flat fee for doing this for everybody like I said and how do you get that cuz you’ve got agents right there on the line on the phone you can call and talk to we have Real Estate Owasso brokers on staff that ready to answer those questions that you might have about your property how can I do this how can I do this we got professional negotiators on staff to to help you get that home so like I said if you are a currently subscriber to probably bounce you know we thank you if you if you want to be a fan of probably bounce Real Estate Owasso please going over to her facebook page give us a like right as a review we would appreciate that we are a full-service listing company that sells things for you know that list homes for flat feet so you know how much can we save you well it really depends on the amount of your home depends onso that’s what I’m saying is we’re turning this around we’re flipping the real estate game up on its head and we won’t show you what it’s like we want to show you how we can do that and where we can make things work I know a place that puts a lot of clues matterport video up on holmes up to serving sizes but not but all home so if you are you know we’ve heard you reach out to this you know we know that you’re listed homes in wausau we know you’re showing homes in a while so we want to help you get through that when we help you and see this through to the end you know what listed quit wanting to keep pushing and keep making sure that you are on the forefront of the real estate industry I hey absolutely hate and despise paying all of my commission are all my equity to someone that just happens to have access to the side and that’s how we see it that’s how we truly see it here and we hope that you see it the same because if you are property bounce real estate agent if you do live in owasso if you don’t live in a while so I would encourage you to reach out to us and see what we might be able to do for you there’s just no way to know how much we can save you until you give us a call and I’ll tell you I will do a free comparative market analysis and I’ll tell you what your home is worth and show you what you know my worth and you know I’ll be there for you julian through it all and make it happen so if you’re anchorage you if you’re with property bounce if you’re not with Real Estate Owasso property bounce you’re an agent that wants to make some money you want to make this thing go no reach out to see what we can do for you we we definitely want to help you sell your watch at home and not only that we want to help you keep your equity you know in that owasso cruise by the cowboys so they do they’re open they do all kinds of stuff not only were open but the program there and I just rolled by there so many cows out here east of tulsa or west of the turnpike right now we’re on highway 412 us 412 it’s a great road that has he know it serves me well and it’s helped me get through what I needed to get Real Estate Owassothrough and I’m very pumped about where I can go and what I can do and how we can help you close your property how we can help you make it work and you know with that said we can you know we can help you through the tough times we can help you through the ez times we want to be there with you for it all and we want to save you money on your on your own so like I said if you’re living there in owasso and you can you want to list your home if you’d like to to see what your home is worth meal I encourage you to click that button up there see how easy it is to get back with you and we’re going to have an agent run a cna on it and they’re going to be there to help you sell that it’s really a neat thing going to see me depending on when we can fit you into the listing schedule you’re going to meet with me and you can ask me those questions you can ask me whatever you need to know about your owasso home and I’m going to answer those questions for you and we’ll sit down and have a cup of coffee maybe a pancake and a sea Real Estate Owasso