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Trying to introduce things out to be number 55 total for me to be number 30 on the week, glad to get up to 30 cruising out here on i-44 heading into tulsa county, we’re in the area that the greater tulsa association of realtors covers their mls. Drivers sends all the way up to owosso or super excited about selling homes are in owasso and everything it was got going on there we been very happy very static and you have to be be involved in this. Real Estate Owasso You know we really want to be able to and what we were we’re, hoping to be able to show everyone out there that you truly don’t have to have a friend in the real estate industry or relative in the real estate industry, to keep your equity. You know we would come up with a system to charge a flat fee and it’s a flat fee listing service, their property bounce. But it’s it’s full service, real estate, so you’re going to get your going to get everything you might need as far as the sweet of tools it to include, but not limited to you no listing on mls. The multi listing service that listing on trulia.Com a listing on zillow. Com, a listing on property, bounce.Com and listing on realtor.Com. On top of that, we’re going to have some flyers for your home there in a while. So we’re also going to put a sign out there in your front yard there in owasso when put a key box on there. Real Estate Owasso That will allow any realtor that has a it’s a member of mls of greater tulsa association of realtors for guitars that people go up or short riddle. Let them have a log in and they’re going to be able to be able to access that key box will also be able to show the property and anything about it is on your homes and it’s not just in a while.

So this is everywhere, where we’re going to opera matterport we’re not going to make you pay extra for that. That’s included in the listing price! I know it sounds too good to be true, but let me tell you about what that matter was going to do. Real Estate Owasso You know if you like people walking in and out and in and out of your home constantly and over and over, then no don’t do it matter for the automatic or he’s going to do. Is it’s going to allow a person to virtually get inside your home without being in your home without going through your stuff, without seeing all of your things, you know what kind of eliminates the tire kickers you know. If you can look to that matter before they can truly show you and you can truly tell if you know that it might be right for you or it may not be right for you. The thing is, you don’t have to go in there and and see the home. Real Estate Owasso You can already see it, so it saves a lot of time on just, tire kickers that are wasting your time, that you got to get your house cleaned up for you got to get that listing. You got to do this mean if someone’s looking at the matter for I got to giving them an opportunity to inside your house to see what’s going on in and we’re super excited with. What we’re able to offer here with a full-service real estate agency, you know, is:is a hundred percent pool service and were able to make you know, make you a lot better deal and give you the opportunity to keep your hard-earned equity to keep that hard-earned money that you work so hard safe, going to be we’re going to be there for you, regardless we’re going to be there for you through the end, we’re going to see this thing through and and make sure that you understand how things can work and how you can say that amount of money Real Estate Owasso I’m here at property bounce we can list homes in owasso and not have to charge you a full commission of 3% I mean when your parents date 95 how much easier it is it to list that home in a cell that home you know, I’d like to you know, I’d like to think that everyone, you know, would be able to see the value in this, and then he know in his unit and if you’d like to know more about it. Please reach out to your property bounce. You can call us and we’ll put you as one of the Agents-i’d love to speak with you. My name is joseph hundred I’m. The broker for property bouncing in be glad to you at today help you find what you looking forward to help. You sell your home to help you by i, don’t know if you’re looking to buy a home when I charge you a penny, we’re going to let the seller pay that fee I’m going to let the seller pay our agent and then we’re going to do the work for you. Real Estate Owasso You tell us what you want. Tell us what you need. We can put those parameters together and we can make it happen. We can certainly be there for you. We can certainly be there for all of you as a property bounce owner, we’re going to be there for you. It means a lot to us. It means a lot to us that you’re taken care of, because we want you referrals. We want you to tell people i, want you to truly understand the process better, so you can make those more informed decisions, I mean and when you’re paying 895 versus 3%. That certainly gives you a lot more room and lot more equity to be able to tell that home. You know when it by her that potential buyer comes along.

You just never know when that myers going to come along or what they’re going to look like, so I encourage you to reach out to property, mounts to see how we might be able to help you and and how we can save you. Real Estate Owasso Some money I can assure you that selling your home for $894 versus 3% is going to save most people money if your home is worth more than $30,000, and it’s going to save you money and a lot of real estate agents out there that list homes under $50,000 heard of a traditional real estate agent, that listed at home there in owasso. It was $50,000 listing and she charged 5000 show you what it’s like show you what it’s about and steven get inside that home. Real Estate Owasso If you don’t want the matterport and don’t use the metaphor you don’t have to, but it’s something that we’re offering it’s a tool that we haven’t of arsenal to to really be able to help facilitate the sale of your home and see if it’s honestly going to be able to be nowhere to be able to be there for you and we’re going to be able to to make sure that things are done correctly. We want to make sure that me know when we come in there, and you know we know how things are, how things are going to be that that’s someone’s there for you. You know what your property bounce it. It’s really easy. You know we’re just a phone call away at someone’s, always there for you. If you can’t get a hold of your agent did I want you to get ahold of me, because obviously it’s important enough that you’ve got questions that need to be answered.

So, please, you know, I want you to be able to reach out to us. Real Estate Owasso I want this to be an open book that allows people to understand how things were people to understand the process of selling home and hear it proper to bounce week. We’ve got that form for you and we’re ready to show it ready to expose it. We’re ready to let you know how how things work and and ready to let you know quite frankly, that you know we’re here for you and so, if you’re looking to buy a home looking to sell a home in a while, so we still want to help you out, regardless of whether you’re looking to buy that home or you looking to sell that home. We want you to know that your property bounce, we’re here for you, we’re here to help you but still take the sale of your home, we’re going to help you get that thing done to get the money that you deserve back out of your home. Real Estate Owasso You know we found here, that’s what he eats and your cash is underneath your house and we don’t want all of it. We want to charge you for what her services are and we got a suite at services in a lot whole, sweet and service. It’s a lot of tools at our disposal. Chris were members of the greater association tulsa realtors wichita. That allows us to not only sell it in wausau that allows us to sell heating where that the greater tulsa association of realtors area extends to. We have the geographic competency here to to help you look things up to help you and be confident when you’re going into making an offer, be confident when you’re going in and going out and letting her know that we’re putting it at the right price and you’re getting that good deal. We want to make sure that you’re taken care of as a client. Real Estate Owasso We want to make sure that you truly understand. What’s going on with the situation and end in put more money in your pocket being able to save you money, it is a passion of ours and in doing things right especially far, is it mean when it’s going to be seamless? It’s going to be put the like I said from the cradle to the grave, we’re going to make sure that we take care of you on that entire transaction. We want to walk you through it and in and give you as much as you want me there, a lot of people out there that are seasoned investors there, a lot of people other than season home sellers in those are the people that don’t need it and, like i, said we’re here for you. If you need us there, I just want to encourage you to deano reach out to us. If you have any questions, I mean it’s not.

No questions asked her. No hard pressure. Real Estate Owasso Sales were just here to help you get your home sold at make sure you know that you get the right answer and then and when I say the right answer, you know you get what you’re looking for, and you don’t just get an answer. You get the correct answer, so I’ve got all kinds of experience in selling homes and not only owasso but everywhere around owosso, either in the tulsa county side to rogers county side. In that wants to school district, you know we send all the way up to verdigris. You know down over over to sperry sky to collinsville all the way down to turley. You know we got a lot of people that you know that are the members of the mls that are excited that were members of the in the last in the end and Real Estate Owasso I’m truly excited to be able to bring the savings back, I mean jt bought brought sexy back property balance is bringing your equity back. I mean it’s one of those things that you know why you’re the one that’s made those payments. So so, please I challenge you to get the best for your money, get the best bang for the buck and let the best bang for your buck, I believe you’re going to find this.

Is it proper to bounce? You know supposed to answer any questions or just want to talk with and discuss real estate. I mean we love real estate. Real Estate Owasso Believe me, we are, and we are real estate biggest fan and if you’re, if you got a home in owasso, you had some questions for. If you want to save some money, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and I will be glad to go. Get you closer