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Alright, alright, alright, here we go number 50 number 50. We got 25 since thursday, so we’ve been man, I’ve been doing my best I’m, not going to say I can do better, just given the time the restrictions recently with everything that’s been going on with the with my life. You know it’s been tough but I’m having to work I’m going to get those with me and we’re going to make it 2:50 to 9, which is in excess. The 25 of last thursday, so I can hit that 20 from that we were shooting for the 40, so we’ll see where we are. But i. Real Estate Owasso Think I want to talk to you about today’s real estate in owasso. We have realtors was just recently talked to some agent realtors in the owosso area. Then we talked to some asian to a realtors in the greater tulsa area and thing is:is a member of the greater tulsa association of realtors you’re, a member of the multi listing service which list homes in you know a plethora of cities inside the counting outside of the county in rogers county in creek, county in osage, county and i. Believe, wagner county as well. That’s another thing:we haven’t talked about new tulsa, audi’s mom, that’s in wagoner county, but going back to owasso. They have great school districts there.

Real Estate Owasso They have ample opportunity to be able to send your child to a phenomenal school district, a good price and I’m I’m ecstatic and excited and encouraged to be able to bring you an opportunity to show you an opportunity to say when I say, save the money. It’s not save some money I feel like when you say somebody. Real Estate Owasso It’s like you know:i sold you a head of lettuce for $0.80 versus a dollar, and it’s really not it I can honestly at the end of the day. This is your echo get your money, it’s like when you bought that home and you made that commitment. I mean you’re, the one that had to check the hot water heater you’re, the one that had to fix the dishwasher I’m, pretty positive. Real Estate Owasso You didn’t call your listing agent. What do you need to call your next listing agent and I’m, not telling you to come out and fix your dishwasher, but one thing I will tell you:is we have maintenance supervisors on horde and on staff to go out and look at your home? So with that said, if you need some maintenance issues, I please reach out to property. We would be glad to help facilitate the fixing of your home, for you know any type of issue that might be going on with your property there in owasso, with your property there outside of owasso anywhere in the greater tulsa association of realtors. On top of that, like we are licensed, that’s probably bouncer license to sell it all of oklahoma and all 77 counties. So you know it’s not just tulsa county is rogers is wagner county, it’s okmulgee county in creek, county i.

Real Estate Owasso Think the multi listing service for the greater association of told to tulsa realtors extends not only to owasso, but all the way up to claremore I think it goes to skiatook on down to turley back to north tulsa. We go to sand springs berryhill drop off to midtown cherry street area. You all the way over there, and also there were the tulsa hills. You go down into jeans down to glenpool back over to bixby tulsa area. There you can go through and then you know, then, over into broken arrow, Real Estate Owasso and we talked about earlier on the east side, and-and you know it’s great for this listing service goes into all of those different areas. It’s something that, if you’re looking to buy a home looking to sell home looking to lease a home looking to rent a home in a week, we can certainly you know, you know, offer you the knowledge that you need to know at the end up in the right place, I mean, and not only that the keep of a larger majority of your equity I give you my pay that 3%, if, if you’re, going to not get any more services out of it and that’s what we encourage and and and basically encourage all of our clients, this is to interview interview. Other people ask him, ask him what you’re getting you know be straight up and tell me why this is wrong. Tell me why this isn’t going to work for me. I get if you’re not offering all these services, even if you are offering all of these services to sell my wants it home in your offering all the services that property bounce is offering. Why are you charging me so much more? Real Estate Owasso Why is it based off of the percentage of my own? Are you putting in more work? Are you putting in less work for a lesser home? That’s my question is is like what more are you doing? I can order the tangible things that you were doing to help my home cell, and this is not a bunch of smoke and mirrors. It’s $895 to list your home, and let me tell you what comes with listing your owasso hum for $895 you’re, going to get your get your sign you going to get your key box you’re, going to get contract support negotiations for you’re, going to get a broker on the line and dedicated agent professional photos. I know I mentioned the sign. If I didn’t want to tell you now and then obviously the flyers, and on top of that you’re going to get the listing on mls you going to get the listing on zillow.Com or zillow her. They call you when I get the listing on trulia. More trulia you’re, going to get that listing on realtor.Com and you’re going to have a professional, a professional realtor.

Real Estate Owasso It is a member of the national association of realtors working on your property for 895, not 3%. So my thing is is like:if your home is worth $200, it’s going to cost you 895 to list it with us. If your home is worth 400,000, it’s going to cost you 895 to list it with us. If you were to list it with a traditional agent that charge the traditional 3% you’re, going to pay 6000 soldier to soldier in urdu. To do his research, ask questions. Curiosity killed the stupid cat, not the cat to be curious, ask questions and ask yourself:if they don’t give you the answers are not true for forthcoming, then do they have the answers or is there something that they have to hide or, and my thing is, if they can come, ask one of our property bounce agents? If you don’t want to do that, ask the broker. Call me and I’ll give you the answer. If I don’t have the answer, Real Estate Owasso I’ll find it if you’re not going to get in i, don’t know you’re going to get it I’m going to need to figure that one out and my thing is-is i. Want you to know that there’s transparency here, there’s ethics, there’s, loyalty, there’s honesty and we’re going to do the right thing, for you were going to do the right thing to make it work. We’re going to do the right thing to sell that home in owasso to sell that real estate to sell that house to sell that property with your renting whether you’re buying, but you releasing regardless of what you’re trying to do.

Real Estate Owasso If you have a piece of real estate that has title to it, that has title abstract, then we can help you. If you need access to the multi listing service. Come talk to us, we’re not going to change. That’s what I should make more, because you work harder, I shouldn’t make more because you put in the sweat and the blood and the tears to keep paying that principal payment to keep reducing that principle to keep getting equity in your home. Now, why? In the world, I got just don’t understand, it’s just not feasible, it doesn’t make sense in the only thing I can think of is just people haven’t been educated and when I said people haven’t been educated, it hasn’t it isn’t, because they haven’t seek the education. It isn’t because it wanted it and honestly now that I think about it. So people know but they’re just hasn’t been that option, because I feel like there’s like no one’s wanted to go out there and look out for the clients. Real Estate Owasso That’s what we’re trying to do here. Probably about is, if you got a home in a while, so we’re trying to tell you that we’re looking at for you as a client we’re not looking out for our paycheck, because I know and I’ve proven that time and time again sometimes are so many different people. My clients are my employees. My clients are my vendors. My clients are my customers. My clients are all of that. So my thing this is what I want to say to you is, you have to think. Is everyone of you have to think of everyone? Has your client and where things I feel have gone to ride or a stray in the traditional real estate industry. Is it’s not necessarily about my client in their best needs, it’s about what numbers I can in and where I can go and what I can do so I challenge you and I hurt you if you’re looking to list sell by rent a home any of those. If you want to buy a home, you want to sell a home in a while. So please reach out to this i. Don’t know if I mentioned that do not charge one penny to find you a home. We will let you interview. However, many of our agent. You would like to until you find the one you’re comfortable with the one you can trust the one you want to talk to and then we’ll put them to work will turn them loose for the sweetest tools and property downstairs and help find and sort through all those home. So you don’t have to do the work if you reached out to property and see if you’re in the market for a new home, if you’re not in the market for a home, you never know what you might find reach out to a property. Bounce agent asked him to run you a free comparative market analysis. Real Estate Owasso That’s one thing, I haven’t mentioned much, but cmas or something that will give him something that you’re not going to pay for something and that we’d like to sit down with you. Look at your home. Look at the difference is, if you were home and the other home and and see if we can collectively together, arrive at a good value to list your owasso home app