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Waiting on the uber to get here guys were going to 68. Today, it’s only three for the week. I’ve really got to get on it. We need to get that 40 number I’d love to hit 40, not sure that I can, but that’s what I want to do it when I hit 40, that’s at 4045 cass, which ends up being on the site. Map and I’m super excited that we’re going to be able to do if you actually own a home in owasso. We are at we looking for looking to help you out looking to save you some money and see what we can do for you. We’ve been looking to sell homes looking to list items are in a wants to go for a quite some time and we actually are now, but the greater tulsa association of realtors remember of their listing service, which allows us tolisted, market homes anywhere in the area, so everywhere in that area would be tulsa, south, tulsa, jenks, broken, arrow bigsby on berryhill north tulsa. If I’ve already said that sorry south tulsa and all that. So if you got home that you’d like to sell that encourage you to keep some of that equity or a lot bigger portion of the equity and go to properly balance and see how much money we can save you see what we might be able to do for you. I can assure you that working with property bouncy is going to save you. Thousands! You know on your home. If you know, unless I mean you got to get down for not sending you a thousand and you got to go down in there thinking about a $70,000 home, we’re still going to save you over a grand way over grand. So you know it doesn’t matter. Is flappy listing service, so whatever you’re used to traditionally paying, which is usually a 3% commission to list of the teeth and we’re going to bless your home for 895weather in wausau. No questions asked, and you know things don’t work out. You don’t like that’s fine. Real Estate Owasso

We can release the listing. You can have the photos you can have the video like you know it’s yours, you paid for it. So the thing is:is please reach out to search property bounce? If there’s anything we might be able to do for you, I would I would I would hope that you would or I would encourage you to reach out and see what we can do and see how much money we can save you I can. Real Estate Owasso We just listed in owasso home not too long ago, and it was you know it was going to save them. Probably around 12000. We just listen other number, 1.1 million. It’s going to save you a 33,000, so there’s some big numbers out there that reallyi think entice you to give us a shot and, like I said, if you’re looking, you know to sell a home. If you have a home there in owosso or have a home, you know in tulsa it could really be anywhere in oklahoma. You know we’re going to be able to save you a lot of money. Like I said the commission-based fees are going to be. You know, they’re usually run around 3% to list a home, and if you list a home with us, you know we’re going to charge 895. It doesn’t matter if you have that half million dollar home or if you have don’t hundred thousand or home it’s going to cost you a 95 we’re going to be able to. You know list your home to the matter for video and it’s going to be i, think I think you’re really going to love what you see. Cardinals corner corner. Real Estate Owasso That’s kind of weird I’ve, never heard of cardinal corner. Unless you were in unless you’re in collinsville, that’s another place of greater tulsa association of realtors mls stand extends to. It is collinsville where they’re at the home of the cardinals. They are the dirty red birds. I tell you, you know, i, don’t know! If anyone there in collinsville it’s going to use us to save money on their homes, but I can guarantee you that we’re going to someone’s going to use us there, and especially for 894 bucks, real simple:you can pay it out of her 6 month. It’s, not a problem! I mean it really makes it easy. Real Estate Owasso If you want a hundred fifty bucks a month. We’re super excited to be able to offer this to you. I’m at your home of the 80% savings on your listing, commission, which isn’t saying I mean it’s crazy. You know you could save that kind of money, but, like i, said, if it’s something that you think you’d be interested in, if you haven’t been there in a while, so or even if you’re looking to buy a home there in a while, so we have all kinds of agents that I would love to introduce you to love, to put you with and see how they could help you out. I certainly believe you’re going to see the value and using probably bouncing, if you use one of the property bounce agents to buy you a home, then you’re going to get that for free you’re not going to have to pay for that listing. Commission, it’s going to be zero.. I’m sorry to buy in commission is going to be $0. So, like I said, you might as well take advantage of all the tools that we have to offer and our knowledge and see. If we can’t find you that home would be glad to save you, some money on your house in owasso and not even in wausau, we love to save you. Some money on your home in tulsa or maybe home in broken, arrow or bixby I mean I’m, not sure where you want to go or how you want to look at this, but we are certainly going to be on the forefront of making this work.

I mean to be able to save this kind of money is just you know, it is really a cool thing. I mean it’s something that I don’t believe. Real Estate Owasso You know anyone’s done it quite like this before I can assure you no one’s my property bounce of doing it, I mean you got a full service listing at you know, for 895 I mean it’s going to be crazy. How much you have there and what you can get going. I’m super ecstatic about where we’re going with this about how this thing is going to happen in you know, I want to be I want to be on the on the up-and-up with you and tell you that you know. There’s really no care, if you don’t, if you don’t want to listen anymore let it go when I can hold you in. You know it’s gets his pretty simple. So if you want to save money there in a while, so if you’d like to buy a home or maybe you’d like to buy some grass, you know or vacant land, you know when, when I say grass in vacant land, you know-and you know we can save you money on that I mean it would be crazy not to give us a shot. Anything like I said if you’re, if we’re going to represent you for something that you’re buying when I’m going to charge you again I’m, so it can be super cheap for you and I certainly going to allow you to save a lot of money and two to come out on the on the front end of things. So if you happen to be around tonight, and did you want to sell your home in a while? So just give us a call, it’s 1833, p, bounce and we’ll get you set up. We’ll get an agent out there to see you and you know comparative market analysis. I can see. That’s free we’re going to do the matterport video on the whole interior of the house, which is just something that you know and I think is a really really nice thing. I think you’ll be able to do that and at the price point that we are, you know it’s going to be hard. I know you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anyone out there. That’s going to be able to do it any better than that and to be able to help you anymore I mean here probably bounce, we’re ready to ready to kick some butt and we’re ready to sell your home and, like i, said it’s, it’s going to be easy. You know saving at 3%. Real Estate Owasso

It used to be $895 so arab. It is that you that you want to get things done. You want to make things happen if you just reach out to, if you can call, if you can email us, you can click appear on the top right link and let us know what’s going on. Let us know how we can do it, and you know one of the things is i. Do talk a little too much, Real Estate Owasso but you know that’s good for these sitemap plans, cuz we’re going to be able to put these podcast down and riding put them out there and hopefully get some exposure for you to not be able to. If you looking for real estate agent there in owasso, especially the wausau area I mean to be able to save you lots of money. You know I’m driving off of 11th right now, headed up to the. Why store there in oklahoma on super excited to be able to spend some time up there and to be able to make some things happen? Real Estate Owasso We’ve been going to wine store since june of 2016. So far, 2nd year anniversary and I’m very excited about being able to to make that happen and I say make it happen. I mean to be able to head up there and you know see some things. Maybe I’m selling some chicken cook some chicken. We got a nice pressure cooker came from broaster grocers foods and those guys manager great job i. Don’t know if you understand how that works, but they’re broasters food, that a real neat deal at bruster’s foods. Where are you at this particular deal? The way it works? Is you you you pressure cook it so it actually doesn’t. You know it is kind of seals the outside. It feels those juices in and then I’m telling you that chicken specially when it comes fresh out of that pressure cooker is hard to be I mean a super amazing. Real Estate Owasso It’s so super good, so I’m ecstatic and excited and ready to go to be there for you at the y, so come out and see us if you’re in jay, if you’re in owasso, you know come out and see, you know, give us a call, we’d love to come. Look at your home. We love to save you some money on. It would love to see if we can’t find you at home. So if you’re looking in owosso or you’ve been the wall, so you want to say all you want to bother you reach out to her. She never know what you’re going to get with most of your agents out there, but I can guarantee you with property bounce you’re, going to definitely see the advantage to the took you know to to putting equity in your pocket. I mean there’s really no reason that I could see for a person to have to pay all that money. When you’re talking about you’re. Talking about the listing commission 3% of 800000 $3,894, please, if you’re interested in there any like to I make this thing happen, we’re really reimagining and reinventing the way we see real estate work and we want to be able to be there for you.

Real Estate Owasso We want to be on the forefront of whatever. That is that you might need to, and you might beat that you might need like I said if you need some real estate in wausau and if you need to sell some real estate in one so we’re definitely your team to reach out to your property about so, like i, said they’re in the right corner. Give us a call to shoot us an email would be glad to take a look at your owosso home Real Estate Owasso