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Real Estate Owasso 25-25-25 25, you know when I say 25 I certainly don’t need my age. You have an extra nurse I hope I can get that 40 of these podcast soon to be transformed into sitemap pages by the time I’m 40 man yeah, that’s a ways off so I can guarantee him to make that happen. But 25 is the number of these I put together and you don’t have to promise to get it. I would down the wires 9:39 on thursday. We can hit have a meeting here in 20 minutes with two greatest guys. I’ve ever got an opportunity to meet so need to meet guys that have energy inhave faith in sales, but you can tell that they they exude like they’re there their faith in their spirit. You know two other mankind is going to be involved in a few minutes. I’m super excited to go in there and too and to not let them down. So let’s talk more enough about indian paul, you know they don’t I can’t wait to talk to talk as much as me, but back to the real estate is everywhere. You know we’re not just listed in Real Estate Owasso area, where listing everywhere soit’s been out. There might be something that we could possibly help you without. You know I’d encourage you to reach out with two us in and see if we can help you find that homer or sell your home if you’re there in a while so like i, said you’re not in owosso would be would be glad to know if you’re not. That would be glad to look at a house anywhere. You know anywhere you’d, like you know, so you just tell me you tell me like what what works for you know what what tickles your feather once you have, your hat, you know I’ll, be glad to be glad to look in any city in the state or you know, quite frankly you what I had in the last access I’ll be glad to put the tv agents on you. You know, and they are on you like when I can’t really say that saying cuz it wouldn’t work, love my father, saying you’re, so great I got a phone call got interrupted, listen, no! No I’m! Just get too excited talk about real estate. Real Estate Owasso What we going to do for the people in owasso, heck I’m, going to do the quiktrip right, now,, the gasket of sodium in there, some of the best soda, in my opinion, that you’re ever going to find. That is a quick trip. You know what is there.:the, quiktrip I think it’s just their passion. What do I like the most wanted to make you feel good. Make. You feel good, too passionate about their job and they train that I think it’s something that I want to make. We have in property bounce passion. My passion is what keeps people going? Passion excites people, so sometimes you may not have the best product. You may not have the best price. You have people’s attention. What more do you need? That’s then, it’s time to close the deal so closing the deal. Let’s talk about that house property bouncing to help you close a deal while tell you other than help you poke close the deal numerous ways. One thing is helping to facilitate the transaction. I know I keep saying facilitated. What do you mean by? That is? Stop being the ringleader been in berkeley charge, purchase possible taking all of the actinides mortgage companies that should have been there, so many different people and players that come into play when everything is real estate? Sometimes you need them all. Helping facilitate the transaction would be because you know being an industry in detail about myself. I’ve had my I have my insurance license in real estate? Broker’s license have done, appraiser license, appraiser I’ve been in the mortgage industry, so I kind of had my hand and all the hats, and so what that’s allowed me to do? Is it allowed me to see the guys are doing great? The guys are doing good and the guys that are just there for a paycheck, and so what I try to do to help facilitate this stuff is not find. Real Estate Owasso Those guys are looking for. Paycheck not find. Those guys are good on. Those guys are great, find those guys that want that are passionate about their industry, as we are about our so my thing is:if we can find we can put together. That’s where the concept, the proper amount I hate, to give away. The secret sauce, but I guess there’s more to this-is one of the ingredients to the secret sauce that makes it proper nouns is that one is passion. That’s it that’s an ingredient. Another ingredient that helps make up property bounce is like-minded people and there’s like minded people that we work with, are the great people that are not the good they’re not to pay checkers, there’s a great people. So those are the people that we want to link with when you have great people that your link with that’s how it helps to facilitate the transaction, make a quicker transaction because they’re passionate about it and they’re on top of it and you’re going to find her I found when looking for real estate in the owasso area, that you don’t always have those people that are passionate about it. So what we tried to do here at property is fine about passionate people in each industry. That’s connected to the real estate industry work with those people in those people. Slowly and once you work with those people in those people so leaving together, then that’s what allows you to get that momentum going to get that hyper-focus, and you know when you have that that drive at determination behind it, and then there goes your secret sauce, it’s all of those components and everyone,.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso You know what you do if you’re passionate about real estate I’m certain you’d be talking with me right now. So my thing is:we allow you to stay hyper, focused on what you do and we will have to focus on what needs to be done for you when it comes to buying that home or selling at home there in owasso we’re going to focus on that. That allows you to be hyper, focused and do whatever you want to do we’re going to stay Real Estate Owasso over here and concentrate on selling your home in owosso at a flat fee, all kinds of money. So in a nutshell, not necessarily nutshell, I’m, rambling! All over the place here, which I was told. This finds that’s kind of what I’m doing I just keep talking, but using property. Bounce dell facilitate your transaction. Is a no-brainer we have the passion we have the driveway of the great people on the team that people that aren’t on our team and what I mean by that is:aren’t considered a p p agent, real estate agent they’re still on our team, but there’s people outside of it at the mortgage companies in at the insurance companies in it that you don’t want you to think that we’re telling you can only use one or just trying to explain to you and show you that if you use people are passionate, you use people that that understand what’s needed and that go that little bit of extra mile to put that effort in that that we’re going to get you close quicker we’re going to get that house, for you were going to get a Real Estate Owasso better deal for you and that’s the truth. What we’re looking for right so I think is, is stress this when you’re selling that home in a while. So it’s another thing to go back to what part of the secret sauce is integrity, trust! That’s what makes us up what what are we? Who are we? Who are you? How do you do this, and it’s funny I tell him to look at that when I said that’s how we do it I want a special they want me to tell him a special sauce. You want me to tell him a secret, and so you know there is no secret. Real Estate Owasso The secret is you, wake up everyday and you work hard and you run and you run and you run and you run i, don’t care if you give me a butter knife in a brick wall. If that’s my purpose in life and that’s what I focus on am I focus on is to get through that wall, then I’m going to need a new., because I’m, going to wear that thing out where I’m going to get through that wall. So please and I guess that’s what I’m trying to say is if you wake up in the morning and you strive to be the best. So please, if you’ve got that home, you have that house there in owasso reach out to one of our agents, one of our brokers, glad to hook you up to help. You find what you want to be. Fine, where you want to be in your home, what is your dream home? Where is your dream home i? Don’t know a lot of people, don’t know it’s funny, I ask these people what you want. Sometimes people don’t even know what they want and that’s what we’re here to help you with. We have all kinds of people that can figure out what your needs are needed to be able to find you if you’re in not only the owasso area, if you’re in oklahoma, please reach out to us how we can help we’re here for you we want to be here, for you guys were here to help you were here 24/7, please go straight to the email I want to set up and want to make sure that you, as klein property downtown, is taken care of. We want to get you into that. Almost get you out of that home quickly while being efficient and save you money that money that you work so hard to have. Please don’t give it away I’m begging, you I’m, begging you to stop doing it, stop doing it. You don’t believe me. Try me if my service isn’t what I said it is and I don’t give you what I said I’ll give you is on that short-lived. You can have the money by if I’m not doing my job I don’t deserve to sell your home in owasso. To please give us a call, reach out and grab that phone and save some money today┬áReal Estate Owasso