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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, our topic today is, of course, owosso real estate ny to purchase your wall so or lister owasso real estate with property bounce. He went through so many different amazing options. Yesterday regarding owasso topics range from owasso schools, mainly high school. Restaurants. I was a big topic, I’m not hungry this morning. So maybe we can talk about coffee shops. I bet they have a lot of coffee shops actually is I know they do, which probably consist of amazing amazing, coffee, toast, i, hope I like toast, with jelly other baked goods such as croissants eclairs, pastries donuts. These are all the things that owasso coffee shop should have, and I bet they do have also another thing:the other topic is jim’s. What’s it does have quite a few gems? Real Estate Owasso

They have crossfit gyms. They have a lot of crossfit gyms, who doesn’t have a lot of crows, quick gems right now, and they have other genesis well, which you should start your morning off with a bang at the gym for sure make you feel great i, however, am not starting my day off that way. I’m just now getting ready, we get the kids ready, we’re going to go to school, then I’m, going to thrive headquarters for my weekly meeting with call mother and, of course, ninjago. My partner, which I greatly look forward to cuz. It is pure entertainment filled with much knowledge. We cover many bases we get it done and we’ll make it happen today. I’m not sure what we talked about, but I know we will be talking about her stories that were supposed to be getting done. Recording such I’m doing now. I still have one more to do after this, but hey all about owosso real estate. What else about owasso? Do we need to talk about? The highway? Has a great highway. 169 goes straight through the middle of it. Take many different exits to access. Whatever point you need to get to in owasso, wherever you desire, you can go and wants it, but can get off. 169 go east or west that travels north to south 169 does heavily patrolled by ohp, which is great, and it’s a safe actually under a little bit of construction, which is fine. It’s it’s going to be done soon, but owasso is very accessible from the north for northern oklahoma and southern oklahoma through 169 or by 169. Just very nice. Real Estate Owasso

It’s well-paved the monitor, didn’t swell care for I think it might have a few potholes like the rest of the roads in oklahoma, but not too bad i. Think the speed limit is around 65 to 70, which is it good I like that limit I usually cross that love it. But it’s okay and you have a lot of kids. You have to get from point a to point b, pretty quickly. Having meltdowns, and they saves your day if you can do that so I’m also having 169 can save my day if I ever chose to live in owasso by my farm in a while, so I feel like it’s going to happen one day, I think we should talk about what type of coffee would you like to drink in the morning if we were in owasso, I prefer dark roast with flavored creamer. If I have a favorite, flavored, creamer i, don’t need sugar, but I’m going through try to coffee place and they make it for you. Well I request three sugars in my coffee and light on the cream. I usually get the medium size, but i, also like the flat white at starbucks. It’s not too sweet and as light on the creamer, I really I really really like it. I wonder what everybody else drinks, what kind of coffee they like. Real Estate Owasso

My daughter, my seven-year-old, really enjoys drinking pumpkin spice lattes, but she doesn’t get them very often because she’s seven and they don’t sell them you’re around i, wonder if they do in owasso good question. Probably not they don’t do in tulsa if they don’t do it in fort, worth or dallas area. People in owasso would be okay with that they would have other other options for the coffee. Besides the pumpkin spice latte during the offseason signs, if brewing pumpkin, spice lattes I’m, currently doing my makeup, I wonder if my makeup will be easier put on and also probably not but I just like to think it would flash feel like life in owasso is much more simple than it is in this hustle-bustle city at tulsa. Owasso is awesome and laid-back. Yes, it is, and these recordings are so annoying, but I have to get the job done. People I have to get the job done worth it for indian, paul and clay I’m going to get it done. Just bear with me wonder if you in awhile, so where a good place to get your makeup or if you could get your makeup done, I wonder i, don’t think they have them back. That’s where I like to it would make up my makeup done, but I’m not sure if they haven’t macan in owasso, but I bet. If you’re to buy a farm in owasso, you could probably afford to open your own mac store. Just an idea. Thank farming and mac makeup go hand-in-hand, not sure, really how but I just really feel like I do what does farmers i? Don’t usually wear makeup, but maybe their daughters do? Maybe their wives do i, don’t know, but I’ll also should have a mac makeup, then I would be sold I’d look into it. Pallaso is a beautiful, thriving metropolis, amazing things, including their people, are extremely nice babe they love living in owasso. Just like I would love to live there. How did the animals love it there too, I wonder what the rarest type of animal they have in wausau is, besides their mascot i, can’t even remember the name of it. Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso The book wand, something ram. No, it’s not a ram. It wasn’t called that it was something different. It’s quite odd, named mascot, which makes owosso even more appealing to me I like different things. So if you fall I hope you have a great day. I hope you think about owasso real estate. Hope you use property valves. I, hope you think about us, because one day you’re going to use us have a amazing thursday morning noon afternoon and evening. I hope it’s fabulous good day