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Real Estate Owasso I was taking my daughter to school. Today we were driving down the road and she mentioned to me. She said:how do you spell real estate? That’s well, you know you listed in the multi listing service and they put it out there on the internet and then other agents can go search and they can find properties, and then they show your property sometimes and if they would most people show your properties, the other agents. Then they think it’s someone, that’s interested. Real Estate Owasso They send over an offer. We barter back and forth with that, the seller and the buyer, and we try to sometimes we market, you know, and sometimes we sell the property ourselves that we’ve listed. There was this house this piece of real estate there in owasso that I sold I would have been quite some time ago, but that we sold by marking and marketing it ourselves. We do email blast and we do all kinds of different mail outs and open houses and market to people that are market arrest in the need for a home there in owosso or around owosso. It could be on the tall skinny side be on the rogers county side. It really doesn’t matter the one thing that I told her was you know we are saving people there in owasso, thousands of dollars on real estate transactions. After looking for an agent I explained to her that they could just use property property balance is a listing service service, real estate company that offers a flat fee for listing real estate. They do pay a commission out to the selling realtor, which is blue, a description of side porch, but the main thing is:is you get to decide? You know how much is paid out on that side. If you want to pay $2, if you want to pay three out sometime the thing in the beauty of working with property masses maybe want to sell your home quick. You can pay that so what I masking agents to do a chance to look at it is open your eyes and see how we can do what we did this. We took the area of owasso when we took the real estate there in owasso, and we kind of examined it to see what the price range was, and we realize that you have that extra percent. That’s really some incentive, just another people, so they love showing property down, sounds because it pays more. So I thought that was a great idea. She thought it was a great idea, so I’m going to reach out to a few developers, I know they’re in the owasso area that develop real estate to put homes on houses on usually residential there. Some commercial done up there, but it’s mostly residential. We have vacant land. Real Estate Owasso There is well, but if you’re looking for an agent, don’t go to the phone book and you’ll save a lot of money, does it cost you a dime to? Let us try to find you some real estate there in a while, so we can look there in verdigris. You know there’s a lot of golf courses around there. Great the schools are great there in a while. So I have a lot of good school districts there and you know a lot of good produce there in a while. So then, horses than cows I mean there’s all kinds of stuff bricks by brick fences.¬† Real Estate Owasso They got brick fences there in a while, so it’s pretty cool I mean, but most of the neighborhood also have you know. What’s the neighborhoods are skews me? The neighborhoods are spread out some of them. Some of them were borrowed and blue, neither here nor there. If you want to sell something-and you want to save some money, we can save you money on your real estate transaction. There I will also, if you have any telephone poles that are not down. You know, you probably want to call the public service company of oklahoma and not property bounce, but you don’t need to hear that there is something that you could consider using property bounce:how to sell your real estate, investment properties, distressed properties. We sell properties that are in short sale. Those are tougher to deal with the short sale properties they certainly are. We still done last offer all of that to our customers. There in owasso, so if you’re, looking for real, estate, looking to buy sale, rent or lease a home in the owasso area, I would ask you to reach out to property mounts and not necessarily your traditional realtor, but your property bounce realtor when I needed a new roof. It was neat that my agent had somebody that they trusted a defender. They trusted didn’t know whether I needed something painted with her, regardless of what I needed it was. It was need to see them have or nice to have them nice to know that they have that book of information over there that just at their disposal. So if you’re needing to get some paint done on your house in a while, so they call the agents over a property bounce, it be glad to help you go to the shoe, carnival or something i. Don’t know maybe kohl’s that go anywhere, but you know property bounce, but if you’re looking for real estate or looking for a real estate agent, maybe even looking for a realtor I would reach out to the property bounce those guys over there and their stuff together. In the thing, is it’s going to save you $305? It’s just unbelievable when you think about how much goes into that and how much and how long it takes you to develop this, to not develop those, probably the wrong choice of words, but to build that equity in your home. I mean you’ve worked at this for years, and maybe you the smartest guy out there and you bought the best deal.¬†Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso You can ever get dadgummit that your equity, that’s, not the person’s equity. That just happened to pass the test. Save your equity! Save your money, save your time by using property, rentals the sure-fire way to be connected throughout the state throughout the pulse mls, whether you were in owasso, whether you’re in south tulsa, whether you’re in jenks, whether you’re in broken arrow. It really doesn’t matter if you reach out to a property bounce agent they’re going to be able to find you some property to be able to help. You find that property that might have thought was out of your range well, it may not be out of your veins if you used to have so much more to what I say is:don’t leave that equity back at don’t leave that equity at the title office in your real estate agents, and if you want to pay turnpike tolls, i, don’t know if I was selling my home in the morning, so I certainly know I wouldn’t use a traditional realtor in the bank. First, you can go to ibc, bank i, don’t know you could deposit it. There shoot you could buy a new dog. You know that bills. That’s another thing! We need to talk about that bills. Are so hot I’ll tell you what a crack chuck scratch that part but chiropractic! That’s another great thing:there’s a lot of good chiropractors in owasso and a lot of good homeowners at the chiropractor’s I’ve dealt with a few of those and they sure like saving money. They understand what it means to save money on real estate, especially when it’s theirs and I hate to use the word, save I’d, guess I’d rather use the word. Keep you know on your house equity or your home equity I mean why not keep that money. There’s really no reason to give it away. I mean there’s a guy that lives and that guy you think he wants to give you he doesn’t. He would rather chop down a tree then give away 3% of his equity I mean when you can pay 895 for something instead of 3% I mean goodness gracious I mean you have the $30,000 home, and it’s going to cost you more to list it with the listing, realtor and i. Wonder if I mean how much harder are you really going to work to sell my $200,000 and then you are going to sell my $300,000 home? That’s what I thought probably not much harder. So why should I have to give you an extra $3,000 to sell my home in owasso? Guess what I’m, just not going to I’m going to make the smart choice make the right move and move save money? A mile in the Real Estate Owasso area