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Real Estate Owasso I’m driving through owasso I saw there was a neighborhood named brookfield crossing, it’s on 116th, street and north. I wondered it’s right by hope, church or hope. Chapel I wondered if there was any real estate in that neighborhood as listed by property bounce. Surely there’s someone in that neighborhood that would want to save some money selling her owasso real estate for $895 on the listing side versus 3%. Then you go right down here:the first bank of owasso and get you alone. You would need as big of a loan, because you would be able to keep 3% of the equity from the sale of your home verses using another realtor. So then, you’re driving by discovery kids I’d look up here and see later so many houses for sale in the owasso area. I just love! It I wonder how long it’s going to take these people to figure out they can save so much money by using us is also the country estates right there off of garnett. That’s a great neighborhood during owasso that a lot of new roofs, whether it’s at home or house, you know we sell. It is also country estates to there in a while, so that a lot of real estate for sale, one of those trees, are very desirable. For those people in the backyard seems like a lot of it. We used to clean up, then you go, buy a shirley’s, beauty salon and then that’s right across in the seventh day adventist church. There’s a lot of churches here in a while. So if you’re a religious person there’s a lot of religion other places to practice, your religion is a lot of country estates here in owasso, there’s a, new, life assembly, like i, said:there’s a lot of churches to so here in owasso. If you’re, looking for real estate you’re looking to buy, sell rent, this property bounce there, so many different school districts that we could look and search the mls system for you and see what we might be able to find it got. The storage connection appears and great stores to silly where you can probably store your stuff. While you made that system efficient and really really need you don’t see that very often in the real estate industry, most of your traditional brokers, don’t have systems and processes in place that key everything organized. You got the bumper shop right here that guy looks like he could use some real estate. I hear stone age manufacturing are a lot of people here, not keller williams that wouldn’t be one chenoweth and cohen. That’s not another one either. Real Estate Owasso But what is that? Maybe, like a boat manufacturing place, I bet they could use some houses for some real estate, victory energy I’m sure they can take those heat exchangers, trader joe’s in on some real estate. Is that some real estate you wanted wanted to sell it? You know I would recommend to anyone. Use property mounts it’s going to save you as I said 3% traditional realtor by pay all those hides over and he’s you know, and it really doesn’t make sense to me. You know cuz i, think about it. It’s 895 what cost estimate listed in market and do the work, so we don’t want to not let people keep their equity I mean it’s not our equity. You know, and it really doesn’t cost me any more to list your home if it’s worth $1000000 and it doesn’t it’s worth a hundred thousand, so I think it is, is why should you pay me $30,000 to sell your home? You know it only three if it was $100,000 home. You know that, for instance, would be you know if you were using a traditional realtor. Obviously, if you’re using property bounce to sell your owasso home or your owasso house, you would be you know way ahead of the game by saving a minimum. You know your percent + 895 p. Of course, I’m going to be some big savings on lease homes and houses here in a while. So I’m super excited to be able to bring this to you also and show them how easy it is to use us we’re striving by prairie lane farm, there’s a lot of houses across the road there. Real Estate Owasso They have some vacant land. Definitely some land available. That’s another thing we can tell is vacant lander, you know we sell land, it’s occupied with houses, land with houses that need to be torn down. I’m, really anything here in owasso area, we’re going to offer it for sale. If it’s a piece of real estate needs to go on, mls would love to be able to list that, for you, I said it’s only $895 to use it our system to listen. Our system and 3% talk about a little bit of developing developments in new construction. We were builders all over and i. Like I said we don’t charge a fee. If you want us to help, you buy a piece of real estate, never lost a safety story that would be another cool, really cool place or placing utilized it tore some of your stuff, while you’re moving house is, if you needed it or we are downsizing, maybe or for any reason I just might be a storage you want to use or the jehovah witness hall the kingdom hall right down the road here in the neighborhood, so many white cars there’s a police officer property bouncing fireman sure they would that we’re trying to longview on 116th, street, north and I see a lot of houses here for sale right here by the railroad tracks, no telling what they can save. You know the values of some of these homes here in owasso, especially watching sports bar system. Up here in oklahoma for the owasso area and, like i, said we work for we go to tulsa glenpool sand, springs, verdigris, claremore guy to south tulsa jenks bixby.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso Can you name it tumbling looking to maybe get on there after you sell your real estate and wants to know if you’re looking to maybe get on some professional cheerleading team, you you can go there and pee or aaa insurance is another, then do that we use reach out to try to try to get quotes on her stuff, adelfo guns. That’s a good mexican restaurant here in owosso, right off of garnett road. So silly things like. Why would a person want to leave a while, so my thoughts would be that you know they’re just maybe want to sell to get something else like to be able to show you know is how much easier we can make it. You know how would you like to have an extra 5 6 grand for your down payment if an extra $6,605 you can have to put down on your new owosso? That just seems crazy. Real Estate Owasso Why wouldn’t I would go a long ways at the dollar general store? You know the jack of clubs. That’s! It looks like a nice place there in owosso to go to that is kind of smokey in there. I. Don’t think I’ll be going in there there’s a mobile home, but you know, could be sold as vacant land to be moved, be developed here in a while. So I wonder if they’d like to sell that if you’re looking for you have home and agent, you need an agent in owasso searching for an asian owasso I would save tri property bounce. We have agents and realtors are agents, are realtors all over the owosso area offering owasso real estate for sale and, like I said we will help you rent or lease your property. Looking for investment homes, we also offer investment homes. We have a lot of investment homes available out there in the mls system that we can show you what I mean like I said using the property bounce real estate agent, you’re not going to have to pay any fees are going to help me find that for next time for nothing, you know I’m going to make that seller pay the fee. So if you’re fired you looking for buyers agent, you looking for a seller’s agent, whichever way it probably bounce. So we don’t care we’re here for you. We want to see what we can do for you and do everything we can for you to make things work to get things going along and I do mean a lot easier for you. It looks like there’s one coming soon nice home for sale, wonder why they didn’t try property mount signature. Saving about $3,000 sometimes makes a difference between letting a home close and not┬áReal Estate Owasso