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Going to be here working on number 54 crazy, this is going to have to be continued. I’m, not sure I can keep up the stamina but I’d like to kind of set the bar where it needs to be said, and then I can work from there. This will be number 54, which means I’ve done not 29. Thus far, since thursday and I’m shooting for 40 I mean that that would be cool to get that number man I’m, not sure you know what having the kids over the Real Estate Owasso weekend and with having the kids tonight yesterday is. It was obviously a you know, it’s hard to find the time to do these, but I tell you I’m so excited about what we’re going to be able to do for the people there in owasso and the people that are real estate owners that you know I kind of forget about it. But it is you know you can get in the group. You know with with your kids in, and it is hard to find that time. That’s one of those things as I am you know my off time:hi honey, I work on my business, but I know that one thing I need to be better at. Is you know putting that away? And it’s just hard for me to put it away:cuz I’m, so passionate about it, I’m, so passionate about real estate, so passionate about transparency on their passionate about that were property bounce is going in and the amount of money we’re going to be able to save homeowners and home buyers there in owasso, and it’s going to be a great to be a great team to be a part of going to be. Obviously, Real Estate Owasso we’ve been here to help out with been here too, you know, save people money, we’re looking to you know we’re flat fee real estate listing service that offers full service when I say full service. That means from cradle-to-grave we’re not going to list it and then forget about you. You know we’re going to walk you all the way to the closing table and for any questions you might have real estate is complicated but selling it shouldn’t be and I think one of the things that we’re trying to do and what helps us is. Real Estate Owasso We really tried to educate our customers and and and we find that when I are clients and we find our clients that I really want to be educated, they want to understand, and they don’t understand what’s going on, they want to feel like they’re in the know, and then people would pick if your homeowner than obviously you know you’re a hard worker. You kind of understand where things are going and you know you can make you can make it work, so I’m super excited about where we might be able to bring this to and what would not be able to do for you I’m here at property bounce. It’s going to be it’s going to be a great deal.

You know I’m excited for dustin dustin dale is good friend of mine that just got a job there darvis, as a loan officer, Real Estate Owasso he’s going to be doing great, he’s going to be making a lot of money and I’m super excited for him. He get those loans close, and you know that’s another thing that we’re going to have no right there, for you is to be able to help these people be able to to show him what we’re looking for and I’m excited about, how the real estate market going to explode and what property and how property bouncing to be able to help facilitate that I’ll. Tell you why, because a lot of people out there when you’re selling it only means expensive, when you figure it. Real Estate Owasso Only the realtor fees, you have to pay it all. The other fees you have to title attorneys to the mortgage. Companies are origination fees or processing fees. There’s abstract search these exams directing zamination fees, I mean there’s all kinds of appraisal fees, all kinds of fees, tax service in floods or send you just the list goes on and on and on, and it really you know excites me:i got to be able to explain this to be able to kind of streamline this process. You know because the way it’s going to help is by any other 3% back to you, I mean:what more could you do if you sold that $200,000 that 6000 bucks? So you know why not use that I mean if you want to maybe want to spend it on some furniture. Real Estate Owasso You know who knows what, where it might lead or where we might be able to help facilitate these transactions. I mean you know, it’s 82 crazy. You know an idiot i, won’t, don’t want you to get discouraged or irritated because you know this isn’t this is a new concept I mean it’s not super new, but it certainly knew the way we’re doing it. For someone to be able to do the job better and be more contained, but yet charge you less money. You’re going to ask yourself:how can you do that? Well, it’s just because we streamline the process is because we we know how it is we’re set up for a completely different real estate company and we’re nothing like the traditional company. So if you’re looking at that home in owosso or do you have one for sale in owasso, then encourage you to reach out to call okie pallet, don’t call chuck’s reach out to property bounce and end in. Let us see what we can do for you to our sweet of tools, which includes guitar, which is gta, are also includes. The greater tulsa association of realtors were members. There were not members of the home builders association, but we will soon be and what will work with it? New construction builders we work with remodelers. Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso We work with all kinds of clients there in owasso an outside of owasso for that matter, so it doesn’t really matter where your home is. If it’s in oklahoma right now, we’re license to sale anywhere in oklahoma. So if it isn’t oklahoma, you know please reach out to us, tell us what we can do for you in an inmate in inlet, an interview with switch, see how we can help sell at home and put more money in your pocket. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you end up at the close table in a three more percent of your equity, you are the one that’s been paying and sometimes it. Real Estate Owasso They’re going to be here. Maybe there’s a job change, maybe it’s this or that change family status and yo nnnn. You bought that I’m thinking you’re going to be in it for years, and you need to sell it 6 months later. Obviously you know, and unless you just got a smoking deal which does happen a lot of times. I see that you know you haven’t had a lot of appreciation. So when the appreciation of your property it, if it’s going to self around the same time, you did you know when you going to take 6% off of that. So you know it’s not an insult to injury. You know someone told you this I’m, a 3%, xo latina they’re, going to turn around another 3 off every 6 months later, when they already have the info. Real Estate Owasso They already have the stuff. You know everything about it, you know and then it just it. It just hasn’t been fair and we’re bringing you know the fairness back to it and making sure that you keep as much of your equity as possible when we come to that 895, be because we believe that we can make it work and be in and have a nominal profit, which is where it should be. You know, i, don’t think people should be sitting back, getting rich off of other people’s, don’t really the american dream in his home ownership and it’s why we work so hard and stress ourselves out and just to just to make that payment.

Real Estate Owasso You know an individual that equity and you know it’s it’s it’s concerning you know when it when a guy asked, if you know it’s concerning you know when, when a guy’s got to pay, 3% versus the 895 just drive me insane. It’s have to pay that so please, like if your, if you haven’t been there in a while, so you like to sell it you like the list it. You know please reach out to us and see what we can do for you would be glad to to be on top of things, for you to make sure that we put it together in a package where you can see it to where you can realize what you’re getting and to know that truly know and understand that your property bounce, we’re here for you, we’re here for our clients, whether you’re looking to buy a home or sell a home in a while. So we want to be your realtor. We want to be your agent. We want to be your brokerage, so please reach out to us we’re only going to charge you that 895 bucks to sell your home you’re, getting a matterport video with that and all of the other sweets and services and tools that you would expect from a traditional agent agency, but here you’re guaranteed to get them. Real Estate Owasso You know if you’re on the bar side-and you want to buy a new home and guess what, when i, going to charge you a penny, you still get all these sweet services we’re going to show you all the time we are inclined. I, don’t want to discourage you as far as listing for us, because you know typically, you know they’re not interested in it, but that there have been times in the past, I mean if people and I can guarantee you. It’s only going to try to show in this. The first place, they’re going to look is to try to get that sold in. My thing is:is we want to look out for the clients? We hope you understand that may not like by putting the client first, it is going to help all of us grow and hear it proper to bounce.

Real Estate Owasso We are adamant about putting the client first making sure that they understand where they are making sure that they understand what it takes to sell a home, making sure that they understand how to help facilitate that transaction. If, if, if you got some dry rot there, that needs to be painted, or maybe you’ve got some, you know you could be a number and a host of different things and different services that you can have. But by not having that service, then more when I say it, you know:you’re, not selling your home in owosso or even buying a home to watch. It was never been easier and, as I’ve said before, like we were members of the greater tulsa association of realtors, so we we actually have you know we can sell you a home anywhere in the great state of oklahoma waiting to be a party to a transaction, and we want to help you get that real estate sold. We’re. Certainly here, for you were here to make things work for you. We are make things happen and see. If you’d like to be an agent for us, we can courage to reach out to us. We have a lot of listings and we need great agents that organized and ready to ready to make that sale and ready to make some money. If you represent your client well, he could come and that’s kind of the you know how we do things over here, as we know we’re going to make sure that we help get that home.

So you know whether you’re in owasso you’re, not in a while. So please give robert a basketball and reach out to her Real Estate Owasso