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I’m going to be completely honest with you, I didn’t even know:i can talk this long I’m starting to enjoy myself. So it is a lot about yourself when he started never live there in a while, so I’ve always resided here in south, tulsa I’m, not in jenks broken, arrow, bixby or any of that I’ve always been a fan of owasso. Real Estate Owasso My brother lives in wausau. He lives in rogers, county side. That’s super need! If you don’t know how that works, that you can live in the rogers county time in owasso address, go to owasso schools and you’re going to pay less taxes. Taxes are over there as they are in tulsa county. So if you want to look for, please give us a call. Let us know we don’t want you to miss out on what you could have, especially you know. Sometimes people just don’t know it’s not their fault at all. That beinga member of the tulsa mls has great great responsibility and has great and everything in the whole process works.

Well, that’s going on I’m going to have my maintenance guy specialist go around and we’re going to talk about what we think needs to be done to fix the home, and at that point, once you get that done, then you know it’s going to be nice once we get that done and you decide you know hey, we want to go with. You, don’t want to go with you and you pull that trigger. Then I’m going to holler at the matterport in the matterport going to come on in and it could take a lot of hours. You know you just never know. Sometimes I found some and I’ll just take more than time than others, but it’s the you know at this point is still going to cost to 89052 list that don’t cost you 3% when I’m going to change that based off of your home value, now it possibly on home size as far as the matter for video, if we’re going to be there for 10 hours.

Real Estate Owasso So you know, then, obviously that’s something that you know it’s going to take some time to do. But you know if you’re wondering what kind of service are going to get it for 1895. You just got a call and see and talk to some of our past clients. We have been there working for you for you know and then there to help you for some time like we. We certainly love what we are able to do for you and how we’ve been able to help you property bounce has been an amazing journey for all of us and we want you to help. We want you to be a part of this journey there in a while, so be a part of this journey. You know all over for that matter anywhere in the greater tulsa association of realtors. We can lift right now so broken arrow, it’s in wagoner, county, it’s and I believe it’s in wagon can I have to look at that, but I know if they go over in the rogers county. Definitely charles county, osage, county and possibly the score of the atlanta is known as in the geographic area of the mls for the tulsa, greater association, realtors multi listing service, and we are able to help you out. Real Estate Owasso If you got to campus there, maybe the tulsa tech, that’s a great place right up there. Some great new construction homes there in owosso, right by tulsa, tech and i, am super ecstatic and super stoked super pumped about what we’re going to be able to do there in a also I mean 3% of huge savings in the end, even on it gosh guys. Even on a you know, $100,000 home. Why would you not want to save 3% of me were talking about 2105 bucks I mean this thing has been done. It has been put together. Let it come put that sign in that key box in the yard on the front porch and let’s get that home sold I’m telling you if you are interested or you are looking to sell a home like we reach out to property bounce we’re going to be able to.

Real Estate Owasso You know show that on for you’re, going to be able list at home for you and the neat thing is, if you’re only going to pay that 3% you’re not going to pay that 895 to list it now, if we do sell your home or whoever sells your home, that brings that buyer’s agent just going to make that 3%, so we’re cutting 3% off the top in the listing side and charge me 895. So it’s big savings. It’s big big savings so too, and you’re thinking about selling your home reach out to us and see. If we can, you know would like to tell you you know what it’s worth I would like to help. You sell it and i. We want to be there for you. If you are interested in looking at a home or looking for a home, I need to wash. It was a great area to be in. Owosso is a great great great place to live and I’m really excited for what we have to offer and what we’re going to be able to do. You know we got a lot of homes listed. You know all over the place, so it’s not just to save you money, we’re going to be able to say people money in jenks people in glenpool people in south, tulsa, north, tulsa, brookside, you name it. We’ve got the savings right there for you, I’m, not a huge fan of some of the way things have been done in the real estate industry in the past, and that’s why we are working so hard to change it and to evolve it into something that something that we can be proud of, something that everybody can be proud of and then I encourage you if you’re an agent and you’re interested in working for someone like you are interested and where you would like to go and how you like to build this thing, and you know, let’s get her done. Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso Let’s get ready to go to shows at home ready to make it happen and to let us know when you want to go out and see it when you want to make things work, I’m telling you we can do that, we can do that, for you, we’ve got some cams. You look at some really neat things to do about being able to open up a home once we have the permission of those people for sellers and buyers, and it’s super cool. It really is how we’re going to be able to do it. So I encourage you to reach out to us and talk to us about it. We can get your home listed. It’s super fordable want to make sure that you understand that listing at home with us is going to be seamless. It’s going to be easy and you’re going to get great great great service in the proof’s in the pudding. If you would tell him when I say that you know how and it’s let you know, it’s really, it’s the internet, Real Estate Owasso it just you know everybody else. All the geniuses put the tools built the tools and made this work. I just happened to see it from left field. You know fine over it one day and you know where we’re going we’re going to help you out we’re getting like I said we’re putting all the suite of tools that the greater tulsa association of realtors has worked so hard to bring to us. We’re not put those together for you and we’re going to put those to work for you and we’re going to make that we can make it happen. We can help you were going to make real estate great again and I’m very excited about being able to make real estate great. You know, donald trump would love to hear about property down said he would love the savings than end in the equity that were putting back into the hands of the very people that have work their fingers to the bone to pay that mortgage so you’re, the one that’s work so hard to gain that equity and to make that equity and debt equity in your home. Why give it away why? You know you wouldn’t pay $20 for a full plate of fajitas? Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso If you could order the exact same fajitas for 699 I’m telling you there’s no one in their right mind, that’s going to do something like that. It’s just not going to happen. I’m very excited and super stoked to be able to come to you and talk to you about where we’re going with this, and why we’re going to be able to do I mean it’s $895, that’s a pretty simple, pretty simple deal and I think small price to pay how to make things work in, and so please reach out to us if you’re interested in real estate, if you’re interested in making things happen, please sit down with us and see where we can take you see what we can do for you and see how we can help you here at property bounce we have been working and reimagining and putting things together and gathering thoughts from professionals all around the world to help you sell that home so listing your home in owasso is never been easier. It’s never been more affordable and it’s never been done better. So why not? Try get probably about to try it like I said, if you don’t like it, you can take you back. You can take the cameras, you can take the matterport you get all of it. When I said you can take whatever you want with you. We are here to help you at property bounce. We want to make sure that we help facilitate the sale of your home in a timely manner and in a way that you can understand. Real estate is not that complicated. It’s just there’s a lot of things to know about it, and once you know that you know, if you have those question, you know we’re here:at property, bounce we’re going to have a broker on staff were going to have a broker waiting waiting for your call for any questions. You might have I’m telling you that, if you’re going to reach out to anyone, reach out to property, bounce see how we can help you see what we can do for you and you know, but it’s on your team working for you working to sell your home and working to put money in your pocket. I die. Can’t really find the answer that question:what to why? Not because you know really the answer. The question is:if you like money-and you want to save money, then why don’t you to sell your home in owasso Real Estate Owasso