Real Estate Owasso | Piping and Drape

It was out to your property bounce talking about owasso real estate, talking about tsunamis, going down the road talking about big electric poles, we’re talking about everything, we’re talking about concrete on bridges I mean concrete:ascendance got to go into a home if you think about it. I was driving to the other day and I was looking at this brand new Real Estate Owasso construction project there in owasso, and it was really neat to see how that development. You know how it transpires so to speak and how it takes place over time, and it’s really need any think about all. It is just fascinating to me when you think about all of the products and service products and services that go into building a home. I mean just you know, just a think of you know what you doing the concrete starting out on all the metal. The wood I mean when you go from that first time in a while. Real Estate Owasso So when I saw it, it’s like you, gotta dig the footing and then, as you dig the footing, you go along there and you got it. Real Estate Owasso You know you pour the footing. Is that point you gotta bring some chatting and you got to bring the plumbers in this is something that they really got to make sure you get the right spot. You know cuz if you get a plumbing spot off after you stop in for a spot in 03, once you put that concrete, it’s it’s it’s hard to move, I mean and it’s compromise compromise the integrity of the the piping and get a pass, because it’s a mistake that needs to be, you know, fix, but you know you can pass the inspections, but it’s just so important to the to get those right people and that’s why you know when you’re looking for a home in a while, so you know same thing with a real estate agent right person that has integrity. That has the experience you no experience is something that you need to have a season. 2 chainz realtor is something that you know:we’ve we’ve needed there in owasso, and you know for quite some time. I know:we’ve had him there, but when you deal with the 3% commission, that’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what we’re trying to do is save you. Some money I mean we streamline the process where we can charge you in 895 15 minutes and it’s based on the volume. It’s not based off of you know just sitting back and waiting for someone to sell the challenge you, you know what you’re looking for then owasso or you’re. Looking for a home, you know anywhere tulsa mls. You know how to reach out to someone they’re, probably bounce and see what we can find you. We have agents on the ground with no guarantee an agent there in you know in owosso at all times or can have them there no time. So you know if you’re looking for a home, looking for a house with your buying selling or renting property bounce agents can help you I mean how do we save you money going in where we don’t charge you a dime. If you want to buy home, we’re going to do all that work for you and let the seller pass. So we’re going to be on your side, we’re going to be helping to go.

Real Estate Owasso She ate your side of the transaction and not just no, not just you know looking to sell some. You know our listings cuz, you know you go to a traditional, a gentle. Tell you something and it’s just throw it out there you go to traditional agent and have a home listed in your price range if you happen to buy that they make 6%. So you come to me, i, just can’t this lady. That just came to me and say you know this works for the one trying to explain it’s. Okay and her fiance are looking for a home and they want to spend around 400,000. So if I were traditional agent and I sold them, one of my very own listings I would make the listing side + divine side so that point I would make 6% of that $400,000 commission, which is $24,000 if i, were to show them the property bounce house or not either. Another real estate agent has listed I would only make that traditionally it would only make $12,000. So my thing Is:i’m not saying that if you want to trust everybody or not, but if you’re looking at a $12,000 commission versus a $20,000 commission, it doesn’t matter. Real Estate Owasso If you sell a rebound some you still make 3%, you still make 3%. If you are out looking for ourselves, we’re out. Real Estate Owasso Looking for you like that is our job is to be an agent, a secret spy agent. So to speak, that protects you, people trying to steal your money from people trying to get your equity. We found your hiding underneath your home I’m, telling you that’s where it’s at and I can look at my dad he’s sold over 11 house and you think about all of those homes in all of the money that he could have saved. By doing that, are you kidding me? I mean he could have you not buying a home in a while, so he could have still say if you’re looking for a home or you’re looking to sell your home owosso, look no further than property bounce and let us come out either uses I will tell you the best service you’ve ever found her ever even know and you’re going to only pay $895 down the world. Is that not going to be advantageous for you? I just, don’t understand how a person doesn’t want to say that kind of money, especially on that home of that value, take a $500,000 to $15,000 which, judging from the way I’m dressed-and you know the furniture in my house i-could probably not a probably a lot of people that have more exquisite taste than me, but neither here nor there we can still.

Real Estate Owasso You can pay the 895 $24,000 commission. Let me give you another scenario:is $400,000 homeless shelter so has it listed for 6%, it’s $400,000, so fancy! That’s what if I told you you could I have more money in your pocket. What if I said you could have more money in your pocket, sell your house for less and sell your home quicker, pretty crazy about one client be listed with what a great real estate agent, great realtor, she’s, a traditional agent. Finally come out. Did a phenomenal job, listen to home dinner matterport for free! You don’t see that with traditional agent might be less, you would probably match they charge rate 95 fee. They didn’t matter. They did as usual. You know tip-top shape. You know, hundred percent on the listing and property baskets out their best player in nba live in the same neighborhood. Real Estate Owasso Both client client have a pool to have the same floor by crazy they’re on opposite sides of the neighborhood great loss. I mean these houses are almost identical. Where do you list it at 1 to 400? Do you going to list it 399? Well, no i! Don’t think you do i, think you’re going and you listed at 400 just like the other one and here’s one, because I want to see both of those homes if it’s 399 or 4:05 or 390 or 395 at 400. So I said I’m getting that price for now. What this does is it puts it in your pocket. It puts the negotiation table back on your side, so if I left mine at 400, I could listen to 399. But my thing is this:alyssa to 400 on my property. So, you got a client at the client. C comes around and they’re looking at homes and they want to be in this neighborhood.

Real Estate Owasso They want house with a pool and look at all. These houses in this person has narrowed down their owasso dream home decline, as our client b’s bring the fiance back to bring the fiance back. Beyonce says. Well, you know, I can’t tell any difference in the two honestly, which one can we get cheaper yeah. So what happens is client be currency? Excuse me makes an offer on both klein and klein be down. Here’s my thing say:client makes an offer to 385 clancy mesa 94385 incline way incline. If he’s home, if you counter back, you got the extra negotiation power. $9,000 say you counter back at 385 and you take it the other one countered back at 390. Real Estate Owasso The thing is:is a property bounce agent can tell him, don’t leave something off the table? If you got another home to look at, let me go back to him cuz. You know why you have more negotiation power. Is that real estate agent say there’s a full price offer for a 400. So it’s easier for me to do the math. The one that listed with the client he’s going to pay 24000 in commission find me is only going to pay 12895 c, you figured it out. Real Estate Owasso Client b’s got $11,004 to negotiate with in a slow market. It might be awhile before client see comes around so my listing of property bounce. It allows you to have more negotiation power. When it comes down to the table on your home in owasso, you can take a couple thousand dollars:less still walk away with more money. The client ever would have had and he still stuck there. Looking for another client, c