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So I got four more to go here today to get to 7 I’d sure like to get the 10 lb super need to be able to get the 10 and I could wake up thursday morning and get after it maybe get five or six more but before the meeting, but we’re going to head on over here right now, I’m right here by the cherokee casino, which they call the hard rock it’s right by the quiktrip here, I’m sitting next to milton, van lines I have exciting what Real Estate owasso rebel do I don’t know if you’ve heard that property balance is currently listing, homes in owasso, I’m, so doesn’t matter. If you got one for sale, if you want to buy one, if you’re in the real estate market I would encourage you to reach out to pronounce to see what we might be able to do for you, I mean it an 800, $95 flat fee.

We’re really going to be able to save you. You know boo kuz of money. We really are it’s! It’s not going to cost you anything to get it on there. In 30 days later you make $150 payment. So it’s not it’s not a big deal. Hopefully we can get that home sold for you before you even got to pay the 895 sowe got payment plan setup, Real Estate owasso or we can make that happen. You know right there on the website, so it doesn’t cost you a dime. So just come out there unless you know like i, said we’ll, let you pay that 895 out of the 6 months and then it was then goes forever. You know a lot of the places out there.

They only offer 6 months and they try to get you in this. Listen we’re here to sell your home or not here, to take your money. So please, you know reach out to us. If there’s something you think we might be able to do for you or something you’re. Looking for you know, Real Estate owasso I’d encourage you to to talk to property bounce. You know reach out to one of our agents and see what we could actually do for you and and how much we could save you like i, said it’s pretty easy to compute compute that and it’s just you know, 3% of your home equity. So 3% of your home equity equates to a lot of money. You know i, don’t knownow, you guys have been. You know how many of you that are going to read. This could have been that have sold homes in the past or maybe ben investors. You know, but you know we’re going to get there on trulia, for you were going to put it on zillow.Com we’re going to put it on mls, which you know you can also go to realtor.Com. So, if you’re going to get that exposure going to have to pay extra, for that, so I’ll be able to list for this amount of money is just unheard of. I mean we’re super excited and ecstatic about being able to make this work and we want to be there for you. We want to make things work. We want to it’ll, save you thousands upon thousands of dollars and, like i, said 3% of a home. You know it. Real Estate owasso You got to get down way low to get lesson 8, 95 and if it gets to that level of me, like i, said we’re going to charge you less, but you know it doesn’t matter. If you’re selling the $100,000 home for that $300,000 home, you don’t hear it probably bounce we’re still going to charge you hate 95. So it’s not going to cost you that much I mean $300,000 on with a traditionrealtors going to cost you 9050, that’s just not going to happen with property. Real Estate owasso Bounce I mean you’re, probably bounce we’ve been working. Our tails off looks like someone had a crash right there and slid off the road. Maybe who knows what they’re doing over there sure hope? They’re okay, but that look like to hurt when the major wreck in the car was still moving, so I’m I’m, I’m I’m excited to be able to bring this to you. Probably bounce. We are we’ve been in the business now, for you know, since 2016 I’ve been in the real estate industry for years and years and years, and this is the first time to give this a shot and see what we can do. It’s it’s pretty neat. When you look at it and realizehow much money, you’ve been giving away over the years. Staying at 3% listing commission I mean from 895 on a flat fee. It just saved you so much money, especially if you’re in a larger home, so I would recommend if you’re in that larger home and you’re there wanting to make things work wanted to make things happen. You know please reach out to his. Please see what you can do for us and save us. Some money, like i, said:if you can’t save yourself some money, if you haven’t been there in a while, so or you’d like to sell a home there in a while, so we can definitely help you out, but you in contact with our agents and save you some money, I’m telling you I’ll, probably agents are on and they will do your comparative market analysis still pull those comparables and they’re going to be able to give you a good idea of what your house is worth more. We think we should list it for and then from there we can figure out how much your savings going to be. Like I said it’s not like it’s, not your money, so I just say quit. Giving it away. I mean it’s your equity, you might as well keep it soif you’re looking to sell home you’re. Looking for someone to put your home on the multi listing service, I would say that property bounces the way to go, probably bouncing.

Certainly the way to go. Real Estate owasso You can definitely save some money. That’s pretty neat! That was a nice semis i. Just love same as you know, they’re they’re, cool semis, there’s a lot of semi drivers there in a lost a lot of same as it goes for a while. So and semis are just big. It’s it’s nuts I’m cruising out here on 412 talking about real estate talking about semis, and you know what you never see the old lady mud, flaps anymore. You know and I I think that’s a shame. You should really have the mud flaps out there to see everywhere. You might go and I I got hope at the end and through the end that we will have to be able to have some mud flaps and be able to make things work regardless, whether you know you have those mud, flaps i, get something. That’s legal and I didn’t know you’re supposed to have in order to pass inspection on a semi truck. So if you are interested in selling your real estate, switching gears from the semiif you’re interested in selling real estate, especially in the owosso area, i, would challenge you or I would encourage you to reach out to properly balance. I, don’t know if you’ve heard about us or what we’re doing, but we chat. We are flat fee listing service that only charges $895 versus the traditional realtor commission of 3%. Real Estate owasso So if you want to save some money, save a lots of money-i mean why not reach out to property bounce and see what we can do for you will you know we got that 895 flaaffy. You know no commission for that listing side and it’s going to be able to save you, some money so take whatever your home is x that 3% take out. 895 of that and that’ll be what your savings are. So that equates to a lot of money there in owasso the average home in tulsa, we’re going to figure out what they would say. I believe the average sales price is around $175,000 I’m, not sure so I would encourage you if you’re interested in selling homes reach out to his pillows and whenever you’re home, and we can get a good idea of what we think you’re home and drink. So you know saving some money is going to be great.

You know for you not only for you, but for everybody I mean think of what you could do with 3% I mean you can buy so many different things. You could die, it’s just crazy, how much it equals and what you could do with that kind of money. I mean $895 is an affordable price to my opinion, and it’s definitely a great price for what you’re getting I mean you’re, not going to get that type of service and need of this type of service and all of the tools that probably bouncing an offer for 895 anywhere I mean it’s going to be a lot less than that and I’m talking I’m sorry to be a lot more than that and I’m talking way way more special, and that is i. Real Estate owasso Want you to know you don’t have to pay taxes in your account. So how much does it take honestly I’ve you pay taxes after you pay insurance after you paid all of this. How much does it take to put 8000? How much do you have to make to put a grand in your bank? Account I mean you know when you figure state federal taxes, I mean yeah, i, think you’ll be lucky. If you can 60% of your money call grand 13, grand, 14 grand, maybe I have to do the numbers and keep $8,000 to keep a thousand, but put a thousand in your account. I’m telling you, if you’re interested in making this work, Real Estate owasso if you’re interested in selling your home in owosso or maybe you’re, going to buy a home in a while, so I would I would challenge you to reach out to us and see what we could do for you.

We’re at work, no pressure sales team-if, if you want our services in a week-but you know like i, said sit, let it sit down interviews and see what we can do for your owasso home. If you have some maintenance issues, things like that, we got people on staff that have been remodeling and home improvement stuff for years, and those guys you know, they’re great they really are and I would like to. I would definitely like to to show you how that works, and you know how we’re going to be able to make it happen if it were definitely be able to save you, some money on your owasso real estate and then not only that you know, like i, said, if you’re looking for a realtor in a while, so are you looking for a real estate agent, either way call property bats were both of those and we do work in the owasso area. So saving money is really never been easier. Real Estate owasso It’s something that I want you to understand. We hopefully will always be able to I hope it will always be able to say people, thousands of dollars and i, don’t i, don’t know why we wouldn’t be able to. Let me will always be able to say to them that much money over the traditional realtor. So so, if you have a home in owasso and you’d like to sell it, please reach out to us and ask a property bounce agent, how much money they can save you owasso is on fire. There’s a lot of new development going on in owasso, and you know like I said so when you want to buy a new home. Let us know we’d love to work with you. We love to bring that we love to help you negotiate contracts and kind of, let you know where you are and help you get me.

Equity I mean that’s. Real Estate owasso What we’re about is letting people people are providing people an opportunity to keep more of their equity. So please reach out to us i, encourage you to call property manager to see how we can help you. So your owasso home