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So I’m not driving home in this ice storm waiting for my truck to warm up. It looks like there we go yeah. We got this bitch coming through. I’m excited I’m excited about that probably bounce back to come back to youtube in a dare to sell some real estate and I just talked to some people today, they’re evercrest in south, tulsa, and actually our office is located in broken arrow. Currently talking about owasso next or just a great need up there forsport to sell real estate to be a real estate agent and two. You know for that matter. If you don’t be a flat fee, listing services saved thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m super excited too, be a part of this team to be able to bring all of these savings to the men and women of owasso that are currently homeowners. We have so many things to offer performing and, like I said just super pumped to be able to tell them what’s going on if you have to show them what’s happening and where we’re headed on this journey with property bounces is it’s an amazing thing? Real Estate Owasso

It’s amazing feat that we’re taking on here, but we’re here for the long haul we’re going to sell some homes where to make things happen or super excited for what was got in store for you. If you, if you’re looking to list at Real Estate Owasso home there in owosso or looking to list at home and anywhere in oklahoma for that matter up, it doesn’t have to be a while. So but it’s one of the areas that we’re concentrating on right now, but we actually list tulsa’s. We are actually members of the greater tulsa association of realtors, which expands all the way from san antonio to jinx on over into turley sperry sand springs midtown brookside, south, austin, north, tulsa, broken, arrow bixby, all the way you name it if it’s a if it’s, if he’s at home, that you’re trying to sell or buy happens to be in the greater tulsa association of realtors area. Real Estate Owasso You know we’re here we’re here, for you we’re here to help you out here to help you save in, and we certainly want to share and lindauer education in our experience in real estate industry to you to help you take the transaction and we’re super excited and confident and know that we are going to be able to save you. Doodles of dollar man lots of money on your home when I’ll be able to save you lots of money on selling your home, we’re going to be able to save you a lot of money. When you buy your own money, we don’t charge you a dime to buy your own. That’s not say the other agents. I just want you to know that I will never charged i. Want you to know that if you’re looking for real estate in owasso and you looking for something to come to hang on to something out to hang on to you know, you never know. You know where things might lead to or what’s going on, but I can assure you that, having a home we’re having a property in the tulsa area in oklahoma city area. Real Estate Owasso

In the bixby area, anywhere for that matter, Real Estate Owasso if you’re looking to sell a home-or you have at home that you’d like to get rid of them, telling property bounces the way it’s the light-and you know where the word week or excited or static, we will show you what’s going on and to be able to help you help. You sell your real estate and-and you know how good that home, so we’ll look at that home bought numerous vendors that we’ve been working with I’ll be glad to help you. You know with that and I’m making those guys get you hooked up with those guys and and and and they’re there, for you know for you as well they’re there to help help you get that great deal, help you save that money. Real Estate Owasso Equity is something you know that your zack. What do you something that you own I mean you’re, the one that’s been paying that principle you’re, the one that’s been if bought that home, that you know that fix that water, heater went bad, went bad, that you know fix the air conditioner when it goes bad, changing out the dishwasher, whatever it may be, when you own a home that you were home and that equity is your home and we’re not asking to take 3% of that equity just a list, your charging 895. So. Can you got a $300,000 home that you want to sell? You know you’re talking about a 3% listing fee. If you know it’s, $9,000 I mean what you’re going to pay the property bounces 895. Certainly a lot cheaper. Like I said we on a $300,000 home there in owosso or any city in the state. Real Estate Owasso For that matter, we would save you. What is that $8,105? So it’s it’s definitely amount that says it’s not worth forgetting it’s not worth the sneezing on and you know like I said you know. If it’s something we want to be able to save you guys money, we want to be able to be there for you and be your agent of choice. You know we have numerous agency or property bounce that are ready to go to work for you ready to make things happen and you were super excited to be. You know two people here in tulsa to be able to bring this to the people there in owasso and help cellular, owasso property I mean and acts like I said. I can’t stress enough if you got that owasso home you’re looking for you got, that was a rental property. You know if you’re an agent or you know an agent or you have agents that might want to work for probably bounce.

My washer listings, Real Estate Owasso you know, let us know you, please i, encourage you to reach out to one of our agents and see what they can do for you to see how they can help you. That’s not it not a problem at all. To ask that exact question. What can you do for me when i? Don’t let him tell you we’re going to give you complete listing process I’m telling you that goes all the way down to do in a pool matterport video on every single home that you list now how in the world are you going to do that? I mean I challenge you to find a real estate agent out there. That’s willing to give that matter. Port video, to give you the flyers contract negotiation to listed on mls push it out to trulia, put it on zillow.Com i! Believe homes.Com want to talk about that, a little bit more of it. So if you’re looking to sell a home, you really need to go no further than Real Estate Owasso probably about is really streamlined. It seamless! It’s super easy to get connected to all of the buyers out there I mean, like i, said we’re going to put you on zillow or trulia, we’re going to put you on realtor.Com places that pushes the listing out and it makes that listing available to every agent in the area. So it’s kind of crazy for you and that’s why we’re coming to you? That’s why I were trying to make this affordable. You know I mean one of the $50,000 for the sun to come up. You got you had a job change, you need to move and then turn around you’re going to have to 6 months. You got to turn around and pay the full 6% commission. Well, that’s where we’re going to save! You were only going to charge you that 895 or going to give you that full video we’re going to make sure that it’s put out there on trulia zillow realtor.Com, going to make sure it’s exposed to all of the buyers out there that are looking to buy home and we’re going to save you that 3% – 2 $3,605 that you would save over. You know that 3% listing commission that you would have paid on $150,000 home, so I’m super excited about where we’re going with this and what we’re going to be able to do and the advantages that come with listing a property with property bouncing, and you know we’re going to open up the books to you.

We want you to understand. We want you to know and want you to feel confident where you are and what you’re doing and selling your home. Real Estate Owasso We want you to know that we’re looking out for you. We want you to know that that things are going to be right, things are going to be looked over, we’ve got like i, said brokers on snap 24-7, ready to answer your calls ready answer your question so anything that you might be concerned about any questions you might have. We are here for you. If property bounce, we want to list your home there in a while. So we want to honestly we wanted list your home anywhere. Maybe we’re looking to save you. Thousands we’re looking to definitely be on the forefront of chopping up. Those commission rates in charging a flat fee, but not only as are we charging a flat fee, we’re going to charge that flat feet and give you full service and what I mean by full service is full contract support. Job listing on realtor.Com contract support negotiation support and you going to get that 3d matterport video I challenge, even if you’re paying 3% I mean imagine paying 895 versus 3% still getting that free video that that should be the answer to your question.