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Happy march, 7th 2018 welcome to another beautiful podcast about Real Estate Owasso and property bounce. What’s a real estate is the up-and-coming amazing place to live small town city with all the big town assets. I was actually in Real Estate Owasso last night for the owasso rams baseball game that I do believe they want. We left early because it was extremely windy and freezing cold, but we went and it was a good time. I watch some baseball in owasso, I just got finished, picking up our signs for the tulsa home and garden show, which begins tomorrow or super excited about that we were going to promote the lasso real estate, as well as the awesome property bounce, which is a flat rate listing company based out of tulsa oklahoma. We are happy to offer our services for an awesome flat rate of 895 to list your home to sell with all of the amazing benefits of having a traditional realtor plus, some, not everybody has offers flyers. Not everybody offers the matterport video, which gives you the virtual tour. Not everybody offers help with the at the closing. Not everybody helps you find a what’s. It called I need my list of things that we offer but I’m driving dodging traffic, going to pick up my children from school, but we offer everything plus some for a flat rate or happy to do that were able to do that. Our agents are awesome, they’re, eager to earn your business to help find the next house that you possibly want to purchase. For instance, if you list your home for $300,000 in wherever, but we’re talking about owasso oklahoma, you would save we charge $895. A traditional real estate agent would charge the 3% of the $300,000 till just list your home. Then you have to pay another, an additional 3% to the buyer’s agent, so you’re paying a total of 6% to sell your home you’re, paying that money to an agent to agent, possibly more than likely to agents. Unless you have a dual agency: how to sell your home so you’re losing all that home equity, you could be saving and putting it towards something that you need. So saving that say that would be you be saving over $8,000 just on the listing side. So it’s it’s a quite a significant benefit of using property balance flat rate listing company here in based out of tulsa oklahoma, who is serving Real Estate Owasso wheel of owasso. It’s awesome as a great school there campus is awesome, I really enjoyed seeing that yesterday you get more for your money with homes with land, the great builders they have. They have. You know old, builds that you can buy and redo or leave it, as is they have great new builds. You can buy land and design your own home find a great build and design your own home. Whatever you would please, you can do it’s a great city, it’s. It was rather windy. Yesterday, as it was until saves, also indian owasso. You should see my hair or even now, it’s still windy hook, a train wreck, but anyways owasso is growing and property balance is helping them grow. We I was able to see we went and ate at bricktown brewery. We also went and ate appetizers and had a few drinks at the garage smitty’s garage. That was great fun there, a lot of other restaurants. You can go and dine and experience with your family all around owosso there’s a lot of land that is surrounding owasso. That I believe this for sale so be easy to go in and with the right price make that buy, and how about you just need to let property bounce help you find that land help. You sell your home for flat rate I move on to your your next dream destination, whether that be tulsa, broken, arrow, owasso, jenks, bigsby, sapulpa, claremore, i. Don’t think anybody wants to really, but whatever it’s out there, owasso is growing. It’s a great city. You should go check it out. I! Think your family would like it. Many opportunities. Businesses are moving out there. There are a lot of industrial companies that are between tulsa and owasso. You could get a job there and transfer you know and I go between and then you’re not having to come all the way into tulsa for your job. If you have to go somewhere else for a job, hopefully find a job in owasso or own, your own company that be awesome even better I bet, they have jack holes that can’t drive in Real Estate Owasso to just like they do in tulsa people whipping into places without using their blinkers and causing a ruckus amongst other drivers. Owasso does have qt who does not love qt quiktrip is the bomb they have arby’s. They have chick-fil-a, because we’ve had this about chick-fil-a in owasso property balance is all about owosso Real Estate Owasso listing homes for flat rate of 895, with all the perks of a traditional real estate agent, plus some plus a lot. Actually it’s worth your money. It’s definitely worth your money. I bet they have a park there. I need to check that out to the park, but the school is great. I really enjoyed school baseball sale. Was nice that’s all turf in a while, so it’s turf dirt area, it’s turf, it’s not dirt, so we didn’t have to worry about the dirt blowing in her eyes those awesome plus the gospel church. So there you go I’ve, never seen dirt. Looking turf, like i, said we ate at smitty’s going in, he had the chips and queso and salsa and pork rinds, which were pretty awesome. We also had what else do we have over for dinner I just had we went to bricktown for a couple of brews and I had the french onion of top of the french onion soup and caesar salad.

It was quite tasty I’m on a diet. It’s not fun, but I’m on a diet. Dieting in owasso is hard because of all the restaurants, but not listing your house. That’s easy, listed property bounce. We will get your stuff sold. I enjoy talking about Real Estate Owasso so much that I have to do it at for 10 minutes at a time, and I have seven more podcasts to do today before our meeting tomorrow or andy and paul are going to be upset with me, but I’m going to get it done even before I could get my kids i. Don’t have that much time, never mind we’ll just keep talking about owasso, real estate and property bounce and how they go hand-in-hand like peas and carrots, peace and carrots, psych Real Estate Owasso What’s it called property bounce been here and see if I can get a gift card from mahogany’s for our drawing it’s going to take place this weekend at the home and garden show going to be come, see you sue, evers typing this out come see us oh crap. What I do hope, I’m still going yeah I’m still going I’m, so sorry exit out of my podcast of scared me have a great afternoon and I’ll be back in just a few