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So here I am again we’re cruisin down 81st street south, that’s not in owasso I mean there’s not really any real estate right here. It’s all commercial vacant land, that’s something that we do list for property, bounces vacant land. You know for a flat fee, if we’ll even put that out there for you. If you want it on there, I mean we’re really doing the service and we got all these leads where we going to do it and we got it for my mouth somebody’s going to show these houses. So the thing is:if your broker, that is interested in becoming a team member to come in at bp agent, asked me to reach out to us and see and how we might be able to help youyou know. We got two listings that we list homes and especially there Real Estate Owasso in the owasso area, for $894, so rather than paid in your full 3% commission, why wouldn’t a person want to just let it grow and you know to keep that, keep it accurate to keep your home equity special. You know you’re talking about a $200,000 home wine world. Wouldn’t they wouldn’t a person? Wouldn’t a person want to use you something like that where you could say that amount of money I mean you know cruising through here, I see this concrete, I see this grass I mean you know that money could be spent on anything. It could be spent to buy grass. It could be spent to you look at light. Poles I mean road signs. There’s all kinds of cars coming through here I mean everything up here in owasso, especially, you know north of admiral in owasso, east, 169 or west of 169. You know there’s going to be flat fee real estate service. Now it’s a company called property bounce they’ve been I’ve been around since last year. The people who have property bounce-have you know yo, tens and 29. You know I’m not sure how much experience, but you know hundreds of years is a combined spirits with his combined experience when you put all the agents together with you know, several people that are helping us I want to do that. So it’s nice not to be able to have someone there. It’s nice to be able to have someone I’m too, to help facilitate the deleting process and hopefully service that out I mean I’m going to try it now, since I just thought of that jake hadn’t called Me:i’ll probably go ahead and run over there to the commercial building and see if possibly, that’s there, but now you know what, since I’m on the road right now, why don’t you go ahead and run over to fine I need to get that rent check from from jake? You know one of these days, I’m sure they’re going to want to buy a home and right now man they really love. The moments are in the cadillac. It’s crazy.

You know what they got:$20,000 home and living in 1500 mah. You know, i, don’t know you could get any better, i, don’t know if you can get a better deal than that anywhere else out there anything. Is there babe hundred-dollar late charge about every month, so it’s not 1700, which is not a bad deal. I wish I had about 50, Real Estate Owasso more rental homes, the super nice to be able to have those and that’s another thing with property pounces and if you’re selling or buying you know you can you and you can use as we won’t charge you a dime. If you want to help us, go, find you a house with god’s discounted fees and all kinds of different services, which you know whether be websites not website, so that mean I wish. We had just got a funeral website, but if you go to our website, you’ll see who you know that that we’ve got partnerships with the realtor.Com trulia.Com I’m, all kinds of different people. After you know, sarah is one of the partners and is my name:is jeff hendren owner property, mount, side yeah? Hopefully it’ll work out. Hopefully people see you know what we’re trying to do here and you know for the longest time you not real estate. Isabel technologies, the bulge. The only one I saw the big tech companies getting in a real estate. I realized it was a problem if there’s an issue but I also found out that there was no person and I know you got to have some personability. You know if we were to work and for people to trust you and you know it. You know you got to have some support and that’s what we are here were local you, every property bounce agency is owned by local broker. It’s not owned by you know, like you got your reddit, it’s at you know they’re trying to just here we go. You know you can list for this much and you don’t know really how they can afford. Even do that, to be honest with you know, you got unless they have an agent in the area. I guess I’m, not sure. Maybe maybe maybe there’s trade shows that you know Real Estate Owasso if this goes to you and I’m, not sure how it would work out, but you know having a broker they’re having a little person there that understands the market to understand what things are worth is what really helps when you go to list of property? You know cuz I mean you got another way you can get away. I go to use listing at you, love what’s a great way to get a house to sell, quick and get your listing commission. That would be to listen to low. So the thing is you want it. I want to take a step back and look at everything. You know look at everything that you can see.

On the other hand, look for look for every dollar that you can find when you’re trying to save money. Real Estate Owasso If you don’t want to keep your equity, if you know you’d rather just use a commission-based real estate company and pay that commission whatever it is, it’s usually I mean on average I know how I’ve ever known is a person charge 3% and then he knows a couple of companies that were doing it. For you know, i, don’t know if you have a big home, maybe they charge for the last. But my question is:is threshold at what point do you start working harder for your money? You know and you’re, based on a younger commission salesman, you’re not actually doing the selling of your listing in someone else’s doing the sailing. So you know that’s why we end up with 895 flat fee. You know mls listing you know. We, like you know, for sale by owners. I mean anyone or you will get you an email asking and we got to pay that 3%. Sav-a-lot certainly saves you a lot better than you know. If you’re interested in you want to give a proper amount, see what we can do, we got the initial reports on 95 going to pay for that with other companies and upfront. You know when we’re asking like I said:you know if you, if you got some drugs, Real Estate Owasso financial hardships where people can fly and in and get that get that to eat. Some of that p waves and I’m still got a pair of people. So you know that you know we doing the work in the listing of the people out there you’re all that kind of thing like you’re, going to semi. Tough to you know it could be you know, but you going to get it also, why not save that money, $95 versus 3%., jason white, would use it. I mean he advertises for american comfort air comfort solutions, one of those guys that he was a man. He knows heisman trophy winner, i, never really made it to pros i, don’t know if you got drafted to be honest with you, but he was a great I can’t remember which receiver he was going to, but man I sure liked watching oklahoma play soon as pretty legit back in the day. I’m telling you, but you know, I’ve been here there everywhere with real estate all across the nation and its.

You know it’s across the nation, but right now we’re currently in your in owasso owasso reaction in the tulsa mls system license to do business as a broker oklahoma. We want to connect you. We want to connect Real Estate Owasso you to the right homes, connect you to the right, finance, guys, correct you connected to the right title guys and see what we can get done for you. It’s going to be a long night for me. Hopefully, the kids are going to go to bed early, got about six of these done so far across them through or going under the pikepass. Only what a rip-off man that be a way to do it I’ll tell you, that’s the only thing in state politics it drives me. Nuts, like it needs to be cleaned up. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe you know it’s time for a change. You know I think so. I mean hopefully I mean i, don’t know it’s. We need need more money, but the turnpike seems to give them plenty of money. There’s not a turnpike in owasso, but there is a major highway 169 that tina leads. You know that you know allah, so so you may be in usa. You work in tulsa and you want to drive from owasso to tulsa me you’re talkin, to 15 minute drive to minute drive to know which side you’re on time. So it’s not to borrow another thing good great about owasso. Is you know the airports in 36th street north? You know why so I believe starts at 56th, street or so just a couple miles from the airport. Real Estate Owasso So I really like the fact that the earth was right there that you know we can fly right out. You know we got great schools depending on which side of the county, or only with you in rogers county or tulsa county.

You know we had a phenomenal schools and we’re always going to be able to be there. You know, but who knows, when a person’s want to sell by her list at home, you know, probably bounce is going to be there for them to call i, keep yawning and I hope that doesn’t mess up the video she’s. Now that doesn’t mess up this podcast. Real Estate Owasso But you know it’s certainly not going to be a good one, I’m trying to just stay awake here and probably need to turn the heater down to make a little sleepy. So we need to get out running around maybe metal, marathon or something what I need to do. I’d love to go to the open, mat, not sure. What’s going on over there, but love to go to the open mat today, maybe I can do that., now I think I could get why it at 1. So I won’t be able to make it over the open mat today would be real nice that’ll be able to do that to call my sister and see if she’s going home on sunday, 7:35 or 6, so hopefully we’ll get those people together to get the financing. My sister Real Estate Owasso