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All right here we go voice. Memo number 40, we’re trying to get the 200 as soon as possible, so we’re going to keep working on these I want to come back to you and talk a little more about owasso and what we’ve been able to do for some of those clients. I did explain to you. How probably bounce gives you more to go? She asian power property bounce, gives you more money in your pocket property bounce. Give you better service, I mean the list goes on and on as to what property bounce can do for you properly balance is a understanding and truly adapting to the culture and the level of probably about 60 I mean we’re. Looking for new agents out, there were looking for people that want to show homes that we can train the way we want to train them, they’re, not looking to just list a home and list it and quit it. You know it’s a different mentality. It’s a different! It’s a different approach, just your home with property bouncer in owasso, and that’s why we think you’re going to be ecstatic about what we can do for you and how we can help youwhere to be able to help you by not only saving you money, but you know i, think and be able to get that transaction done quicker. It’s going to be a lot faster. If, if, if we can help you out looking there in owasso on you I’m out here at the mid america oklahoma’s largest industrial park, they got a big google facility. I heard anything as you’re not far so you’re, certainly not very far from the industrial park you’re not far from owasso. It’s just a hop skip and a jump over there. So we have a lot of great jobs. You know coming in or build another Real Estate Owasso $600,000, but anyway I’m coming to you to talk to you about the some real estate transactions that some of my agents have been working on there in owasso, and it gets really excited to see what we’re going to be able to do for a minute. I need to get the feedback.

Would been getting from people Real Estate Owasso that have really been adamant about making sure that they just really been super excited about I’m, making sure the friends know about it. It’s not only being able to save yourself some money, but save your friends money referral system out there. It’s a super neat until you reach out to us and asked us about that. If you got it, homie got a friend. You want to sell that home in owasso would be glad to help you out. We want to be there, for you know as much as possible, and we want to be there to help facilitate any transaction that you haven’t real estate, especially there in a while, so but not necessarily donald sterling aspen owasso to be anywhere. You know we had probably bounce right now. I’m your license to do business in oklahoma. Send me swingin, sale or list it, where buy or rent or least a piece of property anywhere in oklahoma right now, we’re at the greater tulsa association of realtors on wii is are currently have the authority to cliff notes on mls, which then, like i, said. Real Estate Owasso We can push him right onto trulia question right on the zillow.Com and, as you know, a lot of people are doing the work themselves, a lot of people doing the research and sales and they bringing so if you’re, a buyer and you’re looking for a buyer’s agent, then you don’t reach out to probably bounce. We can help. You will show you any properties, we don’t we’re, not prejudiced against selling your own properties or not selling any other realtors property. If you want, you know we’re here for the client at the end of the day, we’re not here for us we’re here for the client cuz I realize if I made something truly real estate is so niche. You know when it is so networking the way it is I mean just network to me. There’s a lot of stuff that you know, people don’t necessarily get the right service for the right reasons and they don’t necessarily get taking care of it like they should for the right reason. Sometimes their interest aren’t looked at. You know where aren’t the first and that’s really what I have concentrated on his put in the client’s interests? First, we need to remain profitable. We need to put the client in first person I feel like if we can put the client first while maintaining a manageable level of probability. Then we can growth and then we can grow this business, leaps and bounds. We can help people in owasso. We can help people and tall, so we can help people all over the nation. Real Estate Owasso You know I think we can solve. You know we can really jump start the real estate industry, when you know, when you figure I mean that’s a good downpayment that extra 3% could be the 3% down mortgage company needs. So I challenge you to reach out to see what we can do for you there in a while so I’m, even on owasso, if you’re, if you’re looking at home in south tulsa looking at dummy, north, tulsa, look at home and james are going to glenpool looking at home in collinsville you anywhere out there that the greater tulsa association of realtors currently services with their listing service, we can list it on there we’re going to charge you that 895 we’re not going to charge you 3%, you know I mean there are parameters on matterport. Let me know if you need to bring us the 13,000 square-foot home. It’s going to be kind of tough, you know, but that’s something that we will. We will help you with.

We will help you closing at home while having you make it happen, Real Estate Owasso like we pride ourselves here, integrity, we pride ourselves here on the ethics. In that sometimes I mean you do see that a lot in real estate industry and we want to maintain. Then we don’t want to maintain that we want to raise the bar and we’re raising the barn real estate, we’re giving the money back to you or make a lot of changes redefine. You were making things great now. I’m super excited to be a part of property bounce. To be a part of this. This growth be a part of what we’re seeing I mean it’s going to be a neat neat transactions. Can we need to grow? You know and nnn change change the real estate industry, as it’s been known for years and years and years, if you’re looking for a home in a while, so you’re looking for just an agent, maybe you know if you want a realtor, a lot of people do want a realtor, I mean i, know I want to a realtor as well I mean having a realtor. Is you know it? Is it helps you there, a professional, Real Estate Owasso you automatically know their professional. You know they went to the training. You know that they’ve they’ve signed up for the code of ethics. You know you hope that they remain ethic, but the thing is:if you got to trust everyone, but the cards you know, don’t you know, lockser keep honest people honest. Tell me. My thing is:is transparency of something that we want here and something that we demand of our people and something that our company exudes transparency? We want you to see where things are going. We want you to know we’re going to reveal the secrets.

Real Estate Owasso I’m, not shy. You know we’re going to be doing some podcast here soon to be able to talk to you know what to talk about kind of what we’re doing for people are we doing for the industry I’m going to be able to save people and I’m super excited to you know for what we going to be able to bring to a while, so we’re going to be able to that the amount of money we’re going to be able to save people there in a while. So it’s just a second to none I mean it just hasn’t been done before it. Real Estate Owasso On this level, can you get your house listed for less than 895 yeah? You sure can, but what are you going to get for that? Are you going to get it? Ask him how many agents they have on staff? How many people have got on staff? You know to show your help, you with your home and then and help you with pricing. You know that’s what we’re looking for. Real Estate Owasso We want everyone out there to know that you know we are we’re working for you, we’re working to help facilitate the transaction, we’re helping. You know we want to put this thing together to where we can make money to where we can you make a profit, is manageable, but not just rip people’s heads off I mean that equity is your equity and that’s why we wanted to do. This is be able to save you that 3% so it you know it doesn’t matter if you have a mobile home in owosso or if you have vacant land in owasso, if you’re starting a new development in owasso I mean anything you want to do, I mean we will reach out to you and help you or here, for you and reach out to us. Ask questions unless you want us to the reach out to us and asked us, you know ask is what we can do for you and I’d be happy to explain it to you. Real Estate Owasso If you have, it is sit down with you show you where you can go, show you the things you can do and you know show you what brought about the basically apply for a job for a job were here to help you were here to be apart to get on your team. We want to be a part of your team, I mean you and you and you get the access of all the property. Bounce is not just me.

Real Estate Owasso It’s not just sarah, so I just want agents are back in staff. It’s it’s our attorneys! We’re going to get that we’re going to be able to answer those questions for you. There was going to be able to help you through those inspections. We’ve got people on staff to help the repairs of all kinds of neat things to be able to make to make this deal. Work and I’m super excited super stoked, ecstatic about what we’re just going to end up and at what we’re going to be able to do with. You know-and you know over the next few years, the property manager being able to save people money in owasso being able to save money in south tulsa, north, tulsa, jenks, bigsby, broken arrow any of that stuff. So she can realtors. You know the mls listings, Real Estate Owasso I mean you’re, certainly going to have some people that don’t enjoy working with you and you know not what you said you were going to find some people, you don’t enjoy working with anything about property, bounces and he’s. We want you to interview. Not only ask you, the interviewer agents, if the good thing about property bounces, if you’re not getting along to this, is jen doing it, you’re a phone call or a text away from that problem being solved. We don’t want that. We want to know you guys are eyes and ears. How am I doing please let him please let my broker now that’s what we want. We want you to be our eyes and ears on the ground.

You know and help us out. If there’s something, that’s not working for you, we need to know I mean we’re going to be able to help facilitate the transaction, their loss over to be able to help. You sell your waso home. It’s going to be phenomenal. The amount of help and amount of birds that we’re going to be able to save, by not only birds and all kinds of stuff going to be able to say, because we’re saving people money Real Estate Owasso