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Well, I just got out of that office and what a trip anyway I was able to talk to you about this company. We have named property and hadn’t heard of it. He was super excited. He doesn’t currently reside in owasso, but he still knew and felt and saw all the advantage and to the services that we were going to be able to offer here. Property bounce, so I explained to him kind of the way it worked, and you know that you know if he had it home in owosso or even if he didn’t have it home in owasso that that you know how things are working, what we could do, what we could do for him, how much money that we can save him. So Real Estate Owasso he was super excited and honestly somewhat irritated, knowing that he had sold two houses before real estate. So when you saw off a paid 21000 in commission on those two houses in would have only paid 1790 with us. He was not too happy I guess you would say when he saw that he would have had 19 more thousand dollars if you live in there in Owasso. The feeling is this is this is not money, you have to pay taxes on it. So if I can save you an extra $9,000 to take half of that like they usually do it’s already your money. So it’s like it’s not only costing you more it’s just it’s not going to cost you to the 9000.

I could cost you that much more. How much does it cost you to make 90000 to my thing is:is if you’re looking for a home in owosso you’re, looking for a property there in owasso outside of owasso, you know reach out to a property bounce agency that they could possibly do for you and you know, save you some money. There there’s really no reason that I can see that a person would want to just give their hard-earned home equity away. Real Estate Owasso That’s what it is. It’s yours, it’s hard, and it’s just no reason for it to save you money, it’s only going to cost you 8 95. Let me tell you a little bit:are you going to get a key box that allows anyone out there, provided they scheduled with you and you’re? Real Estate Owasso Okay with it allows anyone out there to be able to show your home to a potential buyer to get placement on zillow. If you’re going to get placement on trulia you’re going to get placement on realtor.Com there’s, so many things are going to go, you’re going to get put on the mls for the greater tulsa association of realtors and we’re going to be able to market that home to every single day every single agent.

That’s a member of that can see that home and there’s anything that they do. They want for the best bars in panties. It also works for just a regular by if you’re, if you’re looking for a home, but it’s not currently listed out there. Real Estate Owasso They essentially set up some parameters that doesn’t automatic email to you so anytime, a new homes listed. Let’s just say you were looking for a home for me and wants to marry in certain school district wausau. If you live in owasso, it’s not like tulsa weather, different school district, it’s all owasso public school. So if you want in a certain area, let’s see what does parameters to put the price range, but the bedrooms put whatever it is that you might be looking for. That makes you you know that would make a home worthy of going to look at and as soon as that’s listed by us, putting it on mls soon, as it’s listed in potential buyer and I stress, you know, I would say motivated. Real Estate Owasso Buyer is actually receiving emails and meet there forever. So it’s going to go to immediately exposure, not only on trulia, not only on zillow, not only on realtor.Com exposure on the entire multi listing service system for the greater tulsa association of realtors. So, like i, said I know immediately. If I can enhance their certificate in their search capabilities, so listing with property, bounce is going to immediately immediately get you exposed to everyone out there that is looking for a home and when I say everyone, everyone that’s using the standard practice, and so, if you’re looking to sell that owasso home you looking to make something happen, they can move I mean i. Would I would encourage you to reach out to property bounce interview, one of our agents, interview several of our agents and see if it would work for you, I mean I figured out there. You know what it. What are you offering? Real Estate Owasso What am I getting for this money, and why is it going to cost me 3% versus a 95, then answer you know I’ll be at they might want. You know to come up with some. There might be some different things they want to throw out. There may be some different things, I want to say, but I can bet you that there’s there’s not going to be a whole lot, that they’re going to be able to tell you that they’re doing and it certainly not going to be anything-is going to be able to justify that. The difference in the 3% commission rate that you might be getting charged versus the 895 if you’re looking to sell a home in a while, so you’re, looking to rent a home or rent your home, now looking to buy investment property looking to lease looking to develop some land either way if it has to do with property listing service or the assistance of a realtor, could help. I would encourage you to reach out to property and see if we can help you if it’s something else which is hard to find.

So there’s not a wheelhouse. Real Estate Owasso But if it’s not will tell you straight up more on us than we want to make sure we have the geographical can competency and the agents to to make it work for you. So if you’re looking for a home in the owasso area, like please reach out to us and see, if there’s anything, we can do for you, while you’re in like I said:oh ah, so maybe you live on. Mingo mingo runs right through a wall, so you know there’s some great schools there in a while. So this is great schools here in the county, action arms there off of mango man that looks like a cool place to go, hang out, the city got selective service and satisfaction is a big, an automatic weapon on their kind of crazy. The next thing you see is a gun show oklahoma, and this time it’s all. We do funny I heard only three percent of gun owners only like 90% of the gun. That makes sense when you figure out a guy like me, I’ve got to I have several so the back to the real estate I’d like to tell you if there’s any know, if you and there’s your sign over here is his rent, this sign land or buildings. You know if you’re looking to rent a sign or not your person, Real Estate Owasso if you’re looking to rent some land, we might be, might be good or whatever it could be, or could not be and be glad to see what we can get going on with the what’s a real estate with your home. If it’s your realtor, if you’re, not a realtor, if you’re an agent, if you need an agent or agents, you know please reach out to it, see what you can do for what we can do for you excuse me and see how much money we can save you just say if you know maybe air comfort solutions is a place. Air comfort solutions works in owasso. That’s so funny, though, that jay leno’s coming to town it drives me. That’s that’s! Nuts I got to see him one time when I was in las vegas. One of these days, hopefully, will be in las vegas, offering real estate for sale only in oklahoma that I did get to see jay leno and in out in california news. If it was super cool, it was super cool and I’m, not california and vegas. He’s from original show, I believe is in california, but neither here-and there were not a license in california at this point. We-are licensed in oklahoma. So, if you’re looking to find, you know someone to help, you buy a home to help facilitate the sale that transaction you know. I would encourage you to reach out to us over here at property, bounce and see what we can get going for you and see how we might be able to help you out and sell your property. We want you to be able to keep that hard-earned equity that you’ve worked so hard to have and work so hard to keep, and we want you to not have to work so hard to keep it. You shouldn’t have to pay that large percentage shouldn’t have to go. Real Estate Owasso You know give away your money, I challenge you to just look the property bounce and see about you know saving as much as you can have your equity like I said this is after tax money. This is money that you’ve already paid taxes on you’ve already paid and it’s been hiding their new home. So you maybe that’s why it’s so much easier for people to give that equity way or not care as much about it because they haven’t seen it.

It’s not like. Real Estate Owasso It shows up on your checking statement, but I’ll tell you. If you use property bounce, it sure will I mean we’re going to bring you a box of chocolates to your closing goodwill off of bring you or not bring you, but you’re also going to need an extra stack of cash from the title company and what you need an obviously came from the sale of your home, which we help facilitate. Real Estate Owasso So please you know you want to go. If, if it, if you’re looking or you’re concerned, you please reach out to us to see what we can do for you would be glad to help you out and see. If there’s anything, we might be able to help facilitate you real estate transaction