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Real Estate Owasso I’m sitting here watching my son, sleep in the baby, monitor and maybe think about property. Downtown crazy is that if you haven’t heard we’re actually going to be offering real estate for sale in the owasso area, commercial, real estate, residential, real estate, rent off of land with grass land without grass land, with dirt man, without no probably not land without dirt, but definitely homes with trees. Homes without trees were going to sell houses, condos even rent apartments out for you. If that’s something you wanted list it on multi-list service and we can list anything you want on him. Lol we are members of tulsa. Real Estate Owasso Mls is also known as greater tulsa association of realtors. That allows us to market our properties to all of the real estate agents out there in that also allows us to put all of our information in our homes on zillow, trulia and realtor.Com. So if you’re looking for a home in the owosso area, I would ask you to take a look at property. Males property bounce is a flat fee, full service, real estate company, that saves thousands of dollars in commissions, just one short phone call. We can hook you up with an agent, a property bounce agent, who is also a realtor and can show you any home. You would like to see for sale in the owasso area. Real Estate Owasso Just let us know what you’re looking for, if we’d be happy to plug in those parameters, sort through all of the noise and bring you just what you’d like to see. If you looking to sell a home, that’s where we’re really going to be able to say we charge $895 the other real estate companies out there or going to charge you commission, most of them run around a 3% listing commission. So if you’re selling your home selling your house selling your anything that has title known as real estate you’re going to need, maybe a title company to close it, then you can use property. Past property bounce is going to be able to save you money selling that home in the owosso area. It doesn’t matter if you are in owasso ram. If you want to be claremore zebra, maybe a conesville cardinal, you could go over and playing very fuel sand springs drinks anywhere. It doesn’t matter who you’re a fan on if you’re buying real estate in owasso. Why not save some money? I know I like to save some money, I hate wasting money, especially when I work so hard to save my home equity over the time that I’ve been making principal reduction payments. This has gone on for years and then I’m someone’s going to swoop in here right some information down on my home and just get take 3% of it. I, don’t think so. I’m going to choose to save my money. When I sell my home in the owosso area, they had numerous school districts there in the owasso area. They also have trains and got a lot of train tracks that come through a lot. So it’s crazy. If you ever looked at a train track and saw all of the rocks on there and then the railroad ties and public and they predict the rails down there, but it’s so crazy how they keep that down in the butt. When you see how heavy it rain isn’t, it comes through, I said every train and also those railroad spikes, but neither here nor there railroad spikes are not what we’re talking about. Real Estate Owasso What we’re talking about is real estate, we’re talking about specifically real estate and homes for sale in owasso. If you are looking to save some money on home, save some money i, how save some money on a commercial property vacant land development we don’t care. If there’s a neighborhood that you’d like to see gated, not jaded, we can show it to you. It doesn’t matter if you are a property bounced and if you are a real estate fan, why not save money? I had a friend that just bought some real estate in owosso, he was so bummed to hear that he could have used property bounce to sell his home and saved him all kinds of the money that would have allowed him to take his particular home with a $400,000 home. He would have saved $11,000 that he could have took and put towards new home. Actually, after talking to him, he wasn’t going to put it towards. He was going to buy some furniture for it. What a great idea. The good thing is:if you’re selling your home in owasso news, probably bounce, it doesn’t mean that you have to use that money to go put down towards another house. This isn’t something that there. This is your money and that’s why I don’t think people understand did you have any questions would be glad to work out a net to seller with. You would be glad to show you kind of how that works and how it’s going to save you that much money, there’s just no way i, would ever think of not using property bounce to sell my own. We don’t just specialize in the owasso very unreal estate. We sell homes everywhere in tulsa, in fact, even outside of tulsa, anywhere, that the multi listing service that is used by the greater tulsa association of realtors spans two, that’s where we were at the expense of glenpool and the bigsby south tulsa broken arrow. Real Estate Owasso what else do we have with obviously got to wash so in that area? But we’ve got collinsville in that area, skiatook in that turley north, tulsa jenks. If I hadn’t already mentioned it, sand springs is another great place:good schools berryhill’s without their grade school curly, it’s another spot. You can look for a home and then you can also list it on property bounce.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso So, even if you’re not buying one of these homes in the owasso area, you could always buy one in the tulsa area. But going back to the owasso everything I own is how great the school zone and man talk about that baseball program. I, don’t know how many professional baseball players they’ve had come out of wausau, but there have been a plethora of them. They have great sports, have great academics, I have a nice actually graduated from their played at 4 years ago issue and she start getting ready to start law school it to you and my nephew that went to school there tomorrow. So he is now in the final running for the naval academy. We’re really excited so we reason I say that is if you’re looking for real estate in a while, so just know, and be confident that those schools are amazing schools. The teachers are there for the right reasons:they’re there to teach your children to their to educate your children and work with them to help him progressed. Real Estate Owasso is a gray communicate a lot good church is there in a while so I’m to go to so there’s always something a lot of good places to eat too. I love, restaurants, man, I man, eater and that’s another thing, I just thought of use your real estate. If your anastasia real estate there in owasso say it saves you $11,000 food to death by man, I’m a foodie I love to go out and eat, I love, good filet, i, don’t know what you like best about your flight but I like a good rare filet. How do you, like your flight, go to me totally going rare I feel like it locks in the flavor of the meat as long as it’s cooked directly to get that could reverse sear on the outside of it and then heat up the interior. Just the right temperature man I’m salivating, just thinking about it, I hope you’re, not getting hungry as you’re typing this out, but hungry I tell you what I would do I would go to owosso and I will go to owosso to get me a steak, man, that’s what I would do if I were you, but if not I know you’re close to that. What is that flyingtee? Maybe you go to the flying. J I never had their steak there of you. That’s crazy! I didn’t think they had a steak, but you know I tell you what they do have over. Real Estate Owasso There is french fries and corn dogs, man, they’ve got corn dogs and grilled cheese. My toddler loves grilled cheese and french fries, good french fries there. So if you’re, that’s one thing, so if you can’t get all the way to wausau to get your steak right over the flying team grab you something, but this one great thing about owasso’s:they have many great steakhouses. You can get a good juicy flavorful steak. Real Estate Owasso So when you think about owosso, the term is pretty much synonymous with great steaks. So if you wanted great place to live where you close to great steaks, call property bounce, let property bounce tell your current home, regardless of the location, save us, thousands and thousands of dollars, let one of our agents, one of our realtors, will get you an agent for you, that’ll, be the buyer’s agent agent you’re going to get to know him. Well, you list your home, i, sell your home and then guess what, when he buys you the next time. How awesome is that going to be to be able to work with the same guy all the way through the transaction? Talk about building some trust and that’s what we want to do:here. Probably bounce! We want you to know if you’re buying real estate in owasso, you can trust property. Mount still look out for your best interest. We aren’t going to steer people to make us more money. We are going to tell the buyers home or excuse me, show the buyers home that they want to see give them the information asked for it and let them make that decision. But if you’re selling your home, we certainly want to help you out on that. We would love to show you how much money you can save by paying a flat fee versus paying a commission based in the cool thing about property down to do the whole sweet of tools, matterport camera everything that you’re going to get and more guaranteed. Then most of your traditional agents┬áReal Estate Owasso