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When looking for a home in the owosso area, I choose property, bounce silver creek is a great neighborhood in owasso property. Bounce agents would love to show you a house in silver creek, which is in the owosso public school district, there’s also another great neighborhood called camelot estates there in the greater owasso area, that is in tulsa county, not on the rogers county side, the tulsa county side. You will have higher taxes, but still be in the same school district. Nottingham hill is another great gated neighborhood in the greater owasso area at nottingham hill. They have new construction and older construction homes, which is right off of 96th, street, north and i. Believe a hundred 45th east avenue there in owasso. The great thing about owasso is a rule feeling, but an urban setting and nottingham hill you’re not far. It’s an exclusive gated community with parks trails, city utilities and a pawn right next to life church, which has life kids they’re, also coming soon as the somerset gated community of owasso. That is right by the christ church of owasso, which is also right across from nottingham estates. Another great bass, neighborhood with large lots in the greater owasso area, pleasant view estates, would be another great neighborhood that a property bounce agent would be glad to show you or list your home in that neighborhood at a flat fee. Windsor lake, another great neighborhood right there in owosso, right off of 169 right by sam’s off of 96th street north on the rogers county side. You also fine pine, brook crossing, another great neighborhood, not a gated neighborhood, but another great neighborhood. So on the rogers county side, the pine brook crossing, they have some for sale by owner houses. There. That’s something that a property bounce agent would love to show you any greater owasso.. Simmons homes is another great builder that builds homes in the owasso area. Right next to coffee, creek, park, all the way to 106th street north. You will find the shores at lake valley there, fishing ponds, trails, playground, clubhouse, simmons homes is building there as well as capital homes in the greater owasso area that would be in the rogers county side, not on the tulsa county side. Rejoice school rejoice church are located in the owasso area. Right next to where property bounce would list property, it’s a rule area with a lot of vacant land, mostly zoned residential. Real Estate Owasso They have bailey medical and st john’s medical. Here in owasso, it’s about a 30-minute drive from tulsa. The person really has everything that they might need here in owasso, reaching out contacting one of the property. Bounces great agents would help you find a home in the owosso area. They have full brick homes frame, homes, masonry homes, new roofs, old roofs. Real Estate Owasso We have it all, in fact it at property bounce when selling real estate will help you with all of your inspections. The other day we were doing an inspection in owasso. If a cabinet didn’t fall off of the wall, when they were trying to buy their home, it was not in burberry place. Every place is a great private neighborhood there in owasso, with a private pool, not a gated community, but just off of hundred and 6th street of 106th street north. We have numerous property bounce agents that represent in burberry place. Abbott farms is another neighborhood, starting in owasso, built by roush coleman payment starting around $700. In this nice little community in the owasso area, on the tulsa county side right by the hospital abbott farms, is in owasso neighborhood. Real Estate Owasso That is right by metro heights, another owasso neighborhood that can be and will be represented by property, bounce agents, honey creek at bailey ranch, another nice little neighborhood represented by property bounce agents, which is directly across from new brunswick neighborhood there in the greater owasso area, right off of 96th street north, the lakes at bailey ranch be another nice little neighborhood there off of 96th street north in the greater owasso area that traditional agents do represent, but especially if you’re selling your home, using a property bounce agent, will save you money by taking advantage of their flat fee and not paying a large commission-based come out. I can help you find your home in the owosso area. Bailey ranch is right by bailey elementary, which is in the owasso public school district they’re off of 96th street north property bounce muses, a flat fee versus a commission-based structure to help facilitate the sale of homes in the owasso area. El rio vista is a neighborhood represented by property, mounts agents, but you can take advantage of that flat fee. The fairways at bailey ranch is also another neighborhood represented by property, bounce agents, candle states right next to that neighborhood here in owasso, which is right across from waterstone there off of 96th street north Real Estate Owasso