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Real Estate Owasso Driving back from j look at some of these semis and overturn the rule areas at all like where I am here, but for the urban areas. If you’re looking to sell or buy real estate property, zelda home they’re in with property bounce be glad to help you search fine to buy or sell any real estate you might haven’t want to owasso has is a very vast area. It’s very spread out across both sides of 169 east, side, west, side, tulsa, county, but good thing about it is if you wanted to save money on realtor fees, especially there in wausau for oh since last year we have many many years of combined experience with the team hero property bounce and we have listings that would love to show you listen to the great, falls area. Mls area covers cheeks, bigsby, everything, gold collinsville many many great spots out there to look for, or by land or home, in owasso, that several houses there for sale for house a home, residence residential home, a commercial home. You can certainly find that house at in owasso road signs the street the asphalt, concrete and asphalt grass road I mean grass rose will be so boring to have i, guess, everything’s grass in the development before it turns into neighborhood there in owasso, but to build a neighborhood you got. It turned off, bring some concrete, concrete, sidewalk concrete asphalt to lead up to the homes where your residency is where you reside. So, if you’re looking to reside in owasso, why not reside on concrete? No, we have homes that have wood floors, houses that have ceramic tile floors, houses that are in foreclosure houses that are distressed houses that are dilapidated, need to be torn down and sold as a vacant lot. Redone will give you opportunities blaze, so bouncing around out here. You know:there’s not many speed limit signs, but they’re, certainly not any more ice on the road either. Real Estate Owasso That’s great! It was nice of her this morning when I was headed over to owosso, to look at some real estates at home, but I didn’t have much time so I wanted to go over and head back once I got set up outside of tulsa county I got in rogers, county and i. Just didn’t really want to head that way. Up to high knoll in claremore to get to owosso to livingston real estate. Just would have been too far of a drive. You know they have great fence. Is there in a while, so pretty fun? Certainly, electric poles got at electric and gas oklahoma natural gas think they provided public schools in owosso or just amazing, like i, explained earlier the good thing about property charge. You if you want to go help you help facilitate the buying of your home, will put one of our agents on it and they will be showing till your heart’s content definitely want to get this. We are a new company which is fine. Real Estate Owasso The traditional companies hate is because they charge those stupid, commission-based, realtor fees to be a realtor and look out for your buyer. Why would you charge them so much money I mean if I’m putting in the same amount of effort in selling you $200,000 home as i? Am your $100,000 home? Why should I make an extra $3,000, yeah I agree with you I should that’s why I come up the property mouse silly shouldn’t have to know. Somebody should have to begin to. Somebody should have to be in the loop for network to be able to get a good deal good deal good deals in wausau in owasso, real estate, homes, houses, all kinds buy real estate, specially selling real estate. That’s where you’re going to say of money, you would save, probably know if you save your own equity and that’s the thing:it’s not like I’m trying to sell you and that owasso. Whether it’s a home. If your realtor will help you find the right, removing I can’t wait, get property bounce open in the may in owosso, so I know I’ve said this before, but if you’re looking for real estate and wasp use property bouncing off the property, we are a company, we’re not like the traditional companies that they’re going to charge. 3% commission, we really just rather do the right amount of work for the right amount of money and make it a win-win situation for everyone. So if you’re looking for a home. Real Estate Owasso Out here where I am and it’s vacant fast land not been developed that doesn’t have hoas, then please look at the property bounce. There are so many great things that property bounce has to offer, especially with looking for real estate in owasso or the greater owasso area. If you need a realtor, you need an agent look at property mounts. We can show you any of the school districts there on either side. Tulsa will, rogers county be happy to show you. Real Estate Owasso Those houses that are going to offer for taxes are going to save you some money and still get you another great schools. So when selling a home in owasso, i, looked property mount to save that money to play the fat play. Scuse me pay the flat fee of the commission-based realtor, save you 3% to come out and do the full service. Real Estate Owasso Another thing that we also offer is matter for where you going to see and get matterport and not have to pay in addition to that 3%. That’s what drives me crazy is they want to charge you for a matterport video and then still trust 3% we’re going to do that may not last forever, but that’s going on right now in february in tulsa county oklahoma as we speak, full service listing using property mounts for $895, not a commission-based real estate company. We are a flat fee, real estate company.┬áReal Estate Owasso

So if you’re looking to sell your house, your rib, is it in. Owasso, please use property. Bounce I would challenge you to find a place or school or a company. That’s going to save you more money and care more about you and your owasso real estate home that agent, the property bounce realtors┬áReal Estate Owasso