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It should be 80 number 80 on the podcast and I’m helping out with the side map, hopefully on the back and we’ll be able to make things work I’ve been super I’m super excited about where things are going to go and what we going to do, and you know I’d like to be able to get some tasks for sarah. You know. Maybe she could complete and I will see how that works. I’m, not sure if she’s going to be able to no help out on on which in I mean she already helps out on a lot of friends. So you know that i, like i, said we’ll see Real Estate Owasso how things work out and where we come through and what we can make happen. I’ve been traveling south out of grove, headed towards jay and I’m, hoping to you know that it to explain some real estate transactions for you and and see what we can do is specially. If you happen to live in the owasso area, we are listing homes there currently on a non commissioned based flat fee. So what that means is the old it doesn’t matter how much your home is worth or how much you see if you’re paying for what you get so we’re not going to charge that commission on that listing side we’re only going to charge $895 fee. So, yes, it’s going to change a lot of things in here, but you’re going to have to work for your money and that’s what you know why shouldn’t I mean you’ve worked your tail off to buy that help. You work your tail off to pay those payments and it make those principal reduction.

Why and how we not make things work is like I said if, if you’re willing to stay the course or willing to make things happen, you know there are i, certainly know that we can sell your property there in a while. Real Estate Owasso So they’ve got a kubota center here and also land pride right here in grove, oklahoma and south of grove is not actually in the city limits to save money. On taxes on living in rogers county living in rogers county, you can steal, your kids can still go to owasso public schools. You can still use all of the advantages. You know that owasso has to offer. If you are looking to sell home you’re looking to buy a home, I would ask you, you know what to ask yourself what am I getting what am I paying for and how is it going to work and I’ll? Tell you how to work it. You know a 3% commission is what you’re usually going to pay the most your traditional realtors in with property bounce. You only got the 895 so being able to sell your home for that affordable of a price. For that cheap. You know, I would say why not. Why? Wouldn’t you want to show that home I wouldn’t want to be there and you know save that money. That equates to a lot of savings. A lot of home, equity savings and I’m very excited and ecstatic about where this I mean we’ve got a lot of things for sale. Real Estate Owasso I’ve got a lot of places out there that you just never know what you might be able to do. I mean I would say you know you price, those things right. You know you’re going to get it sold so wipe 3% of men say you have a million-dollar home you’re, going to pay $30,000 listing commissions with property bounceu only going to pay a flat fee of 895. So why in the world, would you not want to sell that home? Why would you not want to offer that home up for sale if you’re looking to move? If you’re looking to not move, then then you know I would say you know just wait around to you are and give us a call here at property bounce in and see what we can do for you and how we can help sell your owasso home living there in owasso is a great place to be to great town, it’s a great spot. You know where they have phenomenal schools in owasso and you can actually live in rogers county paid less on your taxes, you property taxes and still have your kids go to owasso schools and still have the advantage of being right. Real Estate Owasso

There close to owasso being right there. You know where you’re not far out of the city. They have a lot of great restaurants. There Real Estate Owasso in a while, so that would gets a phenomenal town and you know I’m super excited where it’s going to go and how we’re going to be able to help people not only there in owasso but outside of owasso, sell the real estate and on top of helping you say, your real estate. What you’re going to get your going to have more money in your pocket? You can have more money left over at the closing table and I mean it equates to thousands. You know. Even let’s just take out you know the average home sale I believe it’s somewhere around the $175,000 mark. You know so you take a hun, take $100,000 home you’re, going to pay 3% and i. Tell you that 3% is something that you know any quotes to a lot. A hundred thousand home you going to pay 3 grand to list it as a traditional realtor, but for the property bounce agent for property, bounce realtor you’re only going to pay $895 one that hundred-thousand-dollar home, it would save you $2,105, and you know that if you were to go back and buy I mean that’s that’s it. Real Estate Owasso You know another 2% down on your home if you want bought another $100,000, so I guess what we’re not going to charge you up today, but I’m going to charge it and you’re, not even better for you, because we’re not listing your own reach out to us will get with you put you with one of our agent and then one of our agents will immediately go to work for you on finding your home.

So you asked out of the do that. Well, I’ll tell you, you know you want to go to work. Finding at home, then reach out to probably about those guys are on top of it. Those guys are right there where they need to be, and you know, I’ve never had an issue with any of that. You know, but my thing is i. Guess I can’t say that, because it’s been frustrating I mean I’ve been a real estate agent for a long time, Real Estate Owasso but I have always been a realtor, which means a realtor means that you subscribe to their mls system. So it was frustrating for me, especially selling investment properties, and you know I’m sitting here trying to make a living I’m, putting my stuff on the line, my money on the line and trying to make things work and then I’m having a giveaway 3% that commission. So you know I challenge you. If you’re looking to buy home, you looking to sell home the reach out to property bounce reach out to one of our agents and see what we can do for you, we have been in the game for quite some time selling real estate and we continue. We have every intention of continuing to stay in the game and to make things right and to do things right. Real Estate Owasso So if you happen to be a fan of property bounce, you happen to be a fan of saving money, then I would encourage you just to reach out to the property bounce and see how we might be able to help you, and does he know. Selling that owasso home is really is is, is truly never been easier than it has where it is now so I’ll reach out to you to see what we can do for you and see how we can help you I encourage you 2 to reach out to to us, and you know we go to the website check it out. Then you know there’s some great videos on there. There’s some there’s a lot of great information, and you know there’s really not a whole lot to it. I mean we’re going back to kelowna and you know and I hate the word to use exposing, but we’re just basically showing you. What real estate is about, showing you how it’s going to work and hopefully helping you to remain calm and to not have to you know, give all of your money away. I mean like I said. The traditional realtor is definitely going to take a lot more of that home equity.

Real Estate Owasso then property bounce realtor is so I would encourage you if you’re considering, to sell your real estate in owasso. If you’re, considering just to buy some real estate in wausau to reach out to us and give us a shot and give us a call and see what we might be able to do for you, I mean we can actually save you, thousands and thousands of dollars by by doing this, and so, if you, if you got a plan, if you have an idea-and you know if you’d like to share it with his, please encourage you to reach out to his give us a call and see how we can help you hear it proper to bounce we’re here for the long haul we’re here for you to save you money so like I said, there’s really no reason to pay all of those fees and have to do all that. If you don’t need to you know. Real Estate Owasso So if you want to keep that money, I mean it’s your money, it’s your equity you’re, the one that live there in wausau and chose to be there and made the right decision to buy a home, and you made the right decision to continue paying your payments and make the right decision to keep that actually means work. So hard I mean. However long you hold your home. You’ve been building that a queen, and you know it away we’re pulling up the door open up at the moana and we’re going to see how we can help you and see how many millions of dollars we can save people, especially there in owasso