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Put in that school bus makes me think of obviously owasso public schools there, so many teachers up here in owasso that are in need of real estate. I can’t wait to hear about property bounce and see how much money is going to save them. I think it’s also something that could work for a teacher as a part-time job. I think this is something that could be a really powerful everhard you on work. If you’re selling real estate and tool set for property bounce, you can make as little or as much as you want to be completely honest. You know if, if a person you know say you take a teacher, for instance I’d like to do they use thetwo people to professionals. As far as a teacher and a laid-off medical sales rep, a good friend of mine is a phenomenal sales rep one of those guys that if you can afford him and put him on your team regardless and find something to do just got to the insurance I got to think about that. You know insurance. You 1% you’re, going to tap out about a hundred and $250,000 and I think that probably bounce kitties it if you could easily come on if you’re willing to put in a hard week and make $150,000 i, think you can sell real estate owasso and easily make that also think you could take the teacher and it be a good part time job. You can work in the summer work as much as you want. It, obviously property bounce. We want to help, facilitate and have the right people in house and understand the contracts that can. Those eyes cross those teas to work out showing property and helping the clientbouncing. If you’re looking for real estate owasso, obviously you would want to reach out to the property if you live there in owasso, and you want to sell real estate financing available programs. Probably who knows how long I’ll be there still something, certainly to take advantage of it, you’re looking for real estate owasso those we want you to be able. We don’t want you to want you to be able to go to work in and not worry about. Your mls fees you got to pay in this and lead you got to buy and shouldn’t shouldn’t have to bring a small investment to start your business in the real estate industry in the property. You, don’t have to it’s looking to sell real estate using outlook in the property manson using our platform and our leads and our houses showing them scheduling, open houses mean there’s all kinds of people out there that want to do list of us. If you want to pay a little extra to do some more open houses, we can get as many as you’d like there for your house in a while. So so, if you’ve got your house listed for sale in owasso, weatherby residential commercial, you know thanks and we will list it all. The fact is, if you need it on mls and you need something marketed by the premier team, then property bounces, who you’re going to want use-it’s obviously not conventional, where the farthest thing from contention why things are evolving so fast, it’s hard to keep up with and the Real Estate Owasso industry is basically done for as long as I can remember. I’m 39 years old, I’ve been around Real Estate Owasso and a helping facilitate the sale of Real Estate Owasso transaction since I was 12 years old and honestly, that’s where I really got my passion for real estate was as a kid inside the envelope. So you see my dad hustle. You know he didn’t sell any of the Real Estate Owasso but he certainly sold Real Estate Owasso all across this nation and not sure like to have him on the team property bounce back with another state, it’s nice to have him on the team. So, if you’re looking for this buy some real estate in the wausau area, we can sell it to you. If you don’t reach out to him, reach out to any of them to reach. Out to this, there were there were located in broken arrow so, but we obviously sell real estate everywhere there in owasso there, on the tulsa county with rogers county side in any of the neighborhoods got great schools there. You can go to in owasso wheel of the teachers there in the real estate and hope to have a lot of their teachers working force, helping helping us help, america save their money and keep their own. That you know, I mean it’s been touted for so long that I know you know the equity in your home and then, let’s be honest, I mean with the reverse mortgage I know:you’re, probably bounce to sell at home special. If you’re in the wausau area reach out to us, we’d love to save you, thousands we appreciate and all the recommendations would get from the teachers. You know that the firefighters it’s another one of those guys obviously have a lot of time off. A great guy that got you could trust, would love to have something like I said you can really make some money and the commission advance. Is it something that we’ve got a program once you get with the city? And you know:where can I get things going and we see we get things buttoned up what you’re going to stay with us? You get a closing. We can help you out. You know that I’m, sometimes closing take 30 to 45 days to close the transaction in the longer I mean I’ve had transactions that have taken months even years to get close, but you don’t have to wait on that. Commission, always the property bounce. There’s options out there for a week in advance that to you and help you out. Real Estate Owasso

You know you obviously get the right off your mouth about me once very that take care of her I’m, sorry that the advantageous that they need to take advantage of that’s what I was looking for there any wants very. If you looking for work and you’re trustworthy person, you’re a driven person, I reach out to property bounce and see if we can help you out, you know we’re going to save you we’re going to make you give you all the tools in which would taking his sweet of tools. It’s really neat I mean back in and I hate, you. Talk, so much about the traditional realtors and you know they’re in the owasso, not in the wausau area and I’m. Not I want to make certain that I’m, not i, mean listen. I thought you know everything that we do here, we’re just we’re trying to put it together. All the realtors out there do great things every day and that’s the thing I mean we’re. Wheels are just as they are. We just happened to charge last night and they do a lot of things, but we’re going and what we’re doing for you for putting that sweet at tools together and you have a team behind the team to call someone with some support. Sometimes we just need to bounce an idea off someone. We have those professionals of people wouldn’t years and years of experience in the property bounce team. So if you’re looking for work-or you got that you know who does he want to hang a twister got to pay all those fees in this and that you’re going to stay inactive still haven’t really found why anyone would want to list their house with anyone else? I mean it’s just i. Just can’t have it found anyone that can they can get you more for your money. The property man specially during the owasso very I mean we’re we’re so glad to help you help any of you out that might need the assistance of one of our agents, and you know it half way. We can list your home. Maybe you know your sister’s home I mean, like i, said that we also pay referral fees to commissions to any agent sitwell list ounces. For us you know, I mean if you’re a hustler like what I consider myself. You know I encourage you to reach out to us. If we want you on our team, if you have that desire, you’re, an honest person and you need some money or any like money cash you want you’re going to fit in well, here property bounce. We would love to have you help us sell our listings in the owasso area? We did a lot of homes for sale. Give me there a lot of homes out there for sale in the owasso area on both sides of tulsa county side, the rogers county site, as well any of the school districts I mean we have. We have several agents that are just waiting to help you out just waiting by the phone and we don’t want to be there for you. If there’s anything, you need to see if you would really want to get that response time down and and and be able to get those it does listen to get your house sold, get your and we’ve got a great network of mortgage inspection companies, appraisal companies. Basically, all services related to real estate, the real estate industry. We have a relationship, I mean I’ve i, myself have been in an appraiser I’ve, been a an insurance agent. Obviously Real Estate Owasso broker and i, don’t understand. I’ve been in the industry, for you know, 20 plus years and I know a lot of people letter that can help facilitate transactions and get things sold, and he knows hopefully we can get you get your home sold in a new home bought for you and certainly faster than the average bear. If you want to say Real Estate Owasso