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Trying to bang these things out as quick as I can I’m just hoping I’m going to be able to make it to triton in time. I’m sure I am not going to keep hammering these dudes out one after the other till left. You know where is my goal. My goal is at least 35 I did 25 the week before I wanted to 35 I think it would be great, be cool if I can do 50 we’re going to see how psycho joe gets, but you know I’m super pumped about where you know we’re headed with this. The things that were going to be able to do not necessarily there in owasso, open in jeans and all over in jenks in glenpool in sand springs I mean to be able to help people to drive toyotas going to be able to help people that drive maintenance man’s. Real Estate Owasso If you’re up another thing, they were talking about doing this if you’re a peace officer. If you were a public servant, we want to help you out. We want to let you list want to be able to waive that initial listing fee. You know if that’s something where you coming out with, hopefully you’re pretty soon, we can get out there to all of you. We want to spend some money to get the front of everyone went to do a full court. We need to do a full court press bliss, full court press on facebook on radio on you know what are billboards when I get out there. We want to get in front of you. We want to see where we are and be able to make this work. I’m super excited about where we’re going to be probably bounce where things are going to go, we’re going to be able to to take to make save people money. People a lot of money which is one of the neatest thing, is something that I I I I I didn’t realize me when, when you figure out, if we can only do a hundred homes in an average sales price of a 200 grand me working too much to say, then we say the 5,000 bucks. Real Estate Owasso A pop me, 200 million box, never going to be able to put back in the pocket of the people that that already should have had the equity from the get-go. So the thing is:is I hate that it I’m going to have to exchange my mind said that then I’m not putting money back in your body. That’s my deal is I can get. You know if you’re out here and you’re looking to do something while you’re looking to you know you’re looking to maybe make a little extra money.

You know you want to be. A Real Estate Owasso real estate has been a scary thing for a long time for a lot of people that we’ve got it down. We got it down with the classes that we can get you if you want to put in the effort. I mean I’ve had guys license within a week. So if you want to put in the effort you willing to work-and you know we want you to reach out to us-we’d love for you to reach out to us and tell us what we might be able to do for you and you know, and her tell us what you need tell us what your needs are and then we’ll do houses and definitely figure out what we can do to get you in the right direction and hopefully get you looking at. Why not I’ve been super excited and stoked for the longest time, I mean about being able to help other people out helping out hard time, moms helping out if I’m, helping a police officer tell everybody and the thing about it is, is weave made it simple:we got it real cool or you can. You know we got some polos at some different things and pay all this up. Front. Front office, everything totally different, totally different than anything that you might be used to remind of heard. Is that isn’t the way things work and the real estate world it it’s not. That is now. We’ve got some great when I say we, Real Estate Owasso we partnered with some great people out there, the guys that have some have some classes that can get you started on that, like I said, I’ve had guys get done with their stuff over a weekend and be scheduled for the test. I’m not kidding, I’ve had guys start and b license in 2 weeks. It’s it’s really simple. It’s really simple for you. We can, you know, there’s a lot, there’s a lot that we can do for you there’s a lot that we can help out and that we want. We want to be there for you and every aspect. You know hannah these. You know these things and you know, but the main thing is:if you’re in there, if you’re in owasso, we plan to have a lot of employees in owosso, they’re, working on real estate or working to be great agents to facilitate other agents, and that’s one of the main things we wanted. We want you to be helpful. Real Estate Owasso We want you to be helpful to everyone and I want to get away from this culture of mine, mine, mine, more more more for me, me me and I ain’t. No and honestly, it’s human nature and it’s and it’s hard to grasp onto this. But if people realize, if you truly do what’s best for the client, if you truly do your job, how it’s supposed to be done, it will come back to you tenfold. I mean another great, a great say:my father was used. As you know, you can you can shear a sheep every year is getting once and that’s kind of you don’t know, that’s a tough saying, but that’s what we’re looking for here, we’re looking for a lifetime customer looking to get you into that home, and then you not go to anyone to properly balance.

I want to get you in my wheelhouse, you know, and and and and be able to save you money for the rest of your life. I mean it’s a put all the stuff you didn’t like I said much as it is about me, I’ve tricky. You can be to get someone to be your customer and that’s where we’re changing things, we’re showing things shout out to pull up amado you’re, a turd but I do appreciate your intelligence and your experience and everything you shared. You know:i got a chance to be in a boardroom that I didn’t should have been in and I learned, so much from it and I feel like a knowledge. Real Estate Owasso I took away from when I got it probably bounce like it. Wasn’t everything that I wanted, but the knowledge that I took away from it over as soon as it’s something that’s going to help me the rest of my life and to be around a guy like rodger bean to be. You know, part of his team for a while and for him to open up his and not only his heart but his family in his business. To me and like it, it’s been a great thing, but you know back to the magic kimono like in the back, so you know probably bouncing what were going to be able to do for you and also is save you. Money I mean owasso. Is you know, is a booming bhoomi, bhoomi booming industry? Sorry sam I did not mean to do that and we want to help that. You know we don’t want it and remain. We don’t want it to become stagnant and one of the things that’s going to make a move. More is knowing that you can. You know that you’re going to have me think about that, how much easier it would be to buy a new home. If you knew you had that extra 3%, you know you got twelve thousand extra dollars. I mean hey. Look how much easier that’s going to be in the thing. Is we’re not out here trying to make every single time from it? You know we want to help you and that’s why we’re able to charge it at 95, and you know so if it, if you’re in owasso, if you’re not in owasso i, mean the greater tulsa association of realtors multi listing services not just expand a while. So it’s in glenpool claremore, jinx, sand, springs, collinsville, broken, arrow, south, tulsa, north, tulsa, midtown, bricktown, not bricktown, oklahoma, city and i. Want you to know that we’re charging 893 anywhere-and that is you know anywhere in the area-is not just a while. So so, if you have a home, you been looking at home or house, and you need an agent, an experienced seasoned non-traditional agent. Real Estate Owasso That’s going to look out for you, that’s going to put you and your needs. First reach out to property. Bouncer, you’ve you’ve really found where you need to go. You can do all the research you’d like to do but, like I said you know, I i, challenge you to interview this weather, it’s first or last, i, don’t care interview us and then see what you’re going to get out there. If nothing else, you’re going to gets going to give you stuff to negotiate with, give me cuz we’re.

Can you really get this fly out of service and charge that kind of a deal you know I mean to pay that money and get all that stuff? It’s not because I’m not going to tell you the secret sauce, little, secret sauce is i. I did and I took. It said how can I make this work? How can I develop a business and you won’t believe you won’t believe what it truly cost to list a home and that’s what cuz? Real Estate Owasso If we can help you facilitate the rest of that transaction in my agents, are going to be able to make money, chilling other help, selling other people’s house and that’s how we’re changing the industry? That’s how we’re turning it around in owasso, not only owasso everywhere and we’re headed across the nation. Ladies and gentleman, the fees might change, because if I had my listing guys have to drive 2 hours, just alyssa property, they can’t list as many as I can here in tulsa store fees. You know the neat thing is:is you’re going to pay a flat fee, you’re going to know what it is? It’s not going to be based off of how much you make it’s not to be based off of how much you sell your property for you or fees based off of $895 is flat simple. It’s easy, like i, can’t imagine why anyone in this world would ever want to do anything different if it’s truly truly an amazing feat.

Real Estate Owasso It’s an amazing thing that work that we’re going to be able to do this and I’m excited for you, guys, I’m excited for the other washoe citizens, I’m excited for all the citizens of of oklahoma. You know that that own homes and the people that don’t know how much easier is it going to be to get into it home? If you, if I’m, not charging you a dime and I’m helping facilitate the rest of the transaction, we want to be there, for. You were going to come out with some other rental programs to possibly help out I like to reimagine real estate in a home incense where you can rent Real Estate Owasso some of our properties and actually it’s an equity swap a downpayment swap that’s another thing that we need to do right now and you know how we might be able to do that for the people there in owasso have an equity swap. If you rent a certain home, went on a certain program, can you get part of that money back so reach out to us? If you got home, you want to buy a home there in owosso or anywhere in tulsa, for that matter would be glad to help you yeah for some reason this and doesn’t want to work too So I was so realistic