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Number 78 that’s going to give me 6, i, don’t know if I’m going to get to 7 by the time I get to brian, but we’ll see what happens. We’re driving by cedar oaks rv park and the grand lake prop shop and i, went and talked to you a little bit today about to wash a real estate. Everything I’ve, never understood. People didn’t want to save money. Why people didn’t want to do things right and get through the hard times? I mean the hard times are. Are not that hard? You know once you get through me, realize that it wasn’t that bad and just have fun with it and make it work. I’ve been here, I’ve been to delaware county resident for a long time and I’m, proud, homeowner, I’m very proud to be a homeowner very proud to be a landowner and I would love nothing more than to establish residency over here and make this my back to you. If you want to talk to a lot of people lately that want to be in a while, so and so has-and it is really to be able to have this program that we have to say people money worth real estate service. Real Estate Owasso

There will property bounce and we’ve been there for you, we’re going to cross over sailboat bridge there in grand lake and make things happen, make things work and I’m proud to be a part of all this Real Estate Owasso I’m proud to be where we are and I would sure like to see. Sarah get out of her situation to where she can focus on what needs to be focused on, but as recruiting over. This elbow. It makes me think of the people there in owasso and how much money they’ve been paying to traditional realtors to list their home and usually they charge around 3%. While I’ll tell you right now, we’re going for 899, $895, so cheap and when I say cheap at the bad word is so affordable, especially relatively speaking, compared to what you’re going to be able to do. What should be able to do with this property for sale? $11,250 to the real estate agent, that listed in property bouncing and $55, that’s what we’ve been able to take care of and I’m super ecstatic and excited and happy Real Estate Owasso about what we been able to accomplish and how much we’ve been able to sell with selling that stuff in moving at tire equipment in that kind of fuel. You know it’s it’s it’s kind of crazy. How much you can really do and how much especially there in a while. So if you have 100%, do it the right way we’re going to be there and make sure things happen?

We got people transaction through also home and we’ll do a comparative market analysis on it, which is basically where we take comparables that are like yours, that are for sale and if sold and it’ll it’ll, give you a good idea of what your hand I want. It might be worth so if you’re looking to buy I’m very excited and ecstatic about what we can do for pratt pest control and I’m very happy and excited and see what we can get done got a hell of a deal Real Estate Owasso for you and I want to make sure that you can i, don’t know if you want to reach out to us and see then I’ll be glad to tell you and tell you what’s going on and I ran into a guy that sold like 10 properties. He told us know what we can do for you and how we can help you and we be glad to do. Then you need to reach out to one of the brokers and I’ll be happy to explain to you and it’s crazy how many cows are out there and how much money you can make on cows.

I mean when you know that’s one thing, I know scout around making money me and that’s another thing to be glad for you guys to selling homes and no that’s that’s not true or not, you’re selling home for sale in vacant land. We shall Real Estate Owasso commercial properties. Actually, we don’t chill person properties as of yet I’ve got a good guy, though, to recommend that to you, I can start making things happen at making things, work and saving people, money and I’m very excited to be where we are today and be on top and push it through. It’s been a great day and a great year and I’m very excited about what we’ve done and how we’ve been able to see things through. It certainly just make things work I’ve been in the real estate industry for years and years and years and by bringing this flat fee, and if it’s going to save you, thousands and then you don’t really is and that commission-based realtor fees got it. It’s not it’s going by the wayside and I think you were really going to have to do things and I think that’s going to help. Real Estate Owasso Make things happen. I’m super super excited about where we’re going to be able to go and what we’re going to be able to do, and we’ve got a lot of agents that I want to go to work for yourself. You. If you’re an agent and we’ve been there for you for dinner, if that’s for the 6th through the 6th and do the fan and we’re here to stay, we’re not going anywhere-and we want to be your partner of choice when it when it comes to helping out partner of choice, is something you know. We want to make sure that we exude excellence. Then we exude professionalism here and it is a little redundant, but you never done and see what cuts down on the sticks. So you know I want to be a little redundant. Real Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso I want to be a little on top of it and I’m very excited that you were. We are and me making the steps that were making to move towards progress and move towards the right thing. So it’s crazy like it’s the hardest thing to stand up, but once you do you stand up, then things he said people have to people soon fall into, and that’s where we’re going to be, that’s what we’re going to do and we’re going to be able to make things happen and joe so excited i! Guess what I meant to say this is about:how are you, how did they there’s a true client? These are not people that we paid our people that we’ve asked to go to review, caesar to clients and be a true client. You know it is in in the show you the truth, exposing ourselves and give you everything. That’s out there. We want to show you what’s happening once again, if you’re looking for real estate in wausau you’re looking to buy, it doesn’t happen Real Estate Owasso