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So I just thought about jt. You know justin timberlake he’s bringing sexy back. You know, I probably amount is bringing your equity back. That’s right! That’s right! Td, williamson, inc, pete and jackie we’re bringing your equity back to you. You know toyota’s fowler, toyota, that’s place that sells cars I’ve heard of those guys they don’t have any trees that grass, you know if you think about it, have grass trees in your yard there in owasso one thing:we’re headed back now, headed up to I left the north tulsa to look at a house to live over there on tecumseh super excited to have a have a sign in the yard. To get that started going to be super neat I wish I would have brought one I bet. Real Estate Owasso I could go by over there I’m going to swing by over there and get that sign. If they have it cuz we’re going to definitely want to put that up there in the yard there to come in so I’m going to stop off there see what I can find if it’s actually still there and you know, go from there I’m, not sure what the gate code is but I’m going to check with him and see.

If maybe we can pull that sign up, do something with it. I would like to make sure and get that in owasso. That was a piece of real estate. Real Estate Owasso The first piece of real estate be lifted, and you know, hopefully things will obviously go different for this listing their own to come soon. We’re going to see brenda, definitely have it by her they’re. Still in that home, it’s crazy everything that we sold. We have to do all this so I’m. Looking forward to it we’re getting the mortgage company started, we need to get jake on that once he gets his continuing education, but you know I’m, not sure, really does work out, but what I do know is flat fee services flat fee real estate is the new way to pay all these commissions. I mean i, know that in the past is what people have done if it would reimagined and honestly, if you know it, it gives us an opportunity to do something different to to be able to help I’m certainly be able to help our clientele. Real Estate Owasso We want to be there for them and save them money for the flat fee, real estate listing in wausau. Can you take a $200,000 home and it’s going to save you over $5,000 and $95 you’re, paying and you’re going to get the matter for video you’re going to get the flyers you’re going to get it? Everything means you tell me why you know:what’s its price dry, why would it not sell? So that’s my question for everybody out there is that you don’t ask him. Why do you want to do it? Why do you want? You know, give that real estate away in the in the lot of them a lot of them. Don’t know they don’t know the answer. They don’t know how to how to respond. To that and I tell him I see no guys just you know if you’re, if you’re looking for that real estate there, then why not? You know, save some money.

If you’re selling home you know it’s $195, if you’re dying on the cross to 0 I mean I’m sitting over here. Looking at this truck and I bet you, you know the last time I sold was about a $300,000 home when I say give me $9,000 to not have to use a real estate agent and I appreciate that I appreciate the fact I mean I hate it that I had to pay all that money. But you know look at this car right here and I could probably bought this car free and clear for less than $9,000. It’s in front of me, you know had I known that, probably about thin hair back when I sell my home besides roofing. Real Estate Owasso That’s a contractor that we’ve talk to you, you know i, don’t think they work in the owasso very but I’m not sure they probably do I mean these roofing company pretty much work anywhere that there’s a storm coming storm chasers, but you know having having been there before. Not you know, I didn’t I didn’t want to you know:i have to go all the way to the apartments as far as people running nose, but you know if you’re, renting and leasing, you know people that apartment homes in and we want to help them. We want to help you guys with the starter homes and you know not only the entry-level mom’s but after that I mean the starter homes to go to all kinds of different price ranges in the other really making some nice homes nowadays. So if you ever thought about buying a home, you’ve ever thought about being a homeowner at the property bouncing and explain to you what can happen if you’d be surprised how quick and how easy? We can get something done. You know with that property bounce. We have absolutely zero problems and no issues with listing a home for 895. Real Estate Owasso We don’t want to charge you the 3%, it doesn’t matter. If you were, you don’t have to be in big thing. You don’t see me, you don’t have to be in owasso broken arrow still going to charge you the date 95 ft versus that 3%. So if you’re looking to save money, that you know that I would reach out to probably bounce, if you don’t want to save money, if you’d rather take that hard-earned equity and go ahead and give it to someone else, you know then I’d say go for it. You know why not? Why not want to help that person out. You know if that’s what you want to do, but if you mean you know I personally, don’t want to deal with that kind of stuff.

I personally, just want to keep my money in equity in my home and be nice to have a home that day forth. You didn’t have to worry about it. Who knows I wouldn’t mind living there, be a great place to go to big home big house we’re going to need a bigger house? Goodness gracious talk about a big home, I mean i, don’t know how much you really want to spend her. How much you can spend, but you know I know you:can you save 3% more use a company called property bounce. Your mind is at 895, so you know the main thing is the same:i mean giving you everything that the other people are giving you why? Real Estate Owasso Why not? Why not payless? Why? Why do you want to pay that much I just didn’t, never understood why a guy would would need to pay 3% of his home price to the person. That’s entering the system. I mean it’s an input person it’s in food processor I mean yeah. There is some work that goes into the negotiations of it and the contracts and all that I get that. But when you have a person in the house and takes care of that. See, honest crossing the t’s and makes a negotiation point so 394 about your truly getting a full service listing service I mean it’s a flat fee non commissioned based on commission real estate flat fee. If you’re looking for a realtor you’re looking for an agent use property bounce bounce going to be there for you, you’re, not you know you. Can we don’t care? Like I said whatever else goes on with the transaction like we want, we want you to be great. If we want you, we want you to have a good experience. Is what I’m trying to say here. Like I said you know it doesn’t matter, you know, who’d, you go with as far as your mortgage company title company, this of that. If you go to preferred vendor of property bounce, then we have a little more I wouldn’t say, but you know who just got a better connection. Real Estate Owasso You know what I mean if you know how it is, if it’s a friend-and you know they know where something is it’s like going to bring it right over to you to wear for me like going to do like this, you know and i, don’t know who I’m working with some panda commission-based v. It is who do I find out? That’s what it is. What did you think when I say how’d, you hurt your age and I really want to know I mean with property. Bounce I feel, like you know, you’re applying for a job, but I feel you’re applying for a job here, property down. So if it’s something, if it’s somebody, you want to get ahold of that’s a good thing. Real Estate Owasso At least we know, or we know our phones are ringing, our phones are working, but they just haven’t been ringing. So hopefully that’s going to change your going to boost a facebook ad we’re going to get some other things going. You know sarah’s getting ready to pick me up here, going to head up to north, also unless another home for property bounce. It’s going to be a great deal like I’m excited to be able to have to be able to be a member of the team.

They’re, probably bouncing I’m, going to reach out to a few of my friends that are builders and have some other ideas for them, but you like to know what everybody wants to do and where they want to go and how they want to sell, and you know also, if you’re looking there in owasso like. Why not look for property bounce house we’re going to look out for you want to look out for us. We looking out for you but I’d like to say to anybody there. That’s fine home I need to buy all that matter like. Real Estate Owasso Why not reach out to us and save some money you’re going to pay that 895 yeah, but then how much is it really going to save you? I mean 3%, – 895. It’s that simple honey. If you’re in a half, men $15,000, so I went in here to the fiesta mark, that’s crazy, I didn’t realize the old come and go down. There was a fiesta market now surprising that they would do that, but carpets very surprising, I mean i, don’t know why they would just die. There are fiesta mart in owasso, i, think I haven’t seen it come and go in owasso I’m sure there is a kum & go in owasso. Maybe I just haven’t seen it, but you know I know there is real estate in a while, so there’s agents in a while, so there’s an agent in owasso and brokers. So if you’re looking for a broker and agent or agents in owosso, probably going to be a great great place to start i, don’t know why anyone would need anything more than what they have to offer. Real Estate Owasso There I mean we’re going to market your property, just as if you know it was our own, you know, but you don’t have to have kinfolks in the real estate industry in the war, to get a good deal to get that shortlisting. You know even sometimes even the family that much you know in and I found it when I got a discounted rate from them. They discounted their services. So they didn’t feel. Like they had to do as much for you, because they weren’t making the full 3% services when you come over here and get everything you want for the low flat fee, $895