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Today was an extremely productive day. We were able to get the matter for doubt realize it was a lot more to it than we originally thought. The battery wouldn’t charge. All the way it didn’t have a tripod. So I ended up running all around town, trying to take care of things, but we’re getting together, we’re getting it organized we, got, tonight bag for I got us a new ipad, so here tonight a little later I’m going to go ahead and see if I can’t get that thing. Hooked up, I’m so excited we’re, going, be able to use this matter, port there in owasso time to help facilitate the sale of real estate. Real Estate Owasso It’s it’s not used by all realtors and that’s what’s needed most of the realtors that do it only on big homes or it’s on smaller. So you know you should ask yourself, as your realtor doesn’t matter port. Why is it expensive there willing to for goes and expense that they’re willing to put on every ass? Well, guess what you do it properly about she going to get it? You will probably bounce we going to get a fool. Matterport 3d, video and every single home. If you live in owasso i, don’t know why you wouldn’t want to have matterport. If you live, you don’t have to live in owasso, to not be able to use a matterport. I mean talk about being able to sell staying on the forefront. That’s what property bounces about a stain on a ford front of marketing, which in this case is the matterport right now you know, if you’re going to get a matterport, you better have a very, very, very expensive home in a million-dollar home, and then only then you know when it’s charging at 3% going to make that $30,000 commission are they actually going to go fork out the money to pay the 250 300 to go, get someone to do it at property, down you’re, going to get it anyway, Real Estate Owasso whether it’s a $100,000 home or a million-dollar home. We treat all of our clients the same as the same thing. Cuz it’s the same amount of work, that’s going into it! You know the old days of when people had their own magazines when people were having to develop their own pictures and lick and stick them and go around and tell everybody about. It was a different thing.

Once the internet came along and things got spit up, especially with zillow, trulia and realtor.Com. You know that’s where people go to, let’s face it, they do the work themselves. So, if you’re looking for a home in a while, so you looking to sell your home in owasso and you want to know you want that competitive advantage I’d say:look at property bounce there an offer that competitive advantage in a numerous different ways to not only the matter board but we’re offering free professional photos with every single listening. A flyer sign placement, key box placement you’re, getting it all for one, stop shop not going to pay percentage. You only going to pay flat fee up front where in the world would a guy want to spend all of that money not spend all the money, but they could give away. Are you going to get that matter? Port i, don’t know! Maybe you will do you think that you should have to pay an extra 3% over the whatever over the 895 is to get it i? Don’t think so, and why would you when you can get it I know now, when you’re buying or selling a home in owasso, you can get the matterport. It’s that simple. Real Estate Owasso You call property bounce they’re going to list it for you, you’re going to get it out there, for you, don’t have to do all those open houses. People can see inside your house without being inside your home. How awesome is that I’ve hated, you know, I get it seem like everytime I did an open house in the past. It’s like the first four or five people are my neighbors want to come through and see my home see what it is to offer see what they’re up against see how you decorate 10 disturbing. To be honest, that’s why we love the matterport cuz. It really allows a person to be at the computer and then go inside and feel like they’re at home. You got a great few off. The back. Deck will set the camera out there and we’ll take a picture. It’ll be just like they’re sitting out there having a cocktail themselves and take a look if you’re interested in selling real estate reach out to us, a property mouse will bring them out of 4. Camera will bring out the whole listing, for you will get that thing. Figured out. Give you some recommendations. Sit down together. Full of cma will look at everything in there. Look at what our competition is. That gives us a good way to set a good kind of don’t know where the bar is founded to nowhere. Real Estate Owasso When looking at the matter for video and what it does it’s it’s it’s amazing to have it. It’s such a great piece of equipment-and you know I’m so happy to be able to bring that to her agent to be able to bring that have that tool and also when you know to be able to bring that tool with us is just as such a valuable asset and especially when I’m going to have to charge extra for it. You know a lot of these people are going to pay. Your co-pay to 300 4matic what video you know, ask your next agent, her ask whoever it is i, don’t know how you decided to your agent if it, when you’re interviewing your agents asking what you get for it. Are you going to get this? Are you going to get that i? Don’t know I doubt it? Are they going to come out of their own pocket and pay that money for that matter? Fort, i, guess we’ll see you know when selling and listing homes in a while, so you know and whether it’s in a while so I mean like i, said this matter, for it will work for real estate that is located in all parts of the county.

Not just it was so we’ve got jinx we got south tulsa we’ve got broken arrow, we got bixby, we’ve got sand springs verdigris, claremore skiatook. We have all of these places at work, still willing to bring out that matter for camera. For the 895 fee. It’s all you’re going to pay, that’s not just for the matter who’s going to save you 3% over the rest of them. It’s really tiny camera Real Estate Owasso I’m telling you when we were up, we we didn’t make it to owosso. Today we’re going to go up there and shoot some video, but it took awhile to get a charge that thing takes over 4 hours to fully charged, but I’ll tell you it’s a very, very, very neat system and I’m excited to use it. I’m excited to delve into it and kind of figure out going on figure out exactly what it’s all about. It’s. It’s super exciting to be able to bring the residence of owasso something new, something groundbreaking and to save money. In the same token, I mean how many times do you find a license? Someone comes to you and I say hey. You know what I got to I’m going to give you all of this I’m going to give you absolutely more than you’ve been getting and I’m going to charge you that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t well! You know it’s kind of Real Estate Owasso like the internet. You know it sounds too good to be true. I got. Is it work? I, don’t know fact the matter is, is you’ve got to trust us, that’s what we’re all about here’s and trust integrity and service, and we want to make sure that you’re taken care of make sure you’re taken care of just like my little man’s taken care of so if you’re there in a while. So if you want to move to owasso, let us know we’d be glad to show you a home. When you get one of your agents one agent to agent, as in plural, we can get a realtor we’re all realtors near property bounce, if you’re an agent-and you will probably bounce you-remember you’re, a member of the national association of realtors and that’s a great thing. I mean you can search all of our homes are put on trulia to put on zillow, to put on realtor.Com to put all over the internet.

So then blast it out there. So you can be seen and not always going to be seeing you going to have that matter, port video! So how cool is it for a person to be able to go inside your home, like i, said and not? Have to show him to not have to mess with cleaning it every single time. You know, i, don’t know what Real Estate Owasso the exact numbers are baby. You know you’re going to show your house a lot of times, meaning might be a dozen people look at before you get an offer. You know, and the thing is, is that matter, ports might eliminate for them and you might be like what I want to get used to getting what they want to be able to see it right now and no right now and i. Think that’s what we’re going to his people want transparency. People want a clear indication of what they’re going to get. People want to know that they’re getting a fair and that’s what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to open up the books for trying to show you that we’re going to give you a fair shake that you’re not going to have to spend all this money just to try to get your home.

So you know if you list your property bounce, like i, said we’re going to be there for you, I’m going to be there for you, regardless every Real Estate Owasso time whether you pay a fee upfront or if you need us to work with you and try to figure something out on possibly financing at first, sight 95. You know what we would like to talk with. You would like to show you what we have to offer that doesn’t cost anything. Let’s come out. I want you to interview us for not the right fit for you. Why trust us to sell your home? Why trust has to sell her home I’ll? Tell you what you come out. You interview me and then you’ll see the service. Is there all the bells and whistles? Real Estate Owasso Are there were there to make this work for you? It’s it’s all come to fruition. We’re super excited about where we are right now, with property bouncy, what we’re going to be able to do and how much were going to be able to help the residents of owasso if you have a piece of real estate, if you’re thinking of buying a piece of real estate, you’re thinking Real Estate Owasso tell your real estate selling your home, please reach up to a property of an agent will hook you up with one of our agents, just called 1833 p bounce, and we will absolutely hook you up with one of our agents. Come out. Go through the process, see what we can get done to help you out. Everything that we have like I said is set up to help facilitate the mortgage. To make this a smooth transaction. We are down to below a 21-day close. Real Estate Owasso We honestly think that we can get a little closer than that if all of the right vendors or used it all the ride, vendors are used, we can pull it together. We can get that closing time down and make it happen we’re here. Actually we are here looking to help you. If you are looking to sell your home, you looking to buy a home to look in the owosso or you’re, not looking in the owasso area, it doesn’t matter gif, probably bounce a call. We can still save you a minute, 3% – 3095 you’re, going to have to pay yeah buddy