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Real Estate Owasso You know it’s crazy, I keep driving around and around and around and around and I don’t know if I’m going to run out of gas around the time before I get these done, but I had to go 25 by this thursday and I’ve got 23. My vocal cords are strained I’m having a tough time keeping up I pound you to three monsters an hour anyway, neither here nor there. Let me know what we’re here for I bet. You guessed it you who know it all so real estate, that’s right and realtors yep agents. Another key word sure are yeah we’re not here to go to the whiskey bar or the taphouse. Real Estate Owasso The cigar box that you like to have good that place is why I need some calories to burn to the real estate. Let’s get back to owasso, let’s get back to property. Bounce I mean the thing I like that. Probably best I know. I’ve said this before the amount of money you’re going to save whatever you want to do with it. But yours you’ve worked so hard and so long pay those payments to reduce your principal amount, and you see it go down you see it go down. Real Estate Owasso Nobody’s nobody’s, has any more equity when you get to the closing table, because it all went to real estate fees and I can’t help, but to ask yourself how in the world these guys been taking my money for so long and they don’t even know about it like right. Underneath my eyes on the closing documents explained a lot of that doesn’t get spelled out, but not when you’re working with the property bounce. We want to make sure that you understand, you know what you’re getting and where the money is going, and so that’s why I’ve been like that property bounce. We also have it. If you want to reach out to us beforehand, long time to the closing table. It’s quick. We want to get it done already get moved in the house already get her check with a cool things as you’re willing to take the time to sit down and explain anything that might look out of the ordinary I’ll. Tell you the things I need to be able to figure out. If you Real Estate Owasso know someone finally come up with that, a way to keep some of that money. So you know looking back in and driving through owasso today, I saw so many homes and houses for sale, I just get it just keeps me, you know. Thinking and gets mine gets my blood going. Real Estate Owasso You know just my energy, my dues e, as in I’m just so excited to be able to save people money in united states, it’s going back in their hands and it just so happy. You know to to be able to have that cash and be able to keep some of that equity. That you’ve worked so hard and an n and just constantly made those payments. You know it’s like I wandered. If you called your real estate agent up the one that help you sell the home you last time, you can call them and say:hey man I’m having a tough time making my payments. Could you could you help me out on this man? I bet you have to look a lot farther than owasso would be able to find a real estate agent. That would that would want to help you out to my thing is:is why are you helping them out? Why would you just give it to them? I mean that would be my question for you is you know whether you looking to buy a home or sell at home and using product some of my property, bounce it just seems like a no-brainer I mean, forgive me, I’m sure, there’s a lack of a better word to use, but you know if I really don’t know why you would want to give away that home equity I mean selling homes in Real Estate Owasso. For so many years, I mean I’ve, seen thousands and thousands of dollars just be you know I guess you could say thrown away, but maybe, if you don’t give us a thrown away just wasted, you know not to why not take a look outside the box outside the status quo challenge the status quo. I guess what I’m trying to say here is:what can you do today to help you be a better person? What could you do today to help you be a better father, i? Guess it’s a question for myself, but i. Don’t think property bounce can help you there now we can’t, but it certainly can, if you’re looking for some real estate in owasso, if they know they lived commercial properties, if you didn’t know residential properties homes, houses, you know for rent houses, there’s one for rent i, wonder if I bet not cuz, it wouldn’t have a property about sign here. I’m still, if it was, things seem to move. When you put the pbe sign up front, you know you get a p p agent on the line. Talk about speed, jimmy john’s wants to talk about how fast they are and the things they do. I tell you what I’ve got another idea for you, jimmy jon I’ll tell you what it is too. It’s doing things right following through making sure that that person that you’ve signed up to help put their trust and their large sign that it’s people’s largest acid that we’re dealing with, and so you have to take those things seriously and that’s why we have the systems in place. That’s why we make sure that you know things are input incorrectly, things are double-check, things are checked, over boxes are checked, eyes are dotted and t’s are crossed. We want to make sure that you get those get all those questions answered, whether it be a states I’ll be down size were here to help you upsize.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso You know at the end of the day, I guess what I’m trying to say and what I want and what I want to relay and I hope that people understand is that you know we’re here to help you, where you’re, not here too, disrupt things. We were here to find that ride home, that right, dream, home flippers. So if you, if you happen to be looking in that was very maybe you know someone in owosso that owns a home that would like to sell that home. We’d be glad to to talk with them to chat with them. I get the same deal I give you like I said you don’t have to be my best friend you don’t have to be in business with me or I can to me to get a great deal. You just got to want great deal. You got a notice, you got to see. I guess is the right thing. You got to recognize a good deal when you see it and it’s something out here. We want you to recognize. Is it that property bounce is a good deal? I mean how in the world, can you not save 3% be happy about it. Real Estate Owasso I mean my buddy that just referred over this client by the format does not know him. He lives in a million-dollar what he would save so much more money if he ever chose you know to sell and move to owosso right now, he’s in berwick there in bixby, but he’s talked about owasso and how he likes, how the taxes are so much deeper up there and that fact that you know he would want to live on the rogers county side. You wouldn’t be no. The eastside of 169 and I told him. You know what are you saying, you’re looking for I mean give us those parameters. Let us do the research, let us do the hard work you set back whatever you need to do there. So many things are so many apps out there Real Estate Owasso they’re just great for mindless, entertainment, I’m sure if you’d like to find one get you on. If that’s you I’m not saying that to everybody that certainly not the homeowner. That’s just constantly searching for mindless entertainment, yo, I’m, constantly seeking to push mindless entertainment out of my life, but it seems that it just keeps getting forced into our lives, but i, don’t know where that came from, but I’m sure you know. If we’re person that enjoyed – entertainment, you might be offended, that’s not what I mean by that I mean just kind of drives me crazy, so you, hopefully you know living there in a search for those homes. Let us look through and and do all the dirty work. You know, I’m sure you don’t want to drive around 4 days with me mon any more than him. I can’t say that I can’t speak for you, but I like I like helping people. So you know I’d like to also say there’s anything. I can ever do for you to help you. You know, sell some real estate or buy some real estate in that matter. I just want to sit down and talk when I days and it’s it’s a surprise that my vocal cords haven’t given out. Yet you know i, guess it’s all the auctioneer experience i, don’t know why they would go out, but you know it just keeps coming. I’ve had a lot of people that probably wish I was i. Don’t see that happening anytime soon, so I’ll be around here all day, I’ll be around here gosh for the rest of my life as a matter fact them you know. So if you want to reach out to me and find a home there property bounce, you know I found a home with property balance on there in owasso and aunt. You know if you hadn’t, listen anymore. I already knew your other side. Man pages you wanted to I hope you sure don’t. But if you do then you’ll see that we don’t just sell real estate in owasso. No, no! No. We sell it all across the state of oklahoma I mean we don’t we don’t sell for on the owasso county school district I’ll be at we love it, and maybe why would you know I talk a lot about it, but you know:i, like black house, is why houses greenhouses blue house is red house is pink houses, houses I can say that I don’t like that as much, but you might I mean so. But my thing is that’s up to you. If it were something, we can do here, probably bounce to help. You please understand that if even if it’s not owosso we’re here for you, we we just want to be able to put a smile on your face and some dollars in your pocket.┬áReal Estate Owasso