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I love traveling back and forth here I mean man, it’s crazy! How much were going to be able to how much we’re going to be able to do and how many of these voice memos and podcast I’m going to be doing so. Coming back to you probably been on some kind of the wave, you know we’re going to be able to help those renters talk a little bit about that program over looking for a really I’m, not going to throw it out there right now, but it’s something that I’m letting you know that that helps people I’m. So I challenge you if you’re, if you’re, if you’re looking for a home in owosso or you’re, looking to sell your home, Real Estate Owasso maybe downgrade or excuse me not downgrade downsize or you know upgrade to a bigger home, I mean if you can maybe even hesitant, you can’t get it done. We can help you with the you know and I know that if you want to refinance your home to help remodel, I mean there’s some other things that we could do. You know all kinds of things that we could do to put this program together and you know I want to educate, everyonei, mean i, think the more people are educated in the more transparent. We are I think it’s easier that way. I think one of the things is we kept it all in, because we didn’t trust, people and i, don’t think I did it all I think people are seeking knowledge, it’s just that the people with the knowledge aren’t talking about it in the time you figure it out it’s already too late. You know if you’ve already listed, you’ve already wasted, but the thing about here probably bounce holy shit anytime, we’re going to hold you and your listings. That’s another thing that we have is a hundred percent. If you’re not happy with our services, we will release your listings, symbol and i. Think I just speaks to our transparency in our confidence that we’re not trying to hide anything, we’re not doing anything to get you key or anything.

Weird like we’re putting it out there and then, like i, said:if you’re not happy with it, then by all means go somewhere else, I mean we want you. Real Estate Owasso First and foremost, we want you to be happy, I mean if your look you’ve been living in that home. You’ve been paying on that home that your baby I mean it’s not i, know it’s not cheap, and it’s not easy to be able to afford a home in awhile, so did I when I say that it’s not that it’s actually cheaper to live there in a lot of places, especially when you compare it, you know whether places across the world it. You know nothing about i, think about owasso to think about, probably bounces. Real Estate Owasso You know what we’re able to do for you and how easy it is to to save you money I mean if you got that owasso home and you’ve been paying a hundred grand and you want to get play last night go for it. It’s Real Estate Owasso super super simple and to be able to you know it’s a list with us then, and it gets to come out just give us a holler would be glad to come out and talk with you see what we can help you with see what we can do for you and you don’t see how we can help facilitate the sale of your your real estate. I mean if you, if you’re looking for a realtor, we have realtors here we are realtors, it probably bounce where the member of the greater association, the tulsa realtors, Real Estate Owasso which is also were members of realtors, just a realtors association, the national realtors association. So you know what all the listings going to be pushed out to trulia they’re going to be on zillow it’s going to be marketed accordingly. I sell your home, so you know please save that money. You know reach out to us. Tell us what you think you know tell us if there’s anything that we could help you do and and and and and and let us know-i mean whatever you’d like to do. However, you like to know interview ass is fine. You want to come over to our office, you like for us to come to your house, whatever you just. Let us know if you got some real estate in owasso that you’re looking to sale looking to buy looking to lease looking to rent. You know we want to be there for you. We want to be able to help you get things done. You know, it’s neat, that your business, it’s your money and you deserve more. You deserve more than the services you been getting and you deserve more of your equity. I mean. Why should we take all of that? I mean like i, said:i said this before I know we did. Some investment properties in guys are looking like 10%, you know, and then you come in and then sometimes you make six seven eight and then you go over here in this real estate agent just made you know-and you know and I know it really aggravates a lot of people that have to give all that money away and that’s a thing of property bounces Real Estate Owasso you don’t have to. We can list your owasso home that little theater 895 going to get the matter. What video you’re going to get all the professional photos are going to get flowers you’re going to get a sign you’re going to get a key box. You make everything, so you know please reach out to it. I just got off the phone or to send sarah a text. If you know the signs, if we need signs, we running out of signs to the list properties here in a while.

So if you want to let your property, please give us a call, would be glad to come out with you visit with you. Talk with you see what we can do for you and you know. Look at your property see. You know, you know if you’re in oklahoma city, so you better think he has. A great thing is:is owasso, is the city of owasso is part of the greater tulsa association of realtors mls? So if you’re in owasso, you can lift with a broken arrow property bounce, we really. We have agents in every city all the time. There’s always someone that’s close by and see how quickly can get out there see how quick we can get an agent to talk to you on the phone and had to get it scheduled and I’ll. Tell you you know it’s going to be a fast response. Time I mean we got 24/7 answering service. Real Estate Owasso If you call and it comes through we’re going to answer the phone we’re going to be able to talk to you were going to be able to make it so call us anytime, call us anytime, we’ll get an agent with you will get some schedule, get it out. There. We’ve got someone on the horn all night all day. That’s that’s willing to let you know so. Real Estate Owasso If it’s 5 in the morning and you will talk about property, I will be glad to get to get an agent with you on the phone and see what we can figure it out. I want to make sure your home kits sold in a while. So we want to make sure that the right people are doing the right things, and you know we have that lifeline landline whatever it is that you might need to be able to help you out and take care of that so I challenge you if you’re, if you’re listening real estate or have real estate in owasso, if you have real estate anywhere for that matter, you know anyone experienced non-traditional agent. It’s going to. Let you it’s going to take less. If your equity to sell your home, then why not reach out to us? If you don’t like it, you know like i, said interview is see what you can do. You know we’re here to come out to you right there in a while. So wherever you are will come out sit down with you. Have a couple:have a cup of coffee have a glass of water, whatever it may be, and have your drink of choice and I will see what we can get done. We’re certainly happy to be ecstatic to be launching this company right now would be here in owasso, and you know and hear in the tulsa county area, Real Estate Owasso and you know where you were like I said:we’re ecstatic to be able to help you out and do everything that needs to be done. You have to make sure you get that home sold. So if you do, you know if you got any questions, if there’s anything that we might be able to do for you, please please, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we want to make sure that the transactions are seamless as possible and we won’t let you know make sure that we know we help you through this transition. If it’s a big deal selling your home-and you know you need to have someone there-someone on your side to support you, so you can trust and believe me if I would have bounced.

We have those people, you can trust with people that tegrity people that’s like epix people with a lot better on it. So please, if you want to see, if you want transparency for less money, then you found your place. Look no farther and I mean to come back. They already did. It should have done it, but they did to help sell real estate in owasso because of it I mean-and that’s that’s just the neatest thing that not only with you to educate you to make it make it a better transaction for you. We want you to be able to get things done, to be able to save money and to be able to make it work. You know this is something that you know we. We have looked for the right people in the right areas that know and understand and embrace the culture of what property bounce is. Can you ask what is it called your property bounce? Well since you’re in owosso, or even if you’re in a while, so I’ll? Let you know the culture of property bounce is to truly put. The client needs an wants, above your own, by way of honesty, integrity, edification and transparency. We want to be transparent with you. We want to give you the knowledge that we have that you want. Real Estate Owasso We want to tell you about every we want to be straight up and above-board and honest and ethical and I think that if you put those three or four things together, then you’re truly put in the client concern in a client’s needs. First, let the cfo’s worry about the prophet. You know we want to put you first on selling your owasso home on listing your owasso home whatever it is that you may need whatever it is that you might, that makes your property unique, makes your transaction unique. We here at property bounce want to come in. We want to sit down with you at the table and we want to go over exactly what you’re looking for exactly what you need and see. If we can put that together, sometimes I’ve ran into deals that are hard to make happen and we’re going to be honest and upfront league, that’s what we have to do. We’ve got to have and build a trust. It’s one of the things that we’ve got to do is build a trust between these people.

You know before with with real estate agent. Real Estate Owasso You know you had that mean you just your time to do it then a certain way and that’s just the way you do it. So that’s why I say if you know with us it is a totally different. If we were truly reimagining real estate, we are reimagining the the way you look at real estate, not just necessarily we’re charging a fee. We want to give you better service and charge a nominal price for what it cost to have some steam and we’re going to be able to get those homes in owasso sold. For you