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Only at 3 today we’re going to really have to get after the three that is not going to cut it. I want to put a nice put a real nice convenience store in, but I’ll tell you I’m always going to come back and put some time in tomorrow and be able to make things work we’re going to have a good sunday morning, and we have a good sunday morning rush, and hopefully we finish out the day with a strong hot box, no make things work I’d like to let everybody know thatif. We want to get things done and we want to make things worse. He was got his work as a team and there’s no more of this. Real Estate Owasso So he said she said. You know this is more of a team and we want to do things right for the right people and he know I certainly didn’t do things right there at the y, when we first started out with dustin is the manager it just wasn’t a great singer. You know what’s funny my dad didn’t want to. Let me down where I got it in both of them and you know i, don’t mind it’s.

You know it’s a chance to do a few. More of these, so I’m definitely be able to get my 7 in today and that’s that’s exciting. I want to be able to do 50 and i. Think if I can do 50, that’s going to be it’s going to be the new, the new level, Real Estate Owasso the new goal to shoot for, and you know, I want. You know I figure that if I at work everyone, then then how can you? How can it not work? You know if you’re willing, to put the time in you willing to work and you’re willing to make things happen. I’m telling you I think thatfor letting me know so we can get the stds back together. Would you please south tulsa disciples, definitely some good guys that are there to help out and I’ve always been good friends and have just really been available to everybody out there been available to the public that been available to the private sector, and you know if I’m successful guys have made a lot of money and made themselves a lot of money and made a lot of people. Real Estate Owasso Are awesome, I’m glad we’re friends of them and I’m hoping we can. You know I know that they’ll see the property bouncy house and see the power in property, bounce andmake things work, make things happen and get going. There’s a lot of potholes i, don’t know if you guys, if you know, knew about the rain and stuff going on, but man there’s a lot of bottles up here:highway 49 crossing over grand lake, grand lake of the cherokees in grove oklahoma super excited about being able to showcase real estate and be able to show me how people would happen and show people how it works and that’s super exciting to be a part of it. I’m, ecstatic and i. Don’t know if you know to be part of this and you know hopefully I and I believe they’re going to be able to see it through and make things work, and you know I know we’re going to be able to save a lot of people money there. So if you have a home in owasso and to sell it, please reach out to us and see what we could do for you. Real Estate Owasso I hope you’re in delaware county and that got trees. I mean I’m telling you thereeverything here that you want, except the urban lifestyle, never been stressed. So if you want to leave owosso and urban area under the rule area, we can certainly cellular owasso home.

We can save you money on your equity. Real Estate Owasso We can let you keep a lot of that equity and we can get you out of a while. So if that’s what you’re? Looking for and I’ll get you over to the lake I mean some people aren’t looking to get out of there. Some people are looking to move. Some people can stay in the you know. I’ve had a lot of people there. That day, you know you can sell my house to save money. But can you buy me a house? And you know we might even forfeit some of our commission how about thatso I’m super excited to be able to help people make things happen? You know, there’s a creative creepshow I certainly wouldn’t want to go there and roll oklahoma I would rather be in owasso county or driving by the delaware county solid waste in north transfer station and the groves grove elks lodge that got the exhaust and tire repair near b&r. Automotive, there’s the vfw right here here in south of grove and then of course right next to you. If you got a nice kubota, center I tell you i, never would have thought that they would be able to sell it and I’ll try and stay in business. What you just looking for a kubota, those guys that good stuff and things happen, I’ll tell you it’s a neat to be a part of it and I’m super excited to be able to do. I think that I’m going to be able tothere’s, no doubt that I’m going to be able to say people out of money and allow a lot of people to keep their home equity. Real Estate Owasso I’m super super excited about that and all the things that we have. We been now I’m, headed south of grove right now, I’m headed towards jay-and you know, i-want to come to you and tell you about the amount of money that wasn’t able to say peopleit’s be around it to be able to come outside the that’s why I haven’t been able to i? Just don’t think that we want to help you keep your home you’re, the one that worked hard about it on the wall so and we’re going to work hard to.

Let you keep the equity from that owasso, so, if you’re, if you’re there or if you’re, if you’re, not a lot of great programs here and a lot of neat things that we can do for people, you know what this reminds me with the cold weather yesterday. I wonder if we got some tornado season around the corner, but I just never know. There’s always seems like there’s always a late freeze, we’re not even in march, and here I am talking abouttornado season, which it’s coming in april and it’ll, be here before you know it, and Real Estate Owasso hopefully we’ll be able to save some gas and be able to make things work and that we’re going to see what they can do about it if you’re, if you’re around-and you would like to for us to take a look at your property or anything like that, and please give us a call and see what we can do for you as I’m headed south, headed towards black angus straight up, black angus, how many solid black cows I think about it, just beautiful and so maybe I’ll have different forms with different cover cattle, so we’ll cross that bridge. When we get there they’ve got to, they don’t have any paint horses over there, but right down the road they do. Camels paint horses, it’s a nice place down there in a while, so which is right side to collinsville. If you’re, a realtor and you’re looking to sell real estate, I would I would encourage you to reach out to us and see what we might be able to help you with the flat fee listing service. If you had heard from this most of the companies out there going to charge a 3% fee to appear in probably going to be able to save you lots of money, save you thousands, and you know things are going to work out for you.

I can guarantee it that, at the end of the day, you’re going to be able to to save money, to keep that equity and to you know remain Real Estate Owasso remain where you need to be, and have your money I mean you’re, the one that works so hard to save that money to keep that money and dirt and I would say you know why not use what you have. Why not to keep. It is what we always said:kind of our kind of are saying and what we stick to you and we certainly like to be able to help each and everyone of time, and we can, if you have a home there in a while, so we’re even if you’re, not in owasso, you can be at all. Early and we’re still charging one and a half percent of 40, /, prepaid or not. I think they can be profitable and i. Think that people just don’t get it i, don’t understand why they would know how so I would like to reach out to us and see what we go home. Real Estate Owasso Once again. We are property. Bounce with numerous agents and realtors were members of the greater tulsa association of realtors in the national association of realtors. In that we have integrity