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Coming to you with the number 91 today hoping to get to number 93, that would give us 28 on the 4 days, which is what I’m looking for. If you are interested in some real estate in owasso, i, have found the company for you and that company is property bounce. They have been in business since 2016. Their founders have been one of their founders of ben in real estate industry for over 20 years. The other one is a very successful entrepreneur who has a phenomenal story, an end to bring that team together and what they’re doing they got some other agents that they’ve hired with a lot of experience and other brokers or come on and what they are doing is just flabbergast me. It’s really amazing that they’re able to save the amount of money that they’re saving people I’m telling you at a 3% commission you’re going to pay a lot of money, you’re going to pay a lot more I think you’ll find than the $895 that you’re going to get charged. If you go with property mount, so the thing is:if I meansomething you want to see, if there’s something you want to know, ask us ask us a question:will answer it.

We’ve got brokers on staff of got people here to help you out to be there for you and help. You sell those homes. We are listing home, $395 versus that 3%. So if you are looking to sell a home, you’re looking to buy a home and please get over jump on over the property balance and see how we might be able to help you, your property bounce, Real Estate Owasso we have been working with people for years and years in the real estate industry and when I say that we’ve got over 20 years worth of experience way over that when you combine everybody that we have working by this and we’ve got the tools needed to list your home to explain things to you and walk you through this process from the start to be from the beginning to the end, and it is not that complicated, but there are questions that come up. There are things that have to be worked through and we want you to know what that is. Real Estate Owasso We want to be able to work with you and hopefully be able to make that happen. Soif. You are currently looking to buy a home in tulsa, where you’re currently looking to buy real estate in owosso service. It’s only going to charge $895 to list your home pain that simple $894 fee is going to save you so much versus your 3%.

Take, for instance, if you had a $400,000 home in that 3% that you’re going to pay the list of to a traditional brokers going to be 12000, you’re still willing to pay 95 with us, so your savings would be around $11,105 back in your pocket,, that is after tax money. That’s not free tax money that you’re going to have to go out and make 1718 grand just to put 10:11 in your pocket. So really we’re saving you a lot of work. Saving you a lot of money, and you know what this is your. This is your time. So why in the world, would you not want to reach out to property down to see what they have to offer? There’s really nothing to hide, so pull back to come on and see what’s been under there for so longgreat service and lots and lots and lots of money to you had closing paper. Real Estate Owasso Would you like a piece of candy, or would you like that cash and that’s why we’re trying to do for you for trying to show how you can save money and what you can do to get your home sold, and that is a big big thing when you work so long and you made those principal payments, you made those reduction. That’s your money! If you didn’t know that your money, it’s not our money, it’s your money and it’s your equity and by selling that home and making that money.

You get that 3% back. So why would anyone I have to ask the question? Why would a person want to pay that kind of money unless they just you know, wanted to give it awayif you’re in the business of giving your equity away, then I would certainly say to you that this is not the right company for you. We are not the people. That’s going to make things happen when I say you know and charge you all that money where the people that are going to make things happen, we’re going to get paid for what we do and what we do is we let your mom would put it on. Mls would get it out there reach out to everyone to where you can sell your home and keep your equity there’s no sense anymore and pay that 3% listing commission I’m telling you if you happened to be in the market to sell your home. If you have a home there in owasso, please I would encourage you to reach out to us, see how we can help. You just give us a call and interviews and ask us why it is doing it and I’ll show you. The plan that we can come up with will set up with will sit down with each other sit down. The rest of the team will come up with a plan to sell your home. Real Estate Owasso Solisting real estate in owasso has never been easy. I’m telling you, if you reach out to property bounce, if you guys are going to be able to save you all kinds of money and you’re not going to pay this huge monsters commission to the traditional agent going to pay at 3%. You can’t pay that 3% to the selling agent 895 to the property bounce agent and that’s where you’re going to save that money, you’re going to say 3% – at 895.

So if you’re curious as to where you’re going to be or how much you might be able to say, hi and give us a call, I challenge you to reach out and give us a call. Let us run a free comparative market analysis and then we’ll have a lot better idea. How much money we can save you and how much more money you walk away at the closing table by using a flat fee listing service versus a traditional company. So once again, I encourage you if you happen to have a home for sale in owosso, or you happen to be looking for real estate in owasso and please reach out to property bounce and see what we might be able to do for you. We have long been working to establish a great plan and a great course of action to be able to sell your home for an affordable price and get it done and offer all those tools up to you. Like I said we don’t want to charge you the full 3% based off of what your home is worth, because, to be quite honest with you, we are going to provide all of the same services at the same price. So if you, in fact want to look into selling real estate look into seeing what we could offer, you I’m telling you that a flat fee commission and base flat fee is the way to go just. You need to find out what you’re getting for your dollar, what bang-for-the-buck there is and that’s where I think people were going wrong to where you know my deal is. If you want to list your home by yourself, then you know I would say:try for sale by owner, but they’re. There are so many things out there for you that can help you facilitate if you have a home in a while, so and there’s something that you’re looking for something that you’re looking to finish, something that you want to do, then why not reach out to property bound to see how we can help you? You never know what we might be able to do before. You never know how we might be able to save you money, but I can guarantee you that we’re going to be there for you, through through the thick and through the thin and we’re going to be able to help you close that transaction we’re going to hold your hand so to speak. If you need it, if you don’t I mean i, know, they’re seasoned investors out there that have things figured out and I just need. Real Estate Owasso

Access to mls will give us a call we’ll see what we can work out for you. If you don’t want matterport video didn’t let us know. That is a cost that goes to us. So maybe we could offer some type of a discounted service if you don’t have the matter for video, but the matterport like I would like to say is something that’s really truly going to help sell that home. It’s a really simple process. It’s something that we can do and something that we can make happen. If you are looking to sell a home you looking to buy a home in the owasso area, if you have real estate in owasso, then please don’t call that person that you used to call and actually call him interview them to call us quick up at the top here on the info section to contact me section and reach out to us at property and see how we can help you interview, us interview for agents and see who’s going to offer for the money, and, let me know, what’s going to happen like I said:i can guarantee you that we are going to save you money on the sale of your home by listing something at a flat feet of 895, but still getting all of the services that you would expect from a traditional realtor that would be including, but not limited to a listing on mls, a listing on zillow. Com, a listing on trulia.Com and a listing on realtor.Com. Real Estate Owasso This is something that’s going to be able to save you money for years and years to come, and if you have that investment property, why pay that extra money? You have work hard and put your own money on the line to make this happen and to work and come up with a design and put the money out there. Do you, like you, are the ones coming up to pay for it upfront the whole house, when you pay for all the upgrades and then you’re going to sit here and hoping to make in 05 to 10% on this deal and then you’re going to have to pay for real estate agent 3% on both side. I would challenge you to challenge the status quo, think about what’s going on and if you can pay that $895 to get a flat service flat fee listing service and then only have to pay 3% to the other side. Why would you not find her? Well? How could you not find the value in that and that’s my question to you is ask yourself what am I getting and what am I paying for. Real Estate Owasso So the question is:how much does it cost to sell your home with a traditional realtor versus ours? Real Estate Owasso well, it really depends on your home value. So if you want to know what your home value is, you want to know what it’s going to cost for those traditional realtors based off of that 3% commission just call over here, property bouncer will be glad to open that up to you, give you a free listing and not a free listing, but a free comparative market analysis to help you find out what your home’s worth and see how much property bounce can save.┬áReal Estate Owasso